Blogmas Day 6: Staying Festive During Exams

Blogmas Day 6: Staying Festive During Exams Life With Ktkinnes
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Thankfully my pre-Christmas exam days are over (for now at least) but for many the lead up to Christmas can be destroyed by the constant studying and pressure of Christmas Exams. Today’s post is all about how to keep the Christmas Spirit alive during these few weeks. I also want to take the chance to say good luck to my sister Rachel sitting her first exam of her first set of Christmas exams at uni – you’ll smash it!.Let’s start though by looking at today’s film. Have you been watching the films along with me? Tonight I’ll be curling up to watch The Polar Express! It’s not necessarily one of my favourites, but it is certainly a Christmas Tradition to watch it. Never heard of it before? Check out the trailer down below!

So are you going to watch it too? I’m hoping to curl up watching in bed so tweet me around 10ish if you want to watch with me!

Now, I suppose I should actually get into my advice! Remember, this is just what’s helped me over the years – it might not work for everyone! If I’ve missed any of your favourites, let me know them in the comments below!

Watch a Christmas Film!

This is one that surprisingly gets forgotten about during the study period! As many people agree, you can’t revise all day every day, so it’s great to snuggle up after a long hard day of looking at those notes to watch your favourite festive film. Or it can be the perfect way to start your day! While you have breakfast, shower, and get dressed, put on a shorter film and start the day off properly.

Make Festive Drinks

Instead of splurging on a hot chocolate or coffee from Starbucks or Costa, this time of year you can find all sorts of tutorials for making them yourself! So why don’t you? Make yourself a festive treat during one of your study breaks.

Wear your Christmas Themed Clothes

One of the best parts about being on study leave at this time of year is you can throw on your Christmas jumpers, fluffy socks, and even your Santa hat! My favourite study outfit last year was my Christmas pyjamas under a Christmas jumper, with a pair of Christmas socks, and some Christmas earrings just to feel slightly better about myself.

Listen to Christmas Music

Anytime – day or night. This music is designed to put you in that festive spirit! Crank up the volume and rock around that Christmas tree to your favourite tunes, and sing along at the top of your voice!

Head to a Christmas Market

Okay so as already covered, you can’t spend all day every day studying. So whether it’s on a day off or straight after an exam when you know you won’t be studying again that day, get yourself to your local Christmas Market! Even if you leave without having any food or drink, just walk around soaking up the atmosphere and clear your head of all thoughts of revision.

Read/Watch Blogmas/Vlogmas posts!

So it’s kind of self explanatory – you’re already here and reading my blogmas post so why stop there? Some of my all time bloggers and vloggers are taking part in blogmas and vlogmas, so why not head on over through their links below? You won’t regret it!

What do you do to keep yourself in the Christmas Spirit during exam season, or really during any of the stressful parts of the lead up to Christmas? Let us know below!


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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Staying Festive During Exams

  1. Hello Bexa

    I watched The Polar Express the other day. It’s a fantastic animation 😍 but I would have liked to get to know the characters better. Do we even find out the boys name? Yay 💕 I love all your festive ideas Katie! 🎄 Christmas markets and Christmas music 🎶 always get me in the seasonal spirit! Good luck to your sister Rachel in her uni exams too! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  2. ktkinnes

    I know right?? And no I don’t think we do! It really annoys me!
    Aw thank you! They’re the things that kept me sane over the last couple of years! And thank you from Rachel! Think she’s a bit nervous today xxx

  3. withanoceanviewblog

    I don’t have exams but all these listed I pretty much do anyways. I love sitting down especially if I’ve been stressed and watching Christmas movies, or when the girls are sleeping I’ll pop my headphones on and listening to some Christmas music to unwind. I love Polar Express, one of my favourites! xx

  4. thatmummarocks

    OH the polar express makes me cry with happiness lol! Music is definitely a stress buster for me, it’s what I turn to when I’m feeling down or stressed! Xx

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