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I write to you this morning from the comfort of my bed. Last night had that blissful sleep that only comes with fresh sheets and the most exciting part was it was brand new bedding too! Curling up under the duvet and smelling that new bedding smell was great. Now I’m just disappointed that the experience is gone for another while. But don’t you just love Sundays?

I seem to have worked my way into a semi routine and for now it’s working. Monday afternoons and Tuesday afternoons are focused on writing up the lecture notes from those two days as they are the busiest lecture days. Monday nights I will either be at Come Dine With Me society or the Wine society after my session of Box fit at the gym. Tuesday night’s I sit and wait for Mary to come home from football so we can catch up on Castle together (if you don’t watch it, you should). Wednesdays are hectic. I’ve to try and condense a normally 20 minute walk into a maximum 10 minutes to get from my seminar to my next lecture. This is then followed by an hour long break and then a lab. Wednesday night’s are now filled with writing up at least one lecture and finishing my lab book if I didn’t get it finished in the class. This all has to be done before heading to the LGBTQ+ meeting that night. Might have to skip working on Wednesdays! Thursday and Friday are more relaxed. Only 2 lectures and a 2 hour gap between them. These are the days I’m more likely to skip a lecture as it is so tempting to stay home and sleep. In the gap, I write up the first lecture and after lunch I write up the second. The rest of both afternoons are spent either finishing up notes or work that I didn’t get done on the other days or doing one of my maths homeworks. This is when the fun begins!

Saturday morning I’m up bright and early for another go at box fit. Home for a shower and a catch up with my parents while I put on the washing, followed by lunch and then homeworks for Monday. After dinner on a Saturday I’m free to do whatever and tend to go visit people in their flats. Sundays are cleaning days. We have a cleaning rota in the flat so I try and get my share of it done on a Sunday morning and, while I’m in the mood, I clean and tidy my room. Sundays are then a day for catching up on everything – tv, reading, blogging and sleeping. We all do a group shop for the upcoming week’s food and we try to socialise more on a Sunday. It’s currently working well! Only problem is so far I don’t want to get out of bed…

Next weekend I am going to Dundee to visit family, haven’t seen them since about Easter! And it’s not long now until Rachel comes to visit. Hopefully I will have the place organised before she comes round!

Anyway, I’d better go and actually start the day… Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning to make you dread Monday!
Thanks for reading!

Ktkinnes xxx

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