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Sporty Sunday

Hello one and all, once again it’s Sunday and I’ve actually been doing things this week! I’ve a few blog post ideas today so please be patient and I’ll be posting them throughout the day. Maybe I’ll be back to my normal blogging routine soon…

To start with, we have the usual Sunday Summary of the week. Monday, which was also Baron’s birthday, involved a trip into town and the start of Operation Rachel 18th Birthday. Dad and I had a visit from Granny B and my Aunt and we spent almost 2 hours trying to fix problems they had with their e-tickets for an upcoming trip to England. Somehow,  my uncle had spelt the names wrong on the tickets and had forgotten to add luggage and special assistance that was required and so that took up the majority of our morning. When we finally finished that, Dad and I took a drive into Lisburn City Centre. I left him to do his own thing while I bought a candle for my cousin and a few bits and pieces for my bedroom. I’m hoping when I get back from Glasgow to make my room more ‘me’ and a few other things I have in mind but more about that later. We then spent the rest of the day around the house, me revising and Dad cleaning and gardening. That night we got a phone call from a rather homesick Rachel. We’d been keeping up to date with the Habitat team in Romania through the blog the teachers had set up, which can be found here for anyone who’s interested, and so knew some of what they’d been doing but of course you can never be fully prepared for some of the poverty seen and so Rachel was quite upset. Finally, we watched Brief Encounters on ITV at 9pm. It was a great first episode and I really can’t recommend it enough! It’s light and different and definitely worth watching.

Tuesday brought about a morning for going through my summer holiday clothes and deciding what I was taking in case it needed washed. That took up the majority of my morning somehow and so in the afternoon I did some revision before ironing clothes and heading to a barbeque at my granny’s fold. It was a pleasant night and I had a few good chats with some of the other people living there. Overall, Tuesday was a dull day.

Wednesday, I headed to Kesh for a couple of nights at my cousin’s. With everything that’s been going on here recently, I was dying to escape the house and the people in it and so, as getting to Kesh is cheaper than Glasgow, I chose to visit my family. I got down to Omagh around lunchtime and spent a couple of hours shopping with my cousin before going on to her house in Kesh. We had lunch before organising her back room into a spare room, something she’d been trying to do for a while now but needed help to move the furniture. That night we got a chinese and chatted while watching Pretty Little Liars – I love it! I’ll have to watch it before Ibiza next week….

Thursday morning, we went to Castle Archdale in Fermanagh to walk the dogs and get some fresh air. My uncle came down to see us and of course he and my cousin argued the whole way around so it wasn’t exactly fun. However we then went out for lunch and then onto his friend’s house where we chatted together for a while and actually managed to have everyone being pleasant for a while. That night, we watched more Pretty Little Liars and moved some more furniture around before attempting to have an early night.

On Friday, I came home again and went to visit Granny H to help her with her new phone and some other technology problems she’s been having. We finished the night by watching tennis and having a barbeque in the garden.

Yesterday, we went to St George’s Market – an indoor market in Belfast City Centre. It was good fun to have a look around the stalls while listening to a traditional Irish band, but it was nothing compared to the markets you get abroad – another reason to be excited for our holiday! We did a bit of shopping around the city centre before having lunch out, and then came home where we watched yet more tennis.


Today is the final day of Wimbledon and so I’m about to go watch TV – hopefully see Andy Murray win! I’d better actually get going now as they’re about to start the game. Enjoy your Sunday and I’ll hopefully get talking later!



Ktkinnes xxx

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Looking back

Once again, another month is over. Today I’m travelling back to the oh so delightful land of Northern Ireland where the only exciting thing will be seeing the animals again (Baron and Maisie).

Baron looking pensive

Maisie holding my finger
I cannot wait to see these two fluff balls again tonight! Travel is always boring and so today I have made sure to have my dvd player and a few dvds handy to watch – The Lady in the Van, and season 1 of Scandal. Mary keeps recommending Scandal so I thought I should give it a go, plus this way I can get Mum to watch it with me since it’s a dvd and she can keep it if I finish it!

