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Happy Saturday morning one and all! Can you believe we’re here on the 14th December already? I can’t.  And on top of getting so far into blogmas, I have a night out again tonight that I simply cannot wait for! But first, I wanted to talk to you about The Christmas Trap (or Christmas in the Heartland). Please note, this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn some financial compensation, at no extra cost to you, from qualifying purchases made through the links on this page. For more information, please see my disclaimer and privacy policy.

So tonight’s the night that I go to see Messiah, performed by the Ulster Orchestra and the Philharmonic choir. I’m so excited, because it’s the first of 3 Christmas shows we have tickets for, and I just love anything musically based at this time of year.  Time to just let the music take over your entire mind and body and be transported.  I’m hoping to get a post up about it in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for that one appearing soon.

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But anyway, on with today’s film review of The Christmas Trap, also known as Christmas in the Heartland, which was available to view on Netflix, but can also be found on Amazon [aff].

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Released November 2017, The Christmas Trap is an American festive family drama. When teenagers Kara (Sierra McCormick) and Jessie (Brighton Sharbino) meet on a plane bound for Oklahoma, they discover both are dreading spending Christmas with family they have never met and so decide to swap places for the week. With vastly different backgrounds, both girls find themselves enjoying lots of new experiences and learning how the other half lives, but also discovering how much they have in common.

So a bit like The Prince and the Pauper, or The Princess Switch, I suppose, but nice and different in its own way.  Imagine Christmas with some good music, a good light hearted family feeling, and of course you have to have a beauty pageant thrown in to complete the Oklahoma feeling.

I actually first watched The Christmas Trap back in July or August during one of my “I feel low and want something to cheer me up” moods.  It was perfect! I cried tears of laughter and sadness, joy and delight.  Even back then I just knew I had to rewatch it in order to give you all a proper review during the festive period, and to tell you all to settle on the sofa tonight to watch it as your Christmas movie for the weekend!

Jessie and Kara swap places to spend the holidays with each others’ families.  Jessie heads to the posh house to impersonate Kara, while Kara heads to the caravan park pretending to be Jessie.  What follows is your most cliché film ever, but you can’t help loving it. As you can expect, the two girls are put in situations where they come face to face with their own family when they are pretending to be the other.  They develop relationships with people they shouldn’t, and begin to panic when the only people who can disclose the truth show up!

Filled with a load of actors and actresses I’ve never seen before, I thoroughly enjoyed the new faces.  I suppose you could complain it’s a “Hallmark” Christmas film, but then they’re still around because they make us feel good about life!

Gorgeous dresses, a good storyline, happy music that isn’t too country, and The Christmas Trap will give you that Christmas glow you’re searching for.

Have you watched The Christmas Trap?  Let me know if it’s one you’ve seen or if you’re going to give it a try!

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