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Playing catch-up

Many uni students hear of someone playing catch-up and shudder but thankfully I don’t mean it in that sense today!

I’m playing catch-up because, as seems to be normal for me, I forgot to post the last few days’ posts. Not much of a Photo A Day challenge if you forget to post daily! 

The last thing you bought – 22nd

Friday as a good day in the end. I had a horrible day of revision and was beginning to feel rather disappointed in myself when I received an invite to a friend’s flat for dinner. After dinner, we went to see The Jungle Book at the IMAX cinema near us. This is the last thing I bought that day:

It was a great film. Not sure if I loved it because I loved the idea of it or if I genuinely really enjoyed the film. IMAX made it all the better, having never seen a film in IMAX before. Add in the fact it was in 3D and you might understand why I was so happy to sit there and watch.
Vegetable – 23rd

This is a strange one, probably why I missed it on Saturday. I mean, how can you write about a vegetable? So here’s one I liked:

Something you’re grateful for – 24th

Now this I can write about for a while. At this point, I’d like to redirect you to Someone who makes you happy, a post I wrote on the 4th day of this challenge. However, as that’s a bit of a cheat, here’s something I’m grateful for – being alive and able to see this glorious sunset last night.

It doesn’t look like much in the picture but a friend needed an escape for a while yesterday so we drove to Cathkin Braes. We got there just on time to watch the sun set and chatted for a while. Whenever I see something like this, I am reminded of how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Our lives can feel like they’re falling apart, and yet the sun will continue to rise and set, bringing hope for the new day. 
I will write today’s later. For now I need to get back to revision. I swear, I wish these exams were over but at the same time I want to backtrack to January/February – where has the time gone??
Ktkinnes xx

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Well it’s Sunday again already and I’ve been back in Glasgow for less than 48 hours but it feels like forever! Which adds to the fact I’ve no excuse for not continuing the Photo A Day April challenge. But I’m here now and that’s what matters! Isn’t it?
Where you ate breakfast – 11th


I forgot to take a picture of where I ate breakfast when at home so this is our table in the flat. If you look at the table, you’ll see my newly washi-taped candle. We’re currently trying to figure out how to make the flat more homely and I’m not sure if that counts but at the same time it’s all I could think of doing. I’m currently doing the same to an old beer bottle to use it as a vase. Breakfast today was a slice of Veda bread – a malt loaf sold only at home.
Stairs – 12th


I’d planned a better picture of Baron at the top of the stairs but I’m sure you’re aware that animals don’t always do what you want them to do!

Something you found – 13th


This game defines my childhood. Race cars, crash cars, tailgate them, it essentially was a guide on what not to do when actually driving. I found it hiding at the bottom of a drawer when I was at home and can’t wait to get playing it again!
How you feel today – 14th


This is how I felt on Thursday – all I wanted was for it to be Friday! Friday meant Glasgow! And Glasgow meant being back with the flatmates.
Sunset –  15th


Credit to someone on Tripadviser for this photo, however it’s of the sunset over Sol Beach House Ibiza – the hotel we go to when we’re over there. In fact, I’m trying to find a way to go back!
Flower – 16th


Meet my orchid. It’s not the happiest at the minute because I left it in the dark without much water for almost 4 weeks… But hopefully I’ll bring it back to life.