Want To Win An Amazing £200 Amazon Voucher?

Want To Win An Amazing £200 Amazon Voucher? Life With Ktkinnes

March is here, and life has been busy. In fact, I’m literally only home a couple of hours ago from a couple of night’s at my cousin’s house in Fermanagh, and remembered this post was meant to go live before I left the house! Sorry… But. Do you wanna win a £200 Amazon Voucher? Here’s how you can do it!

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Returning with a giveaway!

person holding black ceramic teapot

Sometimes a break from blogging is needed. I’ve talked about that often. And the return is always slow. Tentative. Almost like a cautious “can I still do this?”. But once you get past that blinking cursor, something clicks and the words begin to flow. So, to mark my return to blogging, and to celebrate a full 7 years of Life With Ktkinnes, I’m here with a little giveaway!

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