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Day 30 – The Gratitude Challenge

Why are you grateful for this challenge?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s actually over! Today’s the last day of the Gratitude Challenge and what a crazy 30 days it has been. Below are all my links to the previous posts, just in case anyone wants to read them!

I’d like to thank Aurelie for the opportunity to take part in this challenge, it’s really helped me gain some perspective on days when nothing seems like it’s going to plan. I’m grateful for the challenge as it helped me remember all the positive things that are going on in my life and have happened in the past.

I’m also grateful for the boost in my stats this month as a result of the challenge! Maybe next month I’ll be able to post more frequently.

I know this is a short post, and apologies for that, however I am now getting back into the routine of my usual blog postings and so have to head off to prepare for these!

Thank you for taking the time to read through these posts,

Ktkinnes xx

My diary cover for September

Day 1 – My House      Day 2 – The Loves of My Life       Day 3 -My Projects or Work

Day 4 – My Friends        Day 5 – My Family                      Day 6 – My Inspirations

Day 7 – My Funny Moments  Day 8 – Technology         Day 9 -My Books

Day 10 – Nature               Day 11 – Knowledge                    Day 12 – My Routine

Day 13 – The Gift               Day 14 – My Dreams                  Day 15 – The Trip

Day 16 – The Song             Day 17 – Childhood                  Day 18 – Food

Day 19 – Hobby                   Day 20 – Emotions                   Day 21 – Era

Day 22 – Challenges         Day 23 – Achievements           Day 24 – Seasons

Day 25 – Memories           Day 26 – Hidden Talent             Day 27 – My Past

Day 28 – Life Lessons      Day 29 – My Body

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Day 2 – The Loves of My Life

Today brings about the loves of my life, and why I want to thank them for being in my life.


So please be prepared for a soppy post! There are so many here so I think I’m going to just list them, sorry if that’s extremely boring or if you feel it’s cheating!

  • Baron, my dog, because he’s always there for me even after I yell at him for always being under my feet
  • Jason for always being there during my ramblings and breakdowns
  • Nuala for teaching me that it’s okay to be me and to ignore anyone who tries to tell me differently
  • Mary for always making me laugh and being there when I need someone to just sit with
  • Lauren, Jade, Lauren, Lily, Emily, Em, Ashley, Em, Chanté, Melissa, Francesca, Eloise, Becca, Becca, Jodie, Meg, Toni, Ellie, Nusha, Jordanne, Cathy, Summer, Hannah, Sarah, Sonam and Ana (otherwise known as the Girl Power Girls) for all their support and chat and help.
  • Mary for always being there to give support and encouragement just when I need it the most
  • My books, for transporting me out of my world and into another
  • John, for always managing to make me smile
  • And finally, all you lovely readers for taking the time and effort to read or comment on my posts!

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Hope you have a lovely day!
Ktkinnes xxx


P.S. I’ve finally got round to creating a snapchat for my blog so if simply reading my ramblings isn’t enough for you, add me! I’m at lifewktkinnes

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Day 1 – My House

So day 1 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge has begun! Are you taking part? Leave your link below for me if you are! Remember, these posts are about gratitude and positivity so I’m doing my best to leave any negativity out of them.

Today’s theme is my house, with the sub heading of Why I Feel Good At Home. Now before I begin, let me explain that for this post I will actually split it in two as I have both my parent’s house and my student flat and I consider both of them as home.



I feel good at home in Lisburn because I have my gorgeous pets, Baron and Maisie, with me practically all the time.

I have a comfortable bed (now), heating, carpet, and free food. I can walk into town if I really wanted, or I can get a bus from a bus stop only a 3 minute walk away. There’s someone to help with the dishes and the cleaning, we can spend time as a family, and so much more!



My amazing flat mates.


A place where I can relax and be myself. No one judges me for still being in my pyjamas at 6 in the evening. I can cook what I want, when I want. I’m so close to all my friends from university. My double bed is blissful, there are so many shops nearby, I can order takeaway at any stage and not be given a strange look, and we’re so close to the subway for getting in to the city centre. I can blog at any time of day or night without being asked ‘Why are you still staring at a blank word document?’, and they accept that this is what makes me happy. I feel at peace in Glasgow, compared to Lisburn. Is it time to move back to Glasgow yet??



How about you, why do you feel good at home?


Ktkinnes xx



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My Upcoming Challenge

Yay – this blogging routine seems to actually be working so far! Promptly touches wood and makes sure no one heard me say that…

I wanted to give you a bit of a heads up to my blogging plan for September and also invite you to join me! As a member of Blog BFFs on Facebook, I heard a few other bloggers discussing Aurélie’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge for September. Deciding not to be one to be left out, I asked if there was an opportunity to get involved and was sent 30bbdaysofgratitude – a PDF detailing the challenge.


The idea of us partaking in this challenge is to spread some positivity and gratitude since summer is over and everyone generally feels September is a bit of a dud. I personally don’t, I mean you’ve got the excitement of back to school/university and seeing all your friends again, along with my birthday and the fun of being that one step closer to Christmas! But then again, I can understand that we are meant to lose the sun (if it ever came out here…). There are 3 ways to take part, these are listed in the PDF above, and you can use as many of them as you wish – I will be blogging them each day.


The topics/themes are listed on the last page, so you can schedule them in advance or do them daily, again the choice is yours!


Remember to call back here daily in September to see how I’m getting on with the challenge, and also take a look at Aurélie’s blog for more information or to ask her for your own sign up pack!


Hopefully you’ll take part! If you do decide to take part then leave me your links below! I’d love to see your posts.


Ktkinnes xx

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Thank you

Today I wanted to write a different kind of post. One that thanks someone who has really supported me recently, especially with these resits and everything else that’s been going through my mind. 1 Week Mary, I can’t actually thank you enough.
Thank you. Between your comments, advice and tweets, you’ve kept me going through the last lot of days. You somehow seem to know exactly what to say and when, and always manage to get me to smile – regardless of how my day’s going. You’re incredible at writing posts, too. They’re written so well and it’s clear that you’re interested in each one you write. With the perfect balance of humour, your posts provide a great place to come and read for a while, to forget any negativity, and restart my efforts with a new-found energy. I don’t know how you do it! 

Your positivity shines through all your words, whether on Twitter or on your blog, and helps lift those of us who have the pleasure of talking with you. Even just these little conversations during BeeChat inspired me to keep going! 

So, to finish off, thank you for all your support and for inspiring me to keep going. Keep up your amazing work!
Ktkinnes xx
If you don’t already, please consider giving a read and/or follow! It’ll honestly be one of the best decisions you make today.