 Just thought, the last 2 summers have been spent watching 24 but now that we’ve finished it I have no idea what we can watch as a family… Will have to think about that and find something different that everyone will enjoy!

The main reason I’m posting now is to give you a chance to look back at the goals for May before tomorrow’s post includes new goals for June! This can be found here – Another month goes by. Still can’t believe we’re actually so close to half way through the year. Soon it’ll be my 21st birthday then Rachel’s 18th! Still thinking of her birthday present… Is a holiday away together a bad idea?


Speak soon! I’ll let you know what I think of my new dvds when I get them watched.


Ktkinnes xx

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Paris Part 2

Hello again! So if you haven’t already seen it, Day 1 of our flat trip to Paris went up a few hours ago and can be found here! I’d definitely recommend reading it before reading this post, even just to have everything make sense. Anyway, on with part 2!



My alarm went off at 8:15 and it was hard to conceal my excitement – today was the day I was finally getting to Disneyland! It’s probably wrong of me to still be bitter about it but when I was 7 years old, my parents promised to take us to Disneyland when I was 10, three years to wait and save up my pocket money (£1 a week seemed so much money back then!). I turned 10 and the year came but we didn’t go to Disneyland. So here we are, nearly 11 years later – I’ve finally been! But yes, this is me getting sidetracked. Back to the actual information.

Breakfast in the hotel was decent, nothing compared to Ibiza but to be honest I don’t think anywhere will compare anymore. Everything was mini – mini toast, mini sausages, mini bacon, mini pain au chocolat, I think you get my point. We ate as much as we physically could before gathering our bags and tickets, and waiting for the bus into the magical promised land.

There are so many pictures I haven’t included but I didn’t want to bore you all.

The first thing we tried was the haunted house, it actually wasn’t too bad! When we got inside, we were directed into a room and made to stand as close to the centre as possible while the voice over (in French) told us the story of the mansion. Thankfully I didn’t understand a word of it otherwise I would’ve been more freaked out than I was. Next, we went on the Indiana Jones roller coaster. I kept my eyes shut the whole time as heights really are not my thing, but it was exciting and I actually really enjoyed it! Next was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a nice calm water ride that was very pleasant. I can’t actually remember what we did next but there wasn’t a minute of boredom! For lunch, we went back to Frontier land, as Nuala had spotted somewhere that was more likely to have gluten free food that wasn’t just a salad. She was presented with 5 menus and the rest of us picked just whatever from the main menu. It was so good and actually quite cheap! Everyone had said to expect it to be expensive but less than 10 euros for lunch was pretty acceptable when we saw the portion sizes. After lunch, we did a bit of browsing through the shops to let our food go down before going back on the rides. After the others had a few more turns on whatever the Space based roller coaster is called, while I sunbathed, we started to walk back towards the Indiana Jones ride, hoping to go on it again. On our way though, there were a lot of people standing watching something – the Magic Parade! I honestly felt my heart swell as I stood and watched all my favourite Disney characters come past, singing and dancing and being just generally wonderful. You can watch my snapchat story of it here hopefully. If it doesn’t work, you may have to send me a quick friend request!

Afterwards, I was so happy I could’ve burst. Emotion overload! Another few rides before we started shopping and my bank account took a bit of a hit but it was definitely worth it. We headed back to the hotel and just ate in the bar. Mary and I took a walk after dinner before bed and we all fell asleep so quickly!



We headed back to the park, this time planning on seeing the Walt Disney Studios. I was less excited on Thursday, and I’m not really sue why. It was a great park! There were fewer rides but I think this park is slightly more aimed towards adults. We went on the Tower of Terror and I swear I will never go anywhere near that thing again. The number of sobbing people getting off the ride should’ve been enough of a warning!

