Sunday Summary Week 19 of 2019

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Hi hi hi everyone, and happy Sunday! Don’t you just love that relaxing feeling on a Sunday? Well, until around 5pm when you realise you have work the next day and then you feel like you’ve wasted the weekend… but never fear! Some of us have an extra day off this weekend, and I for one can’t wait.

I don’t actually remember the last time I wrote a Sunday Summary post… they used to be a regular feature – a chance to look back on the week and reflect.  To be honest, I’ve been doing it in my bullet journal now for so long that I kind of forgot to post it on my blog.  But it’s making a comeback for today, and we’ll see how we feel about reviving it long term.


Taking the chance to look back at the last week, maybe we should start with last Sunday?


With Rachel at home, and having had a late night on the Saturday, we were all happy to have a quiet day in.  Rachel was revising, I was working on my assignment, and started to plan easing myself back in to blogging, Dad did some gardening and who knows what, while Mum prepared dinner for the next couple of nights and read the paper.  What a lovely way to spend the day! Because the next time Rachel will be properly back is August, we were going to have a roast dinner as one of her so-called last suppers.  I don’t know why, but there’s something comforting about a Sunday Roast, even if it is meant to be getting warmer for the spring/summer months. After dinner, we just watched the usual TV, and then sat and watched the penultimate episode for this series of Line of Duty.  I can’t wait for next week! Don’t worry though, I hate spoilers, so you won’t find any here unless I give multiple warnings. Rachel and I strongly considered sitting up to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones at 2am, but the thoughts of work on Monday morning made me decide to just sleep.



Well, Monday was pretty typical – up and out for work.  It was a good but busy day, and when I got home I just wanted to sleep.  Monday night TV is always Coronation Street, then Only Connect, before more Corrie, then whatever’s on at 9. This week was the final of Only Connect, and to be honest I wasn’t as into it this year as last year.  Last year I really wanted one specific team to win, but this year I didn’t really care which of them won. But I do love watching Only Connect.  Rather than starting into a new series just before Rachel heads off, we decided to watch Victoria and be up to date.



Tuesday was another day of the same old boring stuff with work.  Not that work’s boring, but you probably don’t want to know the ins and outs of what we were doing, so I won’t bore you with it. The interesting event of the week happened as I drove home from work.  I was hungry and thirsty, and lifted a humbug from the glove compartment before leaving the work carpark. Driving up the road, I hit a pothole, the mint hit a tooth, and as such I had my experience of my tooth just breaking in half during my journey home.  An emergency dentist appointment was made for Wednesday morning, and we’ll cover more of that next. Rachel was representing the Midwifery course from Edinburgh Napier at an event in Belfast, so I took the opportunity to do some computer work for her before picking her up from the hotel it was taking place in.  For her last night at home, we just chatted over the end of whatever Mum and Dad were watching at the time.



Wednesday morning I said goodbye to Rachel before I headed off to work – her flight was around lunch time, so there was no way I was going to see her again before she went.  Well, I say I headed off to work – instead I headed to the dentist for an emergency appointment about my tooth. Long story short, and without going into a lot of detail, we had previously been seeing an NHS dentist in Lisburn who had given me a filling in the now broken tooth back in 2016.  Turns out, at that time, I actually needed a root canal done, not a filling. As such, the pothole and mint combination was actually a good thing, and so 45 minutes later, I left this new dentist knowing there’s a bit of work to be done – the first thing is going to be the root canal and replacement of the tooth that’s now broken! He was talking to me about how fillings were put in teeth that never needed them in the first place, this tooth should’ve been dealt with a lot sooner, and a couple of other small issues that should be easily sorted once the initial work is done next week.  Needless to say, I wasn’t really in the mood for work after that appointment, but the day passed quickly enough, and at home we just enjoyed the last of the sun before some catch up tv and bed.



Now normally after work on a Thursday I go to Weight Watchers (or WW as it’s now called) but this week there were council elections in our area so there was no class.  I was told to go home early from work (half day rotas and a lot of stuff I won’t go into now) so we walked around to our local voting station.  The afternoon passed quickly enough, and Thursday night I finally got Mum and Dad to watch some more Designated Survivor – it’s amazing what you forget in 3 years!


Friday came around and boy was I happy to see it! This week was my last full working week again until possibly the 2nd week of June, so I’m not going to lie – I was feeling good when I walked out the door at 4 o’clock. Well, it was earlier than 4… the bosses were away and it had been a really quiet day, so when I got home I asked could we go shopping. So we’re now sorted for toiletries for holiday, and then we went for a drink and a cheap and cheerful meal out.



And now yesterday, I woke up in a cleaning mood, so scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom. After an early lunch, we headed into Belfast to get a few things I either forgot about on Friday or just couldn’t get, but it was nice to be around town even if it was chilly.


So that’s you fully up to date! We don’t have any real plans for today. I might see what I’m taking on holiday and put some of it in the wash, and then either work on my assignment or do some online shopping.  It may seem daft, but this holiday has snuck up on me and there’s so much to do before I go!


What’ve you been up to this week? Anything fun and exciting? Let me know below, or let me know if you’d like the Sunday Summaries to come back again.  I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you enjoy reading or not, but any feedback is welcome!

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