The Coming Months Life With Ktkinnes

The Coming Months

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And once again it’s a Tuesday morning.  Did you miss me? It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I for one am actually kind of glad to be in work today – it’s more relaxing than being off at the minute!

Next week I’ll probably go into the ins and outs of what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks, but all we need to say is that the last week has been super busy.  As I start to think about the coming weeks ahead, and all that I’ve got planned for my blog, it’s only natural that my mind jumps to Christmas – ps keep an eye out for Thursday’s post!

 The Coming Months Life With Ktkinnes

Portrush East Strand on Saturday 21st September 2019

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that this time last week I had a couple of days off work for Rachel’s birthday, and then her proper party was over the weekend.  Her friends arrived on Friday night, and we had a load of family and friends round for food and drinks to celebrate.  Saturday we headed up north for the night, and then Sunday was spent watching the rugby, driving home, and sleeping when everyone left.

 The Coming Months Life With Ktkinnes

(Left to right) Dad, Rachel, Me and Mum in the garden for Rachel’s Friday party

Whoops, after saying I wouldn’t go into it here, I kind of have!  But now you can maybe understand why I’m so tired and so glad to be back in work, even if we’re into the last week of the month and it’s getting busy again.


I suppose now work is busy because the designers and upholsterers are trying to push through the orders so that work is completed before Christmas – the scary C word that so many of you don’t like seeing before Halloween!


But on that note, I have a special Christmas related post going live on Thursday.  If you remember from previous years, I have been organising a Christmas Card swap with people from all around the world, so I will be launching that on Thursday this week.  Remember to call by to read it and sign up, and I’ll try to remember to add the link here when it’s live!


While it’s in my head, and while we’re on the home straight, I’ve started to work on my October posts, and you can bet that I am trying to complete Blogmas again this year! So planning and drafting has started for that.  It sort of goes against my nature to say I won’t even attempt it. With downgrading my WordPress plan, my plug-ins won’t be as exciting this year, but we’ll see how it goes!


Now that I’ve rambled enough, I’ll leave you in peace to enjoy your Tuesday.  What’s everyone up to today? Are you looking forward to the new post on Thursday?


Speak to you again soon!

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