As you can see, I didn’t take as many pictures on Thursday. The only downside was the park closed at 6pm and so we got back to the hotel earlier than the day before. We got organised for dinner and went back to the bar. That night though, we didn’t go straight to bed. Mary, Jason and I put our shoes back on, regardless of how sore our feet were, and went back to the park for the show of Disney Dreams. I didn’t video it or take any pictures of the actual show as I just wanted to live in the moment instead of trying to capture it. I don’t think my phone would’ve done it justice anyway. If you really want to see it, search on youtube for Disney Dreams May 2016. They change it every now and again. By the end of the show, I was beyond words and ready to cry tears of happiness. Jason actually did a happy dance and was more excited than I was!

Friday was just spent travelling and sleeping, my feet were aching! To be honest, I think they’re only really recovering today.


I hope you enjoyed my recollection of the brief holiday. Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What did you think of it?


I’m considering scrapping the plans for Rachel’s birthday present and booking us a weekend in Disneyland so she can experience the magic. What do you think?


But for now, I had better go shower and start packing for going home! 48 hours until I board a bus to leave Glasgow for at least 2 months. I’m going to miss the peacefulness of the flat…


Ktkinnes xx

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TFI Friday

Hello lovely friends! Another week has come to a close and once again I find myself on WordPress to keep you all informed on the exciting ins and outs of my life.


This week I decided to rearrange my bedroom and so I can now actually do more than one thing at a time in my room if I wanted to. We continued to learn new steps to new dances in Irish Dancing and for the first time ever I didn’t have sore legs come Wednesday morning. Wednesday’s presentation went well I feel but we’ll find out about that on Wednesday this week. This was followed by the last practical lab of the semester (thank goodness…) and I feel it wasn’t a complete disaster. However I now need to have a presentation prepared for Wednesday afternoon on some telescope I wrote a paper on months ago. Still don’t actually know anything about it. Afterwards, was a quick dash home to change top and shoes to meet Iona for dinner at the taco place at the bottom of the street before we went to GULGBTQ+’s Women’s Week event. It was a great night and resulted in Jason bringing back his current flame – surprise surprise. Although we like Daniel so this is fine. I’ll tell you about him another time.

Thursday and today have been purely essay writing and getting some work done as we approach the end of the semester – better late than never, right? Except I’ve now been distracted by the thoughts of Rachel’s upcoming 18th birthday. When I say upcoming, it’s not until September bus this is a big year for birthdays and so I want to be ahead of the game. I’ve decided to go for the stereotypical present of 18 gifts but I’m stuck on the last few ideas. At least I’ve a while to think them up, however any suggestions would be appreciated! So fat the ideas are:

  1. scrapbook of pictures and memories – I’ll write messages and add all the pictures I can find since she’s always complained her baby book was never filled in.
  2. Jar of notes for “When you…” – I got this idea from a friend’s valentine’s day present years ago. Rachel did something similar for her boyfriend but it was a Dates Jar with ideas of what to do on dates. So mine will be little notes of encouragement, memories, tips and advice.
  3. A book of some sort. Whether this is an age specific one or what I have no idea but since she’s living at home for yet another year I don’t really want to get her a survival book. Someone somewhere suggested ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ so I’m going to look into that!
  4. her favourite chocolates – after eights or creme eggs
  5. hangover kit – she can now legally drink! So of course this means she’ll actually experience a hangover now.
  6. perfume
  7. CD with 18 songs on it – songs either that she loves or have some relevance to the two of us.
  8. some sort of jewellery – my typical present. Not sure what we’re going for this year.
  9. Alcohol. Another stereotypical present for an 18 year old in the UK.
  10. ‘Smuggle your booze’ hairbrush – its a hipflask disguised as a hairbrush! What’s not to love?
  11. Onesie of some sort.
  12. Places I’ve Been map
  13. tickets for either a holiday, a concert, rugby membership for the year or something. This will be the main present and so I don’t want to spend a fortune on the rest of the presents but we’ll see how it goes.


This is all I’ve got so far so I’m sure you can tell I need another 5 ideas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you get up to! I’ll be sitting thinking up ideas instead of working and wishing certain people weren’t in Edinburgh.




Speak soon!

Ktkinnes xxx


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