Sunday Blues

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Unfortunately, this post marks the end of the weekend. I think it’s safe to say that Sober October is over for me. And the Sunday Blues have officially hit. This post contains affiliate links.

Between the Wine Society and LGBTQ and then a weekend with family, I think I need to take my liver out, wring it out and put it back in again. Friday saw me playing Risk [AFF] against my cousins and completely annihilating them all. Dinner came and then we basically sat talking the rest of the night. TFI Friday started up again so we watched it too. It was pretty good. Yesterday, my aunt and I went shopping. I don’t even feel guilty for spending £180 on clothes.

I have started my Christmas shopping and am trying to figure out what to buy everyone. Any suggestions for 3 different women aged 49, 74 and 84? I can’t think of anything different. There are the obvious bath things or sweets or pjs but I just wanted to do something different. Although, right now, I don’t particularly feel like buying Mum anything for birthday or Christmas. After a rather embarrassing rugby match between Ireland and Argentina, Mary, Nuala and I got pizza so I didn’t phone then. We then chose to eat and talk instead of watching the Scotland match but I kept track of the score. Five minutes after the match ended, Mum phoned and started complaining that recently she’s always the one to phone me. I think she may have forgotten that I called on Wednesday and Thursday? After speaking to them on Tuesday as well? Oh and I phoned from my Aunt’s house phone yesterday. So of course it’s only been her calling recently… But it ended with her getting more and more annoyed and telling me that she shouldn’t have bothered phoning and she might as well hang up. To which I replied “Fine, hang up if you want to, doesn’t bother me”. She actually did hang up then. That ruined what had been a really good day and a brilliant weekend. I had been ready to talk to her properly and chat about everything but she came on the phone in a bad mood and showed no sign of wanting that to change so I am now past the point of even caring if I speak to her or not. But that in a nutshell is why she is not currently getting any christmas presents or birthday presents.

Dreading classes tomorrow. With my multiple hangovers last week, I skipped a lot of lectures and don’t expect to follow what is going on in the classes. What doesn’t help is I just haven’t done any of the tutorial questions for tomorrow morning’s 9am tutorial. I might just ‘forget’ it and do some online shopping. So far for Christmas we have a tablecloth, napkins and a wreath. Only reason I am going to physics tomorrow is I need to see one of the guys who was at LGBTQ on Wednesday and ask him if he enjoyed Polo.

Well I am going to go and waste more money!


Ktkinnes xxx

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