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The Clouds Beyond Us Book Review

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AD | Happy Friday everyone! Today I’m in with an extremely late book review, and for that I sincerely apologise to both Melanie who organised the book tour for The Clouds Beyond Us, and Rahf AlRashidi the author of The Clouds Beyond Us.

Melanie asked me to read and review a copy of The Clouds Beyond Us by Rahf AlRashidi, and I’m mortified to say this post should have gone live back in March.  Between technical issues stopping it from going live, and then further technical issues causing the whole post to just be wiped from my “scheduled” list, I am embarrassed to say that this post is now going live.  Sincere apologies!

The Clouds Beyond Us

A Synopsis:-

A beautiful and eclectic mix of stories and poetry, as presented by new and exciting author Rahf AlRashidi. This collection of insights into the author’s soul takes the reader on a melancholy journey of loss, heartache and ill treatment, whilst at once telling the story of strength and showing the joy to be found in the aftermath of sorrow. An inspirational read for women across the world.

About Rahf AlRashidi

Rahf AlRashidi is a multi-genre author of short stories and poetry. A medical student from Kuwait, she currently lives abroad to pursue her medical degree. She first began writing short stories at the age of nine, when she lived in Texas, USA. In 2009, the journey towards her dreams began, with writing becoming a part of her life after showcasing her talents as an artist and writer in the District PTA contest in Denton, going on to win first place.  Her mother, a psychologist and an author, has always been and continues to be her source of inspiration and her faithful guide.

the clouds beyond us book cover

The Clouds Beyond Us – My Thoughts

When I first started reading The Clouds Beyond Us, I was immediately grabbed by the sentiment in the second paragraph of the first page.  Reading is an escapism for many, and the short stories and poems allow for that escapism to happen in short bursts, or long sittings, depending on how much time you have at a particular stage in the day.  A total of 110 pages, I devoured The Clouds Beyond Us with ease, wanting to read page after page without a break.  I ended up staying up a lot later than I had planned simply because I couldn’t put my Kindle down.  There was something everyone could relate to amongst AlRashidi’s very personal and emotional ups and downs through her life.  I’ve now read a few poetry books, even after swearing off them after GCSE English, and The Clouds Beyond Us is one I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of poems and short stories, or really into reflective stories that are thought-provoking.

If you’ve read an enjoyed Melancholy Mind by Charlene, or the introspective style of  writing in Before You Let The Sun In, then I highly recommend you read The Clouds Beyond Us.  As a reader, I thoroughly enjoy reading these sorts of books, as they’re the kind that make you want to devour the book and escape into the thoughts it provokes, while also wanting to stop after every particular story or poem to really think about what it meant to you.

Part of the magic of The Clouds Beyond Us is that you can’t quite word the emotional journey you go on whilst reading this book, which does actually make writing a review quite difficult.  My thoughts are that no two people will take away the exact same thoughts or feelings from it, as each well written page brings you to realisations about yourself or your own life in a way that no other book I’ve read recently does. The Tassoegraphy section resonated with me for personal reasons, but I know a lot of people would scoff at this possibly.  And that is the true wonder of AlRashidi’s writing – even if you might not necessarily have a notable interest in a section, you find yourself entwined within the beautifully written paragraphs before you can pull yourself out.

I am sincerely sorry that this post didn’t go live when it was meant to, but I will urge you all to strongly consider The Clouds Beyond Us the next time you’re looking for a book.  If you wish to purchase The CLouds Beyond Us, you can do so from Amazon by clicking here for the UK or here for the USA.

Have you read The Clouds Beyond Us? Does it sound like your sort of a read?  Please let me know in the comments below, and I look forward to discussing it with you all.

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