The Cost of Being a Student

The Cost of Being a Student Life With Ktkinnes
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Okay, so some of you may have read yesterday’s somewhat rambling post, others of you won’t have and that’s perfectly okay. Basically, it was me clearing my head of all the weird and wonderful things I think about when going to bed.

One of those thoughts was about my living arrangements for next year, and how it would all play out for me. While I’m actually more excited than scared, I still have to remind myself not to panic. I don’t necessarily believe in God and there being a plan for all of us, but I do think that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn’t overly clear to begin with.

From that point, I began to consider where I want to live. One thing’s for sure, I’m not returning to halls to live with 17 and 18 year olds again. Heck, here in Scotland you can even have 16 year olds in university! So, no. That’s not for me. My 21 year old liver couldn’t take it again. Flip sake, Jason isn’t even 20 yet and that feels young! Plus, the cost of living in these halls is often so much more expensive than a private rental. I mean, yes you have a student loan. But it only stretches so far. In fact, if you’re looking to give your maintenance loan a bit of a boost, you should check out SoFi! There’s a simple online application, and access to live customer support 7 days a week, helping you save money thanks to flexible terms and low fixed or variable rates.

However, this made me start looking into a one person flat. Now, Nuala, Mary and Jason (never mind my other friends) will be in shock at the fact I would even consider this. I’m what they consider quite sociable. I grew up in a house where if someone walked into a room, you spoke to them or at least acknowledged them – not something a lot of students are used to doing. They normally do chat when in the mood though, and it’s often been said that I wouldn’t last living on my own as I’d go insane with no one to talk to.

Imagine, though. I leave the flat at 8:30am to get in for my 9am lecture. I spend my day on campus, or visit friends during my breaks in the day. At around 5pm I would get the bus/train back to my own flat for dinner, a bit of tidying, and a quiet night in talking to all you lovely people. Weekends can be spent around campus or in the library or in my flat, it doesn’t matter which! My point in this mini paragraph is that there is the possibility to socialise with people at any time, I don’t have to live with people to socialise! I think people seem to forget that. Plus, I’m never one to stop people from coming to visit me for coffee or a meal.

So, that brings me to the point of this post. When looking at flats, I though – why restrict myself only to flats? Sure they tend to be cheaper etc, but why shouldn’t I start to think about the future and consider a small house or something? So I took to the websites. Now I know I can’t start looking now to move in in August (when our current contract runs out) but I just wanted to get an idea of prices. And do you know what I found? There’s a 2 bedroom house. It’s 15 minutes away from the university by bus, beautifully furnished, has a nice little garden where I could hang laundry out to dry in fresh air. The main bedroom has 2 built in wardrobes, plus its own little bathroom with an actual bath! The second bathroom is a smaller, box-room that could easily be a nice study. The living room had a nice gas fire, and a tv above it. Kitchen and dining area looked brand new and so nice! I would move in there in a heartbeat. And do you know the best part about this little house? Double-glazing, carpets, and windows that open on a sunny day. All for only £350 a month rent. Know what I’m paying? £410 a month. Plus bills. Bills that come to about £50 a month. So really, no matter what the bills would be for that little house, transport money wouldn’t be much of a problem!

I don’t really remember where this post was going. I just know that I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that student accommodation is rubbish. I was changing my bed at the weekend after the sheets being on for only 2 weeks, to find mildew on the bit touching an exterior wall. My clothes constantly stick of damp. I’ve had to bin multiple pairs of shoes that have been ruined by mould. And there’s a perfectly good house just down the road that I could quite comfortably live in.

So sometimes I wonder why students have to live in our flats that are so cold our glasses steam up. Why do we accept these conditions? Why is no one ever standing up for us against landlords who do very  little about these things?

22 thoughts on “The Cost of Being a Student

  1. Chloe

    The temptation for me to live by myself for 3rd year comes and goes sometimes, especially when I know I’ll be so busy with lectures and my dissertation that I think my socialising front will be lower than my working front, if I’m honest! Really liked this post, lovely! X

    – Chloe

  2. ktkinnes

    Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking Chloe! It’s going to be a busy year of studying so why should I pay more money to live with people that I won’t even see anyway?

    Thanks for commenting xxxx

  3. youmustbehighxo

    I’m not in uni yet, but this was actually a really interesting post! To be honest, if i started looking for accomadation for myself i dont think i would have considered looking at a house – very eye opening info! x

  4. ktkinnes

    Thanks lovely ❤️ it’s just tough when you know you aren’t wanted by your friends and you don’t have anyone else to share with xxx

  5. ktkinnes

    Thanks! Yeah, to be honest the only reason I thought of it was because I realised I’ve gathered way too much stuff to move back into a single room in a flat with people I don’t know xx

  6. lifeatnumber9

    That sounds like amazingly good value, I’d definitely consider doing it especially if you are in your third year and really need a bit of extra space to get work done. I’d go for it! Best of luck.

  7. Tooting Hustle

    I dont think that we should be accepting the conditions of our student houses and more should be done to regulate what we can and cant live in. In my old student house I had mould in my room and the landlord refused to do anything about it except telling me to open up some windows. Thats disgraceful!

    I just uploaded a blog post on my experiences of being a student and working life while on placement. Have a look and let me know what you think!

  8. Corinne & Kirsty 🌸 (@corinnekirsty)

    Looking for flat is so time consuming and a bit annoying to be honest. Yours sounds like an amazing bargain, really! It sounds perfect for a young professional too! And to be honest, living by yourself allows you to relax and rewind when you go home. It is quiet, silence is amazing! xx Corinne

  9. Chelsea

    Very interesting post. Here in the US we don’t refer to apartments as “flats”, I’m assuming that is what a flat means lol. But I do agree that the prices of schooling, and living is just excessive at this point. So many students make it “normal” to leave school with tremendous amounts of debt. It’s unrealistic and unfair.

  10. palegirlrambling

    Awww I hope you get your perfect little house come August! I don’t think I could live by myself, my anxiety would eat me alive but I totally see your point that you can still be sociable and live alone! Great post!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  11. ktkinnes

    I really need to start looking again before exams start up! Most places are really expensive, but if you’re willing to travel then it’s a bargain! xx

  12. ktkinnes

    Haha yeah, they’re the same thing! Completely agree. We try to further ourselves and make something of ourselves but to do that we’ve to accept that by the end of all of it we’ll be about £50,000 in debt, and that’s only from government loans! xx

  13. ktkinnes

    Thanks lovely! I know I need the motivation to see others, but the fact that I like talking to everyone and need to interact with others on a day to day basis, I feel I can make it work! xx

  14. ktkinnes

    Uni halls are great! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my halls, and without being there I wouldn’t have made friends with the incredible people I currently live with! It’s when you have to find a place after halls that can be a bit of a nightmare xx

  15. ktkinnes

    Oh wow that’s crazy, recently all I’ve been seeing is studio apartments for minimum £600pm if I want to be close to uni and it’s just ridiculous! Would rather pay that for a house!

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