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Day 19 – Hobby

What is your hobby and why do you enjoy it?

This! This blog is my hobby. I love writing it and spilling my words to you all. I love the twitter chats and interactions that come along with blogging. There’s a sense of community amongst the majority of the bloggers I have had the pleasure to chat with online.

It’s brilliant having a place I can come to share my thoughts and opinions on the day, knowing that there are people out there who are going to read my posts and comment on them!

Aside from this, I love reading, watching TV, and cooking! Anything creative is brilliant as it’s a complete change from my subjects at university.

Ktkinnes xx

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Preparing to sleep

Yes, it’s 9am and I’m already thinking about sleeping again. Can you blame me? Once this exam is over, I’m going back to the flat to sleep for a while before I start the mad panic of getting ready to go back to the mad house in Lisburn. I really wish I could stay in Glasgow but I think it’ll do me some good to get away from the flat for a few days. 

I’m looking forward to being able to sleep without being guilty though, any sleep recently has had me feeling guilty for not revising or job hunting. But when I get home, I can finally get back into the routine of no screens before bed! 

Some of you might question how that’s possible, especially when I seem to spend all day every day on my phone or using my laptop, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. The routine is a little different at home to what is here, but the overall aim is the same.
After dinner, I tend to pick what time I want to be asleep by. Whether it’s more revision, a particular chat I want to take part in, or the next episode of some must-see tv show is on, I take that into consideration and set my bedtime for an hour after whatever it is finishes. An example of that would be, last night I knew I wanted to be asleep by 11 o’clock because of my exam this morning. The final Twitter chat that I considered taking part in started at 9pm and so if I was to be off my phone at 10 it would give me an hour before sleep.

When the clock struck 10, I put my phone on the charger and started removing makeup and brushing teeth. I then read for half an hour, sometimes I knit, to take me to 10:40 when I then get into bed and follow a 20 minute guided meditation programme to help me shut down for the night. 
Normally when I do this I get a fantastic night’s sleep. Now I know there are a lot of people who don’t like reading in bed, or never learnt to knit. So I thought I’d provide a list of other things you could do for the hour before bed.

  • Tidy. People claim that a tidy room helps you sleep better.
  • Prepare meals for the next day.
  • Have a warm shower/bath.
  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Knit
  • Write (not type but physically write) the next day’s to do list
  • Plan more blog posts. I love trying to think of post ideas when I’m trying to sleep.
  • Play a board game or a game of cards.
  • Write lists of whatever – coming up to Christmas I list what I’m buying for each person or my plans on how to decorate.
  • Go for a walk
  • Other light exercise
  • Do some creative writing of any kind
  • Draw or colour in – adult colouring books are so much fun!
  • Do a puzzle! Remember the night I was so bored I made my own sudoku?
  • Bake!

Can you think of any other things to do without involving screens? Let me know!
Ktkinnes xx

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Feel Good Fridays

Just a short post today to explain that I may be posting less over the next few days. Rachel arrived in Glasgow last night and today we’re heading to Dundee for a few days. 
Before I go, I thought I’d share my most recent tv addiction with you – Pretty Little Liars. Before Rachel arrived, I finished episode 12 of season 3 (The Lady Killer) and to be honest I’m not happy with the twist that it ended on. So before I go any further…

If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading here! Do not go any further! 

I’ll try and keep this as based on the one episode as possible, especially considering I haven’t seen any further and so am not sure what direction this is moving in. But why is Toby part of the A gang? I mean, yeah I get it, the girls blinded his sister and then set him up so it looked like he had done it… But I still feel he didn’t really have the proper motivation. Especially not at this stage in the story. Plus, he’s my favourite male character and I am not okay with the direction this is heading in. Also, where has Jason disappeared to? Have the A gang got to him? 

I also found it rather far fetched that Mona was able to just walk out of the mental institution she’s in. I mean, I know A is capable of a lot but even managing to have night nurses on duty who didn’t recognise a patient’s face? That was very good organising on their behalf!  
But I’m not going to think about it anymore. It’s a tv show (and apparently a book series?) so I shouldn’t be reading into it that much.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Ktkinnes xx

Sisters together – 18/9/2013
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Holiday thoughts

Once again, my mind has been drawn to the upcoming holiday to Ibiza however today I haven’t been as excited as in previous years.

