The First of 2017!

The First of 2017! Life With Ktkinnes
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Welcome back to my Sunday Summaries! How are you all? We’re now a week into 2017 and so I have to ask – how many of us are still doing well with our New Years Resolutions? Don’t feel bad if they aren’t going well, it’s the start of a new week and so there’s a new chance to start again!
This week has been a topsy-turvy week with quite a bit going on! Last weekend I was up at a friend’s house on the east coast of Scotland and had a brilliant time over the new year! Monday was a journey back to Northern Ireland and I seemed to be travelling forever. Tuesday was busy enough with a few errands to run for Mum and Dad, then on Wednesday I helped take down my granny’s Christmas decorations. Thursday came and once again there was lots to be done but I couldn’t stop and tell you now what it was!

Friday, Mum went in for an operation on her sinuses – I won’t bore you with the details – but it then meant we spent the rest of the day looking after her. Yesterday she had to go back to the hospital for more work to be done, but she got home again after and that’s hopefully her done now! 

I then flew back to Glasgow and put a wash on before bed. I’ll worry about unpacking and everything today instead!
How has your week been?
Ktkinnes xx

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