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Stocking Filler Ideas

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Thursday has rolled around, and we’re now 20% of the way through to Christmas! And with that in mind, and the weekend fast approaching, I thought there wouldn’t be a better time than to share some stocking filler ideas with you all.

We all know how it is – you have that one present you’ve decided to buy for a loved one, or maybe you’ve been given someone for Secret Santa that you aren’t fully sure what to buy them.  Lifting our phones or tablets, or checking the laptop, we have a quick search online for “stocking filler ideas” and we’re greeted by numerous pages of them – success! You click the first link, and they’re either super expensive, not going to be there on time for the big day, or it’s all the little things that no one really wants to receive on Christmas day.

 Stocking Filler Ideas Life With Ktkinnes

That’s why I decided to write a list of all the stocking filler ideas I can come up with – you might just find something that you never would’ve thought of before!


  1. Herbal or Speciality Teas
  2. Tea Caddy
  3. Tea Infusers
  4. Teapot
  5. Coffee
  6. Cafetiere
  7. Coffee Bean Grinder
  8. Chocolates
  9. Miniature Alcohols
  10. Hand Creams
  11. Bath Bombs
  12. Bubble Bath
  13. Bath Salts
  14. Body Scrubs
  15. Books
  16. Socks
  17. Key Ring Torches
  18. Card games or decks of cards
  19. Candles
  20. Diffusers
  21. Room Sprays
  22. Scarf
  23. Gloves
  24. Hats
  25. Face Masks
  26. Face Creams
  27. Makeup items
  28. Nailpolishes
  29. Manicure kits
  30. Spices
  31. Cooking Oils
  32. Pestle and Mortar
  33. Herb Growing Sets
  34. Christmas foods (think even homemade if you have time!)
  35. Notebooks
  36. Pens
  37. Calendars
  38. Phone case
  39. Headphones for travel
  40. Vouchers
  41. Pot Pourri
  42. Mug
  43. Hot Chocolate
  44. Sweets
  45. Jams
  46. Chutneys
  47. Photo Frames (can prints if you have them!)
  48. Potted Plant
  49. Fake Flowers
  50. Bookmark
  51. Gardening tools
  52. Gardening gloves
  53. Mug Cake Kit
  54. Mini recipe book
  55. Tote bags or shoppers
  56. Mini Cheeses
  57. Themed cufflinks or earrings (thing guitar picks or guitars for music lovers, golf, etc)




Is there anything you can think of to add?  Of course, you could pick several of the above and combine them in a nice box or hamper to give someone at Christmas.  I feel like I’ve forgotten some obvious presents. Happy hunting everyone!

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  • Jordan

    This is a great list Katie. Whenever I go to fill stockings, the main things that I normally buy are socks, small candies, and a maybe some hair pieces like ponytails or hair clips. I also stick other small gifts in stocking if I didn’t get a chance to wrap them or they’re small enough to fit.

    Jordan |

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