Map courtesy of

Looking on TripAdvisor for the hotel (link included), I’m beginning to be a little apprehensive about booking half board. According to the recent reviews, not enough diners were staying for dinner and so the dining room has been closed and meals are being served from the restricted Pool Bar menu… Not what you’d expect for over 30 euros per person per night! Fingers crossed this isn’t the case with us. Another thing is no one here seems excited. It may be down to the fact we still have our ever present house guest of my uncle, but part of me feels it may be more than that. Any ideas on how to pick up the mood?


To distract myself from the lack of holiday spirit, I decided to go back and repack my hand luggage. What I really can’t decide is whether or not to take my laptop… If I take it, I can watch DVDs on the plane. However, I don’t think I would use it any other time. So what do you think? I tend to blog from my phone so that’s not really a problem, and I’d be leaving it in the safe during the day. Let me know what you think!


Now, before I go away, I must finish Season 5 of Scandal before we go. Being on episode 15, that shouldn’t be too hard! Last year was 24, the year before was Orange is the New Black  – there’s always some TV show I’m trying to finish before we go! What’s on your summer watch list?


Speak soon!


Ktkinnes xx

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Sporty Sunday

Hello one and all, once again it’s Sunday and I’ve actually been doing things this week! I’ve a few blog post ideas today so please be patient and I’ll be posting them throughout the day. Maybe I’ll be back to my normal blogging routine soon…

To start with, we have the usual Sunday Summary of the week. Monday, which was also Baron’s birthday, involved a trip into town and the start of Operation Rachel 18th Birthday. Dad and I had a visit from Granny B and my Aunt and we spent almost 2 hours trying to fix problems they had with their e-tickets for an upcoming trip to England. Somehow,  my uncle had spelt the names wrong on the tickets and had forgotten to add luggage and special assistance that was required and so that took up the majority of our morning. When we finally finished that, Dad and I took a drive into Lisburn City Centre. I left him to do his own thing while I bought a candle for my cousin and a few bits and pieces for my bedroom. I’m hoping when I get back from Glasgow to make my room more ‘me’ and a few other things I have in mind but more about that later. We then spent the rest of the day around the house, me revising and Dad cleaning and gardening. That night we got a phone call from a rather homesick Rachel. We’d been keeping up to date with the Habitat team in Romania through the blog the teachers had set up, which can be found here for anyone who’s interested, and so knew some of what they’d been doing but of course you can never be fully prepared for some of the poverty seen and so Rachel was quite upset. Finally, we watched Brief Encounters on ITV at 9pm. It was a great first episode and I really can’t recommend it enough! It’s light and different and definitely worth watching.

Tuesday brought about a morning for going through my summer holiday clothes and deciding what I was taking in case it needed washed. That took up the majority of my morning somehow and so in the afternoon I did some revision before ironing clothes and heading to a barbeque at my granny’s fold. It was a pleasant night and I had a few good chats with some of the other people living there. Overall, Tuesday was a dull day.

Wednesday, I headed to Kesh for a couple of nights at my cousin’s. With everything that’s been going on here recently, I was dying to escape the house and the people in it and so, as getting to Kesh is cheaper than Glasgow, I chose to visit my family. I got down to Omagh around lunchtime and spent a couple of hours shopping with my cousin before going on to her house in Kesh. We had lunch before organising her back room into a spare room, something she’d been trying to do for a while now but needed help to move the furniture. That night we got a chinese and chatted while watching Pretty Little Liars – I love it! I’ll have to watch it before Ibiza next week….

Thursday morning, we went to Castle Archdale in Fermanagh to walk the dogs and get some fresh air. My uncle came down to see us and of course he and my cousin argued the whole way around so it wasn’t exactly fun. However we then went out for lunch and then onto his friend’s house where we chatted together for a while and actually managed to have everyone being pleasant for a while. That night, we watched more Pretty Little Liars and moved some more furniture around before attempting to have an early night.

On Friday, I came home again and went to visit Granny H to help her with her new phone and some other technology problems she’s been having. We finished the night by watching tennis and having a barbeque in the garden.

Yesterday, we went to St George’s Market – an indoor market in Belfast City Centre. It was good fun to have a look around the stalls while listening to a traditional Irish band, but it was nothing compared to the markets you get abroad – another reason to be excited for our holiday! We did a bit of shopping around the city centre before having lunch out, and then came home where we watched yet more tennis.


Today is the final day of Wimbledon and so I’m about to go watch TV – hopefully see Andy Murray win! I’d better actually get going now as they’re about to start the game. Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll hopefully get talking later!



Ktkinnes xxx

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Wishful Wednesday and other such news.

