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The Coming Weekend

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Happy Thursday everyone, boy are we in for another busy weekend! You know what, I actually am looking forward to 2020 now – maybe then we’ll have a properly quiet weekend. Now I know that’s not fair, we’ve had the odd quiet weekend, but it just feels like it’s been constant now since probably July.

So I’m putting this out there now – Rachel I will be talking about this weekend so stop reading now. I don’t want you to spoil it for yourself!


Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you all what the next few days have in store! Rachel’s main birthday present this year from Mum, Dad and me was this upcoming weekend.



Just adding in a few lines in case she accidentally sees this……….



Yes, we should be safe now. So Rachel had asked for a spa weekend from us.  She didn’t mind if it was a day spa thing, a weekend, what or where.  She also asked not to be told until we started on our journey.  So when I finish work today at 5, I have a pedicure booked for 6pm today (my birthday present from my Granny). Rachel’s flying in tonight, so they’re going to have dinner without me, then I can grab a bite to eat and pack when I get back in tonight. Tomorrow, Mum is off and has a hair appointment booked for mid morning, meaning Rachel can have a lie in and relax, before aiming to pick Mum up from the hairdressers.  They’ll then come collect me from work because I’m on a half day, and then we’re heading up north.


In Portrush, there’s the Adelphi hotel and spa on the main street.  We’ve never been before ourselves, but we’ve heard a lot of great things about it, so when Rachel asked for a spa weekend away we thought this might just be the perfect time to try it! We booked her flights, and booked the hotel from Friday to Sunday, with the intention of getting our treatments done on the Saturday morning and possibly being done on time to watch the Ireland game over lunch.  Unfortunately, these plans fell apart when the woman who runs the spa told us that they would be unable to do the treatments that weekend because she was on holiday and so was closing the spa for the weekend.  Just our luck! So with 2 weeks to go until we were due to go up north, Mum and I began a frantic search for somewhere we could go for spa treatments. Don’t worry though, we got it sorted! But we’ll get there in a minute.


So yes, on Friday Mum’s going to drive up to Portrush, and if the weather stays decent we plan on having a nice walk along the beach after checking in – if not, we can make do with a bar!  Back to the hotel to get ready, and then we’ve booked to have dinner in a restaurant along the east strand called 55 Degrees North.  We’ve never eaten there before, but again have heard a lot of great things so decided to give it a go! I’m sure we’ll then have a few drinks and enjoy the view of the beach from the restaurant.


Saturday morning we’ll have breakfast in the hotel, and maybe take a walk along the west strand, before we head around to a place called Aura Skin Care Centre, along one of the side streets in Portrush near a shoe shop I love.  I actually had never noticed it before, but after the panicked search, we found it was nearby and within walking distance from the hotel.  Two of us are booked for 11:30am, and the third for 12pm so unfortunately we’ll most likely miss the rugby.  But we’re going for a full body massage, and then we can find somewhere nice to stop for lunch.  We haven’t decided yet if we’ll go play some pitch and putt, go to the shops, head into a nearby town, or hit the amusements in the afternoon, but whatever we do we’ll be back to the hotel to get changed for dinner! We’re giving Rachel the choice when we get up of where she would like to eat, but we have 3 restaurants to choose from, and will phone to book on Saturday morning if needs be.


Sunday morning we’ll get up and have a leisurely breakfast and another walk along the beach, and then take our time heading back from the hotel.  If possible, we’ll time the journey back to drop Rachel off at the airport en route after lunch rather than drive past the airport to have to then drive back up to it later.


It probably doesn’t sound fantastic, and unfortunately it hasn’t worked out the way we originally planned, but I really do hope Rachel has a good second birthday weekend!


Have any of you stayed at The Adelphi before? Or is there anything different you think we could do along the north coast?  Please let me know in the comments below!


P.S. I nearly signed this off as if it was an email – “Kind regards, Katie”… think I need to go back to sleep!

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