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The A Word

This TV series ended last night after 6 brilliant episodes. I simply can’t emphasise enough how strongly I recommend this as a program. 
The show starts with 5 year old Joe Hughes walking along the road on his own listening to his music. During this first episode, he is diagnosed with Autism and his family start the long process of coming to terms with the diagnosis. Joe’s parents have their own problems, as it seems almost every family has these days. Joe’s half sister has yet more problems and at first appears to be just your usual moody teenager. However as the show continues, the stories develop and you end up growing more and more attached as time goes on. 

With only 6 episodes, it feels like the story should just be beginning, not over. Who knows, maybe there’ll be another series! Episode one is a slow start but I promise it gets better. You can find it on BBC iPlayer.
Please give it a chance!
Ktkinnes xx