Okay before I begin tonight, I just want to apologise for my complete lack of posting over the past 2 weeks. Again, there’s been no real reason for it except I’m revising for resits and too lazy to write the posts earlier. Although I suppose when I first started out blogging I never intended to blog every day unless there was something worth saying.

So once again, sorry! Especially if you’ve been looking for me recently. I’ve recently started watching Scandal, especially when revising. Mary kept telling me to watch it, especially since I love Greys Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. How right she was! Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, a so-called lawyer who acts as a “fixer” for the rich and famous (sometimes infamous) of Washington D.C. It’s a great show and I can’t honestly think of a show I’d rather be watching. 

If I’m being honest, my love for all things presidential at the minute definitely adds to the reasons I’m enjoying Scandal. However, I love seeing actors and actresses from other shows that I’ve watched appearing in different roles. An example of this would be Jeff Perry. He’s a fantastic actor. I enjoyed watching him act Thatcher Grey in Grey’s Anatomy, but now I adore him as Cyrus Bean in Scandal. I don’t want to give anything away really but Cyrus and his husband are so cute together and Jeff’s acting moved me to tears today at a certain point in season 3 – no spoilers from anyone who’s seen it!
Now that I’ve covered my TV addict’s part of the post, I thought I’d move onto Wishful Wednesday. Unless you’d rather I stopped that? Again, I’m not really sure if you’re enjoying it so please please please send me some feedback! 
It’s been a long week. I’ve started revising morning, afternoon and night, with very little time for sleep or anything else for that matter. So for today’s Wishful Wednesday, I choose to pass these exams and graduate next summer. For obvious reasons (I hope) I want to pass these exams. After the exams, I will progress onto 3rd year. My desire to be a teacher is still going strong. Will I have to change the theme of my blog if/when that happens? Who knows. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.
The past 10 days or so, as I’ve said, have mainly been spent revising. After a few days at the library, I switched to revising at home. Rachel finished her exams and to celebrate we had an Indian takeaway and watched The Lady In The Van. Now my rating of this isn’t very high, it was good but I’m not quite sure if it was good enough to deserve all the awards and praise it received. Definitely would rather have been watching Scandal. Rachel then went camping with Cameron for a few days in the rain, while the rest of us here in Lisburn went out for dinner which resulted in a rather interesting Sunday morning. Have I told you my uncle is living with us at the minute? I can’t really go into why or how at the minute so if I remember I’ll come back to it another time. 

Finally, it’s 17 days, 17 hours and 50 odd minutes until we set off for Ibiza! I’ve never been so excited to go on holiday. Brief throwback to this day last year when I wrote Packing. Can you believe my blog is 2 years old? However, please ignore the adds at the top of the picture. It would be a miracle if I was pregnant! 

I can’t believe it isn’t even 10 o’clock yet, I’m exhausted! Except before I go to sleep I still have some more revision to do. Blogging is a nice change. If I’m lucky, I’ll be going to sleep around 12:30am and get up again at 7ish to start over again. Why do I do this to myself? I swear to whatever anyone believes in, I will work even harder next year. I need to. 
So goodnight! Wish me luck with Nuclear and Particle Physics… Maybe it’ll send me to sleep 😂
Happy Hump Day!
Ktkinnes xx

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Looking back

Once again, another month is over. Today I’m travelling back to the oh so delightful land of Northern Ireland where the only exciting thing will be seeing the animals again (Baron and Maisie).

Baron looking pensive

Maisie holding my finger
I cannot wait to see these two fluff balls again tonight! Travel is always boring and so today I have made sure to have my dvd player and a few dvds handy to watch – The Lady in the Van, and season 1 of Scandal. Mary keeps recommending Scandal so I thought I should give it a go, plus this way I can get Mum to watch it with me since it’s a dvd and she can keep it if I finish it!

 Just thought, the last 2 summers have been spent watching 24 but now that we’ve finished it I have no idea what we can watch as a family… Will have to think about that and find something different that everyone will enjoy!

The main reason I’m posting now is to give you a chance to look back at the goals for May before tomorrow’s post includes new goals for June! This can be found here – Another month goes by. Still can’t believe we’re actually so close to half way through the year. Soon it’ll be my 21st birthday then Rachel’s 18th! Still thinking of her birthday present… Is a holiday away together a bad idea?


Speak soon! I’ll let you know what I think of my new dvds when I get them watched.


