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The West Wing, Carol and more

Hello again everyone!

It seems tonight, sleep is eluding me. So what better to do than to talk to you all? Except it seems that for the first time in a while I am having bloggers block. Yes yes I should really be revising if I can’t sleep but it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate as time goes on. So tonight I am taking the time to just ignore exams!
Today I finished The West Wing and am no longer sure what to do with myself. It was a brilliant series with some of the best actors and actresses I’ve come across in it. Even made me contemplate moving to the States just to try and get a job in the White House! What do you think, would it be worth it? Either way, give the trailer a quick look! Apologies to anyone who also follows me on Twitter (@kvburton657) for the ridiculous amount of tweets about this phenomenal show but I simply can’t get enough of it. Even my flatmates are getting tired of me talking about it!

If this trailer doesn’t persuade you, maybe this one will:

I also decided to do some reading during my “me” time. While I understand Carol by Patricia Highsmith has been highly praised, and I’m sure the film is worth watching, I am seriously struggling to warm to this book. With less than 70 pages left, I will be glad when I finish it. Proper review to come when it’s finished but for now all I will say is I have no idea what Therese sees in Carol.

After my (possibly exam related) breakdown yesterday, I slept like a log until 8am when I woke up and started straight into revision. One of the most useful revision tools I have discovered is the Forest: Stay Focused app. You set a timer on the app and get started on whatever you want to focus on. At the end of the session, if you haven’t been on your phone, a little tree appears on a grid. Seeing how many trees are there at the end of the day can actually be quite motivating! Here’s my week’s trees so far:

Not as good as I would like but at least it’s a start. Who knows, tomorrow could be the day I find the motivation to work all day with no interruptions.

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Another month goes by

And here we are on May 1st. Feels like only a week ago that we welcomed in the new year and here we are starting the 5th month of the year.

Home for the first 2 weeks of April, it’s little surprise that April passed by in a flash. My first 3 days back were spent mixing socialising with revision. We then had our day of summer on the 20th, spent sunbathing and out for dinner and having a very relaxing time. A couple of days later, I saw The Jungle Book in IMAX 3D – definitely recommended. Less than a week later, I sat my first exam of this exam season. Fingers are crossed that I did enough to pass it! The rest of the month was spent on revision and watching TV. 

How did your goals go? Well let’s take a look! Did I read a book? Yes. The Freedom Writer’s Diary. Check out my review on it here! Or if you really don’t have time to, all I will say is read it. Go. Now. What are you still doing here? I’m joking of course. 

Revision and day routine? Sort of. I’ve been able to cover my planned revision each day but I never actually planned my days. However I suppose the main thing to take away from this is I am actually revising! Again, it’ll probably be June before I hear anything about grades and who knows how it’ll work out.

Exercise? No. Irish dancing hasn’t been on and I lack the motivation to get up and go out. What doesn’t help is the revision snacking. I want to eat more because I’m bored. And that may be fine if it was fruit or vegetables or whatever. Except I’m also drinking a lot of sugary drinks. But I’ll fix it. Soon. 

I also didn’t do too badly on the Photo A Day Challenge! Did you enjoy it?
This month is hopefully going to be one to remember. Kelsey arrives a week on Wednesday so we’ll be having an exciting week! Except before she leaves, I have 2 exams to sit. After she leaves, we have a week before we go to Paris! Booked it today. We’re spending 4 days in the city, 2 of which will be spent in Disneyland’s 2 parks – I’ve never been before and I am so so so excited. You have no idea. So to take all this into consideration, I need to think about my goals this month:

  • Read a book. Once again I want to read at least 1. My book to finish this month is Carol by Patricia Highsmith. 
  • Continue to revise. For obvious reasons this is an important one to continue.
  • Make the most of my last month in Glasgow. The likelihood is I will be spending the summer months in Northern Ireland. And for this reason, I need to start looking at jobs.

So there we have it for this month. I’ve spent too much time watching The West Wing recently, however I’m finally onto the last season. It’ll be interesting to see where it all goes this season. The main reason I’m watching is for Josh and Donna. Hopefully this clip doesn’t contain any spoilers but it ripped my heart out and tore it to pieces. These two are my favourite characters. There’s no relationship between them except for the professional relationship introduced in season 1 episode 1.

And to finish on a happier note, here’s a video I’d like to share with you of Sam Smith in concert last year.

Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams, and aspire to follow every opportunity presented to you this month.
Ktkinnes xx

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Today at 1pm, I was watching The West Wing and enjoying a day of no revision. As the countdown above shows, I have 12 days until my next exams so I’m taking today to regroup and will start again tomorrow. 
Short and sweet yesterday and today, sorry. I’ll write for longer sometime soon!
Hope you’re all well
Ktkinnes xx