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Too much to do

Success in life is a matter not so much of talent or opportunity as of concentration and perseverance. – C. W. Wendte          

Today I woke up feeling like I could lie in bed forever, but here’s why I can’t. 

  • I’ve still to unpack from Paris. I am the world’s laziest traveller. Most of the time, everything ends up back in the laundry basket so I can have a few more days of doing nothing. But this time I’ve to unpack so I can repack to return to Northern Ireland. Great…
  • I need to wash my hair. It hasn’t been washed since Wednesday night and looks a state right now, so I’ve tied it up in the hope I can leave it until tomorrow.
  • My Paris blog post needs to be written. Except I’m waiting until my external hard drive arrives so I can save all my photos to it before writing the post. 
  • I need to start packing for going home. Normally packing takes me 3 weeks, now I’ve to condense it to 2 days!
  • Dinner needs cooked at some stage…
  • My bedroom is a mess and the kitchen needs sorted
  • I’ve too much food and no idea if it’ll freeze or not.
  • Shopping needs done since I’ve got parts of meals but not actual meals

And probably so much more that I can’t think of right now! The first step will be getting out of bed. Wish me luck!
Ktkinnes xx

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A bit of a ramble

Good evening and welcome to anyone new joining us tonight! 

The first day of August is over, it’s scary how time flies. Who knows what this month will bring? In the last month I read at least 6 books and so this month I hope to be even half as successful. With the new month comes new goals and as I lie in bed tonight I’m thinking back over the last month.

July was good. I had a fantastic holiday in the lovely Sol Beach House Ibiza, I lost almost a stone in weight (which was surprising given the alcohol consumption on the holiday), I was back in work in the shop and I got a decent amount of revision done. However, I still need to lose more weight, my room needs organised and Baron could do with a few more walks. But there’s nothing I would change about what I’ve done recently. The number of times I’ve thought to myself “If I could go back to Glasgow now then I would” and while this is true, a large part of me is aware that this is not an option financially. And so with this in mind, my goals for the month are as follows

  • Get a job back in Glasgow. This will not only help in the short term but if we decide to book a holiday for next year I want to be in the position to pay for it without sacrificing other things.
  • Lose at least half a stone. I’m past setting a definite goal of weight loss as there are two ways it can go. On the one hand, I can reach the goal – great! But then I decide that as I’ve achieved my goal, I can forget it and go back to the way I was before. Or I can fail to reach the goal and be so disappointed in myself that I give up entirely. As neither of those work for me, it is time I just set a realistic goal. By cutting down on snacks and unnecessary treats, and doing a little more exercise this goal should be easily achieved. And Baron will enjoy his role in it – did someone say walkies?
  • Read another 3 books. This is simply for pleasure and a way to relax at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter what they are, as long as I can read them then it’s worth it!
  • Tidy and organise things for moving back. I know it’s a month away but this month is going to go so quickly. 
  • Finally, it would be great to pass this resit. 

With these goals in mind, I should probably go to sleep. We had a family walk around Tollymore Forest Park today so everyone is tired out. Apparently there are some parts of Game of Thrones filmed there? Anyway, thanks for reading!

Ktkinnes xx