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Day 2 – The Loves of My Life

Today brings about the loves of my life, and why I want to thank them for being in my life.


So please be prepared for a soppy post! There are so many here so I think I’m going to just list them, sorry if that’s extremely boring or if you feel it’s cheating!

  • Baron, my dog, because he’s always there for me even after I yell at him for always being under my feet
  • Jason for always being there during my ramblings and breakdowns
  • Nuala for teaching me that it’s okay to be me and to ignore anyone who tries to tell me differently
  • Mary for always making me laugh and being there when I need someone to just sit with
  • Lauren, Jade, Lauren, Lily, Emily, Em, Ashley, Em, Chant√©, Melissa, Francesca, Eloise, Becca, Becca, Jodie, Meg, Toni, Ellie, Nusha, Jordanne, Cathy, Summer, Hannah, Sarah, Sonam and Ana (otherwise known as the Girl Power Girls) for all their support and chat and help.
  • Mary¬†for always being there to give support and encouragement just when I need it the most
  • My books, for transporting me out of my world and into another
  • John, for always managing to make me smile
  • And finally, all you lovely readers for taking the time and effort to read or comment on my posts!

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Hope you have a lovely day!
Ktkinnes xxx


P.S. I’ve finally got round to creating a snapchat for my blog so if simply reading my ramblings isn’t enough for you, add me! I’m at lifewktkinnes

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Missing the Pets

Anyone who knows me, or even claims to know me, will be aware of the fact that the main reason I return to Lisburn, regardless of how much I want to escape my family, is to see the animals.


For my 7th birthday,  we got Baron – a golden cocker spaniel puppy. He was energetic, cheeky, and had a mind of his own. Now, aged 14 (or 98 in dog years), Baron constantly sleeps and plods around after us. In fact, he’s currently fast asleep on my feet. He’s the main reason I come home. Who wouldn’t love this little face?

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Back in January, Rachel was adopted by a stray cat. For a week, the then-christened Trevor, was allowed in and out of the house, fed, and looked after by my sister who claims to not like cats. Of course, she tried her best to find out if anyone owned this kitten. Finally, she took ‘Trevor’ to the vet and discovered that he was actually a she and that she was roughly 5 months old. Of course, Rachel insisted on keeping this kitten and Trevor became Maisie – the proud and anti social cat we’ve all grown to love. Actually, her birthday is some time this month!

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Being an animal person, I do find it difficult when in the flat in Glasgow, as our contract clearly states no pets. The highlight of my visits home isn’t the free food or the heating, it’s getting to play with these two again!


Ktkinnes xx

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A promise to me

A few weeks ago I read about a few girls who were buying rings and wearing them as anti-engagement rings: a promise to love yourself. You can find the article here and I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on it.
Now the rings they’ve been buying were a little out of my price range and so I decided to find a ring that I liked and wear it instead. Does that seem childish? 

Following the childhood pattern of pinky promises, this is meant to be like a pinky promise to yourself to put yourself first and love yourself. As the card says, you promise to honour yourself, choose yourself and remember yourself on a daily basis. 

Anyone who’s been reading my blog or following me on Twitter a lot recently may be aware that recently I’ve been going through a down phase where I haven’t felt happy in myself or my life choices. I’m doing things to please others while not necessarily pleasing myself. In fact, even this month one of my goals is to figure out where my head is. And so I decided that this ring would be a visual reminder to myself that not only does love come in all different shapes,sizes and forms, but love starts as something you feel in yourself, something I haven’t done in quite a long time. 

My promise to me ring

I chose the rainbow coloured ring due to its LGBTQ+ associations and for this reason I may not wear it as a ring when at home, but whether it’s on my finger or on a chain around my neck the idea is still the same – I promise to look after my own state of mind. 

Please excuse the unpainted nails

What are your thoughts? Will you consider joining us in our pledge to ourselves? Let me know here or on Twitter or email me at ! 
Hope you’re all well!
Ktkinnes xx