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Productive Monday mornings


It may be only just after 9am, but I feel like today will be a productive one. Awake at 7 this morning, I’ve so far stripped my bed and put a wash on and finally started on revision notes. An hour into the notes and I find myself asking why did I once again leave them so late? Of course this lead to quite a few philosophical thoughts and questions that seriously added to the procrastination…

A lot of us find it hard to get the motivation to do anything. I read an article on the BBC news a few weeks ago stating that we all have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé – questioning why there are some people who can succeed and achieve everything, and then the rest of us who struggle to even attempt our basic tasks for the day. While I can’t pretend to know the answer, I can share with you one or two thoughts on it. Firstly, Beyoncé is one of those people who has a team behind her, helping with everything as she goes along. This may sound like I’m making excuses but honestly if I had someone who could do my hair and makeup for me daily then I certainly wouldn’t be sitting in tea stained pjs with 3-day-old bed head. 

Secondly, she’s being paid to be productive. I know I’m not! I’ll allow arguments here that say if I was working in a job I’d be paid to be productive, or my education will pay off in the long run, however right at this moment in time I’m not making any money for being out of bed at 7.

Thirdly, she’s Beyoncé. Everyone has heard of her, knows who she is and what she stands for. I’m just that girl who talks more than is necessary and people try to avoid when at a party. And I’m 100% okay with that! Means I can put less effort in than others. 

So yes, in my attempt at having a productive morning, I have somehow ended up on WordPress, procrastinating and explaining why this is okay. Having already covered 3 lectures worth of notes, I’m quite happy to procrastinate. Might even have breakfast now… So it’s over to you, what makes a day a successful/productive day for you? Or the opposite, what makes you feel like you’ve had a relaxed or lazy day?
I suppose I should get back to work. These notes won’t write themselves. Have a great day everyone and stay positive! Remember, you don’t have to be as successful as Beyoncé to count as being productive.

Ktkinnes xxx

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That Sunday feeling…

Even though it’s Tuesday…

Last night we went out for a flat dinner and my brilliant flatmates had organised a belated surprise birthday party for when we got back! All our old flatmates came round and a few brought new friends for us to meet and it was brilliant. I hadn’t realised how much I missed everyone!

Yesterday was also quite productive. I had a meeting with my Advisor of Studies and finally got enrolled!!! Doesn’t my timetable look pretty?

Semester 2 is even less busy. However my darling mother still thinks I’m doing astronomy… Any advice on how to tell her I’m not?

I also made a to do list that I can change regularly! My favourite part is the turtle to be honest  

The plan for that is to stick my things to do on with post its and then once the list is complete I can see that I’m done! So as you can see, yesterday’s list was completely cleared.

Mission New Flat =New Beginnings has actually been okay so far. Fruit and water and green tea for breakfast, soup or a sandwich for lunch…. Can’t really say dinner has gone well but it’s not my fault that we went out last night! And although I didn’t get my yoga done, I ended up going for a few walks yesterday so that counts – right? And the solution to those afternoon cravings for crisps or chocolate or something? Coffee. Plain black filter coffee from my delightful coffee machine. However I don’t want to think about the calories consumed through alcohol last night…

Today I have no desire to get out of bed. Fresher’s Fayre is on so I can go sign up for all the clubs and societies I want to join! But it’s also on tomorrow so I might just hide in bed all day today…
How about you, any plans for today? Also, please please please send advice on how to tell my mum! Would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again for reading and following!
Ktkinnes xxx