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    My Christmas Day

    Hello everyone! How have you been? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Was Santa good to you all? Unfortunately we’ve finished the Christmas Song Countdown! Will you miss them?

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    The Big Day

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! The big day is finally here! I have now been up for 2 hours already and am so excited to get through the rest of the day. Anyone who’s been lucky enough to get an advent calendar that gives you a chocolate, or whatever type of advent you’ve been getting, today – I am very jealous. Today is the last in our song countdown and well done to any of you who managed to correctly guess what the UK voted as our favourite Christmas song of all time.

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    Last minute shopping

    Every year. Every year Dad manages to leave buying┬ásomething until Christmas Eve and so there’s a mission task sent out to Rachel and me for the day. As if it isn’t hard enough trying to get everything else sorted, staying calm enough to attempt shopping on the one day shops should be empty is not one of my skill sets.

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    My Christmas Card Swap

    Hello again everyone! With only 3 more sleeps until the big day, I have to ask you – should I continue daily blogging into the new year, or should I stop on Sunday? Let me know!

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    Okay okay okay, we are officially nearing the end of blogmas 2016, and yet here I find myself considering continuing through until the end of the month. Am I wise??

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    This Time Next Year Tag

    The days are passing quicker and quicker. I swear there aren’t 24 hours in every single day. At least, they aren’t being overly helpful – so much to do, so little time!

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    Whatcha Listening To?

    EEEEK!!! We’re into the last few days and I am beginning to really stress! Today, I’m going into town in the hope of seeing something somewhere to buy for Rachel’s final part of her Christmas present. Mum’s officially off for Christmas, and I think she had a good day on Saturday celebrating her birthday. Don’t think my liver will recover on time for this weekend though!   For once, I’m actually getting to listen to Christmas music on the TV while writing this post. It’s quite rare that I can have a TV show on while blogging, so the novelty is making me feel even more festive! While today’s post…

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    Those Last Few

    Those last few Christmas presents still to get, but no idea what to buy? I think we all have these types of people! It becomes harder and harder to think as time comes flashing forward, and I’ve just been told I can’t give Rachel pjs as she’s already getting 4 pairs! But before I share my ideas with you for last minute presents, what’s today’s song?

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    Family Decorations

    Does it scare you that we’re currently 9 sleeps away from Christmas Day? I’m so excited and yet scared at the same time! What am I meant to do with myself when Christmas is over? I never think about that until it’s too late. Almost makes me lose my Christmas spirit before we’ve even reached the top of it.