Ktkinnes xx

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Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

For those of you who don’t know, Grey’s Antomy aired last night in the USA with the season 12 finale. Every week, I wake up and watch the new episode on my very legal and not at all dodgy website that I found a few years back. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my laptop for the abuse I put it through weekly if not daily…

This morning I have decided to blog about it while I watch it! So just to warn you… THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Please leave now if you don’t want it ruined.
The episode opens with Meredith and Alex lying on their backs on the grass, discussing Amelia’s wedding and whether there is only “one true love” for each person. Alex of course claims his was Izzie but Meredith and I strongly disagree with him. 

Two minutes in and the feels are already very strong. Amelia is on the phone with her mum, begging her or anyone from the family to come to the wedding. Queue me looking like a baby with tears streaming down my face. How can they not go to her wedding?? Poor Maggie doesn’t know what to do…

Bailey and her husband are still bickering because of an earlier episode. I’m getting rather tired of them. Yes, he shouldn’t have done what he did but please just drop the storyline already.

Haha the twisted sisters (Meredith, Maggie and Amelia are now the twisted sisters to me, even though no one will ever replace Cristina) are always amusing together. Amelia has now locked herself in the bathroom while sobbing. Maggie is of course trying to be the sympathetic good cop while Meredith is telling her she has 20 minutes to pull herself together. Still not even 5 minutes in! Now Owen is here to try and talk to her (he’s the groom). Aw okay, he’s being really sweet. I forgot why I love him. Amelia’s coming out now! See, they’re perfect for each other.

Oh wait, April is Owen’s best man? Yes, let’s have the pregnant woman as a best man when she looks good to drop.

Aw no there’s a woman with dimensia who’s attacked her son and she’s convinced that Jackson is her husband. I’m sad.

Okay. I have had to pause it now because I’m ready to rant about Jo and Alex. They are perfect together. Alex has now proposed to Jo 3 times and she keeps saying no but not telling him why and yet they stay together. Now Alex is done trying to persuade her to marry him, goes to their house to get his suit for the wedding, and the first thing Jo says to him is “Let’s make a baby”. No. Go away. I love you and you’re beautiful but no. Either marry Alex or leave him to mourn the loss of what is possibly his one true love, but don’t have a baby. Pressing play again. She still won’t tell him why she won’t marry him. Now he’s packing a bag. After a bit of arguing, he has now stormed out. Well done Alex.
Okay, now onto Meredith and Riggs. They’ve obviously slept together and I’m all happy for them but I miss Derek. Although this sexual tension is fun. 
Oh brilliant, April, the best man, has lost the rings. Brilliant. And I think she’s starting to have contractions

Meredith and Owen are now talking about Cristina, Owen’s ex wife. And Amelia overheard them talking. It sucks. But she looks gorgeous. Derek was supposed to walk her down the aisle and now Amelia’s crying because he’s dead. Oooooh Amelia is confronting Meredith about her conversation with Owen. She’s freaking out. I want to hug her. 16 minutes into the episode and I’m already emotionally exhausted. I think Amelia’s forgotten that Meredith is her family. Meredith is telling her everything she can do to help and I’m crying again. Shonda knows how to hurt me in so many ways.

Haha okay so now Amelia is running away and Meredith is driving the runaway car and they’ve taken Maggie with them and of course the only person to see anything was Richard Webber.

Yay! April found the rings! And her contractions are getting worse. 

We’re back to the dimensia woman and she’s completely forgotten she had a son. Jackson tried to tell her and now she thinks she’s pregnant! 😂

Callie and Arizona are having more problems even though they’re no longer married and they’ve settled the baby problem and I’m angry because I want them to be together but Arizona cheated and doesn’t deserve Callie anymore.

20 minutes in… Jo and Steph scene now with Jo complaining that she pushed Alex away. I couldn’t agree more child. Steph doesn’t have the patience to stay with Jo right now. Jo is drunk. 

Owen is now aware that everyone’s everywhere. April is about to have her baby in Meredith’s house without her doctors… Tense! And Jackson is in surgery so doesn’t know she’s in labour.

Amelia is now freaking out about running out on her wedding. Oh wow. This is going to be a long episode. 25 minutes.

Back to Jo. Oh Jo just said something along the lines of “I want to marry him but I can’t. I can’t marry anyone.” Are we about to know her secret?! SHE’S ALREADY MARRIED?!? Wow. Okay I saw this coming but this just stupid.

Baby is breach. Brilliant. April and Ben are trying to birth this baby alone. She needs a C-section. At least Ben is finally saying he won’t do it! Baby is dying and she needs surgery and this isn’t going to end well. At least he’s called Bailey! They need Bailey.

