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Some Like It Hot

Back at GCSE level, we watched Some Like It hot as part of our English Language course. From this, we were tasked with writing a review in less than 500 words. Now, as we were watching this film in a noisy classroom on a not-great-quality tv, I feel like it’s time I try rewatching Some Like It Hot. However, before I do this, I wanted to reread my review and so I thought why not share it with all of you?  Please remember, it was written to be marked as coursework and so the language isn’t anything like how I would be reviewing a film normally.

The classic performances by Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe are what make Some Like It Hot (1959) the farcical, witty comedy it is. One of the nation’s top ten favourite comedies since it was first released; Billy Wilder’s partial remake of “Fanfare of Love” effortlessly combines cross-dressing and gangsters to create a near-perfect exhibition of the comic arts during the Golden Age of Hollywood. This hysterical comedy from Wilder finds Curtis and Lemmon masquerading as women in order to elude irate Chicago mobsters while befriending a beautiful singer (Monroe).


The naturally flirtatious and vivacious Marilyn Monroe portrays the naïve and ditzy Sugar Kane with such ease as many confuse the actress with the character. Her interaction with the two male leads shows Monroe’s melancholic runaway as a woman looking for love in a world which seems to forget about her. Sugar’s “quick to form” friendship with Daphne (which later forms into a sisterly relationship) is portrayed in the dialogue; “That’s the story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop”, Sugar relying on Daphne for support when talking of her love of Junior.

This flawlessly scripted screwball comedy is filled with one-liners and is overflowing with innuendoes and risqué humour. It is carried well by the straight character that is Sugar and gives Curtis and Lemmon their cues with style and sophistication.

Monroe’s first scene is accentuated with the ribald jazz music as she stalks along the train platform Jerry (Lemmon) describes Sugar’s unique qualities, shy, flirtatious and alluring, by stating, “Who are we kidding?  Look at that – look how she moves – it’s like jello on springs – they must have some sort of a built-in motor. I tell you it’s a whole different sex.”



The film is full of hilarious set pieces and movie in-jokes, Some Like It Hot has not tarnished with time and, in fact, seems to get better with each passing year, as its cross-dressing humour keeps it fresh for new generations of viewers. The credible friendship between Sugar, Daphne and Josephine, hilarious dialogue and expert attention to detail enables the audience to be transported as if they were guests into the hotel in Florida.

Wilder and his producer I.A.L Diamond have constructed a flawless piece of movie-making as well as mirth-inducing cinema. The puns, double entendres and wildly manic pace, set pieces and gags allow the entire cast to “go for broke” in the unadulterated slapstick!


What’s the funniest scene? Well, in my opinion, it is a very personal question and will differ from one person to the next or even generation to generation! I personally think “Can-we-get-anymore-people-into-this-upper-train-berth?” is a comic gem!

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Looking down and black and white

Okay, I admit I am useless. Can never do what I plan on doing. 

Yesterday’s photo a day April was “Looking Down” which left me with a few decisions to make. Here are my choices of looking down photos:

Taken back in 2013, this photo is one I took of looking down off the Empire State Building. When I went on a school trip to New York, Phillidelphia, and Washington D.C. we went to the top of the Empire State Builfing on one of the nights. Now, I’m not great with heights. It’s not the fact that I’m up high, it’s the fear of falling the distance off! So to get this picture was actually quite an achievement for me. I think this is of the road outside Macey’s. While we were up and looking down, someone noticed multiple fire engines pulling up outside the shop, not something we expected to see. 

To another holiday, this was taken on our way to the top of Ibiza Town. During our day on the beach in Santa Eulalia, we noticed a cruise ship that had a helicopter taking off and landing on it. This was the afore mentioned ship – it was “parked” (this isn’t right but I can’t think of the word I mean, sorry) in Ibiza Town.
Black and White

Now for today’s post! Better do it while I remember.

Last year, Mary and I went with a couple of other friends to Edinburgh Zoo. The highlight of my day was the Penguin Parade. Look how close I was to a penguin! They would be my favourite non-pet animal/bird. The nice thing about the Penguin Parade is the Penguins aren’t forced to parade. At the start of the parade, the gates to their enclosure are opened and the Penguins are free to stay if they wish. Considering the main reason I went to the zoo was to see the parade, I was so happy that a few of them decided to be curious. If ever you’re in Scotland and looking for something to do, I would seriously recommend going to the zoo simply to witness this.

A photo I took of the Capitol Building in Washington DC – it was a glorious day outside and I got this picture while we waited for the teachers to catch up with us. With my current addiction to The West Wing, I am very proud of the fact I actually got to go to America.
Ktkinnes xx