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Good morning my lovely friends! How are you all today?  I’m currently in a fantastic mood, because while I’ve had to get up for work, I only have today and tomorrow left in work! This weekend is the weekend I’m away with Rachel as part of her 21st birthday present – so excited! Actually, speaking of Rachel and something different, I’ve asked Rachel to write today’s guest post for you all.  And without explaining it, I’m going to hand you over to her now.  Enjoy!

Hi there, it’s Katie’s sister here to tell you all a bit about voluntary work I’m going to be doing in February of next year.

A few of you may have seen Katie post about this on her various social media accounts already so I’m here to tell you a bit more…

I’m a third year midwifery student in Edinburgh, and as part of our final year we are expected to complete an ‘elective’ placement in an area of our choosing.

In my usual style I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! So in February I will be jetting off to Iloilo in the Philippines for four weeks to volunteer in the maternity unit there.

Without generalising or stereotyping, resources in this area are very short and the maternity unit is hard pushed. Often there are up to four women and their babies sharing a bed at any given time, and there is often no time to clean labour beds after one woman gives birth before the next woman is close to delivering.

During my four weeks in Iloilo I’m hoping to spend time in the labour and birth unit, learning about cultural differences surrounding childbirth in the Philippines compared to the UK. Generally maternity care is very medicalised in the Philippines and it is common to practice ‘silent labour’ – a massive difference from at home!

I’m also looking forward to working in the young parent centre. A unit which has been set up for teenage and young mothers to attend for extra check ups and support due to the high numbers of young women who fall pregnant. For a low income country I think this is a great initiative that will hopefully influence my practice once I return to Edinburgh.

My trip is entirely self funded and as you can imagine it isn’t going to be cheap! Regardless of the flights and accommodation, I’m having to factor in costs for vaccinations, scrubs and personal protection equipment such as gloves and face masks which will be in short supply in the unit. Because of this I am intending on hosting a couple of fundraising events – one of which is happening very soon!

On the 14th November I am co-hosting a speed quiz at the pub I work in – Thomson’s Bar Edinburgh. The quiz is free to enter, but will feature paid rounds where there will be additional prizes up for grabs! It would be fantastic to see as many people as possible at this so if anyone is in the area please pop in and say hi!

Without this turning into a begging post – I have also set up a Just Giving account so that people who would like to can make any donation, big or small. Honestly, every little helps. It’s also somewhere you can visit to read a bit more about my trip if you’re interested so please give it a visit here .

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, it would be great to see anyone at the speed quiz on the 14th – if you have any questions for me or want to know more about my trip please just leave a comment below, I’m a regular reader so will reply as soon as I can!

Rachel xx

Something Different Life With Ktkinnes

This has been a guest post written by Rachel, my sister.  While she isn’t a blogger, and I therefore can’t link to her, we would both appreciate any shares or promotions of either this post or her JustGiving page – these are both ways of supporting her even if you can’t financially help out! As Rachel has said, please do feel free to pop along to Thomsons on the 14th to take part in the quiz and have a drink with the regulars.  If you can’t make it, please do pass on to anyone else who might be able to, and as I have already said please feel free to share both this post and Rachel’s link as far and wide as you can.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Speak to you all again soon!


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