Owen is waiting patiently for Amelia to show up again. He believes in her. I think she’ll make it. Twisted Sisters are back at the wedding but she hasn’t gone in yet. 

Baby about to be cut out. They have called the hospital and are being talked through the c section by Arizona, Bailey, and Jackson. Jackson is freaking out because April is telling Ben to save the baby no matter what and leave her to die if necessary. This is going to be a nightmare. I’m terrified. They’re having to cut the baby out without any anesthetic. Oh good, the ambulance got there! Just to see if they’re alive. She looks like she’s alive. There’s a baby! I can’t see if it’s alive…

Back to Jo. Jo is talking about the guy she married. He abused her. That much has come out. Now I’m crying again. She’s been through so much. No wonder she won’t marry Alex. Whoa, her real name isn’t Jo. Shit, Alex just walked in. Now he’s beating up the only one who knows Jo’s secret.

April had a baby girl! And Riggs brought the rings to Owen. And Amelia is back and ready to get married. And Riggs has been invited to the wedding at long last! Meredith is talking about her wedding to Derek and I’m sad again. Whole roller coaster of emotions.

Yay! Wedding! She looks beautiful. Jackson’s holding his baby and she’s crying and I’m so broody right now. And April is stable again. And finally Bailey and Ben are sorted. Definitely a good season finale. I have never been so happy at a season finale. Where’s the pain, Shonda?

Arizona just brought Sophia to see Callie, this could be the source of the pain. Let’s see… Nope. Arizona is giving Callie Sophia so she can go to New York to follow Blake (Callie’s girlfriend) and now I’m sobbing because all the happiness! What is wrong with me?

Oh brilliant. Maggie loves Riggs. Brilliant.

What a way to end the season. I’m over the moon. Best one yet. Yes there were some sad moments and I have been crying but let’s take the fans back to other season finales. George died, Lexie died, Cristina left, Jackson and April ran away from April’s wedding to that ambulance guy, so much sad stuff! Thank you to anyone who has followed through to now. What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Ktkinnes xx

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The West Wing, Carol and more

Hello again everyone!

It seems tonight, sleep is eluding me. So what better to do than to talk to you all? Except it seems that for the first time in a while I am having bloggers block. Yes yes I should really be revising if I can’t sleep but it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate as time goes on. So tonight I am taking the time to just ignore exams!
Today I finished The West Wing and am no longer sure what to do with myself. It was a brilliant series with some of the best actors and actresses I’ve come across in it. Even made me contemplate moving to the States just to try and get a job in the White House! What do you think, would it be worth it? Either way, give the trailer a quick look! Apologies to anyone who also follows me on Twitter (@kvburton657) for the ridiculous amount of tweets about this phenomenal show but I simply can’t get enough of it. Even my flatmates are getting tired of me talking about it!

If this trailer doesn’t persuade you, maybe this one will:

I also decided to do some reading during my “me” time. While I understand Carol by Patricia Highsmith has been highly praised, and I’m sure the film is worth watching, I am seriously struggling to warm to this book. With less than 70 pages left, I will be glad when I finish it. Proper review to come when it’s finished but for now all I will say is I have no idea what Therese sees in Carol.

After my (possibly exam related) breakdown yesterday, I slept like a log until 8am when I woke up and started straight into revision. One of the most useful revision tools I have discovered is the Forest: Stay Focused app. You set a timer on the app and get started on whatever you want to focus on. At the end of the session, if you haven’t been on your phone, a little tree appears on a grid. Seeing how many trees are there at the end of the day can actually be quite motivating! Here’s my week’s trees so far:

Not as good as I would like but at least it’s a start. Who knows, tomorrow could be the day I find the motivation to work all day with no interruptions.

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The A Word

This TV series ended last night after 6 brilliant episodes. I simply can’t emphasise enough how strongly I recommend this as a program. 
The show starts with 5 year old Joe Hughes walking along the road on his own listening to his music. During this first episode, he is diagnosed with Autism and his family start the long process of coming to terms with the diagnosis. Joe’s parents have their own problems, as it seems almost every family has these days. Joe’s half sister has yet more problems and at first appears to be just your usual moody teenager. However as the show continues, the stories develop and you end up growing more and more attached as time goes on. 

With only 6 episodes, it feels like the story should just be beginning, not over. Who knows, maybe there’ll be another series! Episode one is a slow start but I promise it gets better. You can find it on BBC iPlayer.
Please give it a chance!
Ktkinnes xx