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The Christmas Tag

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Happy day 11 of Blogmas! What’re you all up to today? Me, well I’m heading off to work this morning. But before I can do that, I wanted to share today’s blogmas post with you all.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to remind you all I have a Christmas giveaway running over on Day 1 of blogmas, but since I’m a nice person I’ve linked to it here! Please do enter, you can’t win it if you’re not in it.

Today’s Christmas song is another classic, even if it is a little more melancholy. Well, it sounds sad until you listen to the lyrics.  It’s a classic, and I love it, so we’re sharing it for day 11.

So today’s Christmas Tag is one Emma actually tagged me in a year ago yesterday… whoops! But with blogmas having had months of planning, it’s only now that I’ve been able to fit it in to the schedule.  So thank you Emma for the tag! Please do go have a read of Emma’s Christmas Tag post, and maybe show some of her other posts some love while you’re there.

Now, onto the actual Christmas Tag!

The Christmas Tag

What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
It will always be The Santa Clause – Charlie is an adorable child, and it’s just the perfect film to curl up with. Actually, I have a list of my favourite Christmas films here!
What is your favourite Christmas song?
Is it bad that I really couldn’t pick any one song, especially not this year? But I am making a list (and checking it twice) on here daily of my favourite Christmas songs!
Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas Day. Never Christmas Eve. Well, that’s a lie. I opened one on Christmas Eve once, it was a Christmas jumper and Mum gave me it early so I could wear it to the rugby club that evening.
What is your favourite Christmas scent?
Clove and Cinnamon – actually it’s the scent I have in my Scentsy burner as I write this post!
What tops your tree?
My own tree has a gold star on top, but Mum and Dad have a fairy on top of their tree.
Is your tree real or fake?
Both are fake, so they can be used time and time again!
Have you ever gone Christmas carolling?
I used to go with my church, but they stopped going a few years back.  This year I did take part in a Christmas Concert in a church if that counts?
White or coloured lights?
I personally love multi-coloured lights, but only if they’re really bright, and it all depends on the colour scheme of the rest of the tree.  One of our trees has multi-coloured lights, but my tree has warm white lights.
Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot chocolate all the way, although I’ve never had eggnog. To be honest it doesn’t sound the tastiest.
Are you a Buddy the Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge?
Buddy all the way. I genuinely think my colleagues want to kill me.
When do you put up your tree/decorations?
The first of December, or the first Saturday in December, whichever is easiest for fitting in.
If you could travel anywhere for the holiday season where would it be?
Iceland or somewhere really snowy and quite far north. I’d want to be able to drink a hot chocolate, looking out over a snow blanket, watching the Northern Lights.
Do you make New Year’s resolutions?
Every year. Doesn’t mean I manage to achieve them all!
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