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Twitter Chats

A rather mundane post for those of you who aren’t interested in these chats, but I swear talking to new people daily is the highlight of my day. Every morning, I wake up thinking ‘What chats are on today and will I be able to take part in them?’


Some of you may think this is a sad thing to thing about when you first wake up, but it’s given me something positive to focus on, especially over the last few weeks when all I’ve really wanted to do was lock myself in my room and eat my life away. Hopefully I’ll start pulling myself out of that soon (just so you know, you guys are another reason i get up – 128 views on Sunday?! That was incredible!) but in the mean time I’ll stick to my coping mechanisms of twitter chats, blogging and binge watching Netflix.


Back on track now, sorry got side tracked again. I wanted to add a timetable of my favourite twitter chats that I regularly try and get in on. I’m not sure how to add it as a downloadable thing so I’ve also copied and pasted it down below. If I’ve missed any that you feel should definitely be on the list, mention them in the comments below! Or tweet me, that works too. You don’t have to be a blogger to join a lot of them, so even if you just come by to read my posts every now and again (yes, I’m talking to you – hello!) you should consider stopping by for the fun!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
#beechat – 5pm

#thegirlgang – 6pm

#bdib – 7pm

#fbloggers – 8pm

#healthhour – 8pm

#sassybloggers – 9pm

#nightimebloggers – 9pm

#misfitbloggers – 6pm

#askablogger – 7pm

#hungrychats – 7pm

#bookbloggers – 7pm

#teahour – 7pm

#ukblogtalk – 8pm

#fblchat – 8pm

#bloghour – 9pm

#GRLPOWR – 9pm

#TeacupClub – 5pm

#blogtalk – 6pm

#lbloggers – 7pm

#latenightbloggers – 9pm

#LNchitchat – 10pm



Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
#crazyblogchat – 7pm

#bbabeschat – 8pm

#disneybloggerschat – 8pm

#GRLPOWR – 8pm

#beechat – 9pm

#nightimebloggers – 9pm

#lazybloggers – 7pm

#bdib – 8pm

#sbloggers – 8pm



#moonchat 12am

#fblchat – 3pm

#socialbloggers – 7pm

#chattynights – 7pm

#motblogger – 8pm



#bloggerationchat – 9:30am

#TeacupClub – 5pm

#lbloggers – 7pm

#sundayMHchat – 7pm

#GRLPOWR – 8pm

#blogospherechat – 8pm

#chattybees – 8pm

#gossipbloggers – 8:30pm

For a more extensive list, check out . There are so many chats out there, and this is by far the best list I’ve found! Maybe see you there?


Ktkinnes xx

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Sunday’s Weekly Review

Yay I’m actually posting this on a Sunday! Can’t remember the last time I reviewed the week on a Sunday. 

Monday saw a day of packing, using up food, and cleaning. All in preparation for me coming back to Northern Ireland. During packing and cleaning, I introduced myself to the wondrous Gogglebox – a Channel 4 show about people watching tv. Fascinating really! 

After that, I joined in my first ever Twitter chat! It was so hard to keep up with what was being said but it was good fun, hopefully I’ll get to join in again tomorrow if I’m not having dinner. The chat was all about confidence and inspired my blog of the day of the same title –

Tuesday was spent travelling. Imagine this – a small bus. 60 passengers. No empty seats. Hottest day of the year that far in Scotland so roughly 26ish degrees. No air con on said bus. 3 hour journey. It wasn’t exactly the most pleasant bus journey of my life! However it was worth it to get on the boat and sprawl out watching Scandal. When I got back to lisburn, mum and dad had planned a BBQ and so I was a very happy Katie! 
Wednesday, I was in and out of shops, trying to get organised for this wedding on Friday. With the sun still shining and me finally able to lie out in my own back garden, I was enjoying the sun until I ended up looking a bit like a lobster. Currently making a mental note to myself to buy sun cream! Even though tomorrow’s the last day of the sun apparently… Sorry getting distracted. We were lounging in the garden when the phone rang to say my dad’s aunt had been taken to hospital, but it wasn’t too serious. As per usual, I come back from Glasgow and someone ends up either in hospital or dying!
On Thursday, I had offered to do Mum’s tesco shop for her (me being the favourite daughter of course :P) and so started out with a list and her bank card safely tucked away. I then had an eye appointment and was told my eyes have finally stabilised! Only taken them until I’m almost 21…

Friday I had a job interview in the morning, and while I didn’t get the position, it was a good opportunity to try and get back into the interviewing frame of mind. Again, Friday was just spent lazing in the summer sun. It’s really no wonder I’m pink right now if I think about it! 

Yesterday we did a bit of shopping in Lisburn, searching for a bag for me to use and a necklace, both for the wedding, but no such luck. However it was nice to take a slow morning at getting ready as I was actually allowed to be in my pjs until after 9:30am! 

Today I went with Rachel to help supervise the family fun morning at the church so it was good to see a few familiar faces. Rachel and I were kicking a ball backwards and forwards but I accidentally kicked the ball too far out to Rachel’s left. As she ran and stuck her foot out to stop the ball, she completely lost her balance and ended up landing on her bum and bouncing slightly. Everyone, including Rachel, was laughing for a solid 5 minutes as only she would be able to fall and bounce so easily! We then came home for yet another BBQ and so I am a very very pink Katie right now. I’ll have to be more careful next time!
How was your week? Get up to anything exciting?
Ktkinnes xx