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Final day of the challenge

Tonight brings an end to the Photo A Day challenge for April. It’s been interesting to try and think about what to post each day (or as close to each day). 

It wouldn’t be complete without me posting yesterday’s picture late though, would it? So here we go:

Back in fresher’s week 2015, back when I thought uni would be simple – ha!, we went to the traffic light party. Green dots for single, red for in a relationship, purple for lgbtq+. Nice and simple. Here we are trying to make a circle with our fists.
Something that makes you sad

A bit of a cheat but 3 years ago today one of my friends showed me this video. It makes me sad that we have to portray life this way for people to understand.

Ktkinnes xx

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Today at 1pm, I was watching The West Wing and enjoying a day of no revision. As the countdown above shows, I have 12 days until my next exams so I’m taking today to regroup and will start again tomorrow. 
Short and sweet yesterday and today, sorry. I’ll write for longer sometime soon!
Hope you’re all well
Ktkinnes xx

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Looking down and black and white

Okay, I admit I am useless. Can never do what I plan on doing. 

Yesterday’s photo a day April was “Looking Down” which left me with a few decisions to make. Here are my choices of looking down photos:

Taken back in 2013, this photo is one I took of looking down off the Empire State Building. When I went on a school trip to New York, Phillidelphia, and Washington D.C. we went to the top of the Empire State Builfing on one of the nights. Now, I’m not great with heights. It’s not the fact that I’m up high, it’s the fear of falling the distance off! So to get this picture was actually quite an achievement for me. I think this is of the road outside Macey’s. While we were up and looking down, someone noticed multiple fire engines pulling up outside the shop, not something we expected to see. 

To another holiday, this was taken on our way to the top of Ibiza Town. During our day on the beach in Santa Eulalia, we noticed a cruise ship that had a helicopter taking off and landing on it. This was the afore mentioned ship – it was “parked” (this isn’t right but I can’t think of the word I mean, sorry) in Ibiza Town.
Black and White

Now for today’s post! Better do it while I remember.

Last year, Mary and I went with a couple of other friends to Edinburgh Zoo. The highlight of my day was the Penguin Parade. Look how close I was to a penguin! They would be my favourite non-pet animal/bird. The nice thing about the Penguin Parade is the Penguins aren’t forced to parade. At the start of the parade, the gates to their enclosure are opened and the Penguins are free to stay if they wish. Considering the main reason I went to the zoo was to see the parade, I was so happy that a few of them decided to be curious. If ever you’re in Scotland and looking for something to do, I would seriously recommend going to the zoo simply to witness this.

A photo I took of the Capitol Building in Washington DC – it was a glorious day outside and I got this picture while we waited for the teachers to catch up with us. With my current addiction to The West Wing, I am very proud of the fact I actually got to go to America.
Ktkinnes xx

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Playing catch-up

Many uni students hear of someone playing catch-up and shudder but thankfully I don’t mean it in that sense today!

I’m playing catch-up because, as seems to be normal for me, I forgot to post the last few days’ posts. Not much of a Photo A Day challenge if you forget to post daily! 

The last thing you bought – 22nd

Friday as a good day in the end. I had a horrible day of revision and was beginning to feel rather disappointed in myself when I received an invite to a friend’s flat for dinner. After dinner, we went to see The Jungle Book at the IMAX cinema near us. This is the last thing I bought that day:

It was a great film. Not sure if I loved it because I loved the idea of it or if I genuinely really enjoyed the film. IMAX made it all the better, having never seen a film in IMAX before. Add in the fact it was in 3D and you might understand why I was so happy to sit there and watch.
Vegetable – 23rd

This is a strange one, probably why I missed it on Saturday. I mean, how can you write about a vegetable? So here’s one I liked:

Something you’re grateful for – 24th

Now this I can write about for a while. At this point, I’d like to redirect you to Someone who makes you happy, a post I wrote on the 4th day of this challenge. However, as that’s a bit of a cheat, here’s something I’m grateful for – being alive and able to see this glorious sunset last night.

It doesn’t look like much in the picture but a friend needed an escape for a while yesterday so we drove to Cathkin Braes. We got there just on time to watch the sun set and chatted for a while. Whenever I see something like this, I am reminded of how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Our lives can feel like they’re falling apart, and yet the sun will continue to rise and set, bringing hope for the new day. 
I will write today’s later. For now I need to get back to revision. I swear, I wish these exams were over but at the same time I want to backtrack to January/February – where has the time gone??
Ktkinnes xx

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As with all students, we always seem to have empty beer and wine bottles rolling around the flat. Whether they’re in their designated bottle recycling bag in the kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom or in the hallway, there are always quite a few.
In our attempt to make the flat more homely, I was trying to think of a way to use these bottles for something useful. In the end, I resorted to wrapping 2 bottles in washi tape and placing a rechargeable bottle light in it to make some lovely unique lamps!

Instead of the bottle lights, you could use fairy lights or something! How would you use these bottles in your house/flat/apartment? 
Ktkinnes xx


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Something I drew…

20th April – almost at the end!

Today was glorious. 19 degrees centigrade, clear blue skies, and no lectures to attend! This of course resulted in me sunbathing and inevitably burning my shoulders as always. I swear I will remember sun cream when we go to Paris next month.


Me enjoying the sun today
Today’s theme (technically yesterday’s theme but shh) is something I drew and so, at this stage in the year, I felt it appropriate to show off one of my doodles from the beginning of the year.  

This little turtle sits in the bottom left hand corner of my To Do list that I made. Every day I write on post it notes anything I want to get done and as I check them off the list, the post it goes in the bin! Simple but effective. I think he’s rather cute, don’t you?


Ktkinnes xx