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Save Money: Lose Weight Part 3

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Welcome back to my new mini series. If you missed Parts 1 and 2, I strongly advise you read them first, just to see how I got to this stage. Their links can be found here and here respectively. Are you ready for my next installment?


So I think we’ve covered it – losing weight, can save you money. If you cut out on the takeaways, the meals out, the snacks, and the full priced pre-prepared ready meals. You learn to become shopper savvy, and that the more work/effort put into a food before it reaches the shelves, the more additives and more expensive it will be when you buy it.


However, what of the costs of losing weight? Surely there must be some reason we choose to eat the way we do? Well, here is where I will discuss the unseen costs of losing weight.


Let’s start with the obvious. The quantity of fresh food bought, there’s no way you can get through so much food in the short amount of time given before the fruit and vegetables go off. Yes, you can cook them and freeze them, or do whatever and freeze them. But then you’re missing the fresh stuff when you just want to take a bite of an apple.


All the weight loss experts (well, any I’ve heard) advocate fish, or lean meats. However, both of these can be quite expensive. Especially when you’re buying for a family. Yes, markets can be slightly cheaper, as can butchers or fishmongers. But the truth of the matter is, these will be the most expensive items on your shopping list.


The classes I go to are not cheap. They’re not expensive, but they certainly aren’t cheap. At least now on the mainland, I have the option of the online membership for a reduced cost. But whether is £3 or £6, it’s still added money on top of what you’re already spending on food each week.


Finally, and the true unspoken cost of losing weight, is the cost of the new clothes you will inevitably have to buy when you are losing weight. From underwear to every other item of clothing. And it’s not cheap! The day of writing this post, I put on what used to be my favourite autumn jeans. A deep purple, that I had bought as part of an outfit. I spent a good deal amount of money on the outfit less than a year ago, and now the trousers are too big and too baggy. I tried to add a belt, however they just look awful. I could cry.

The worst part about the clothing? You can’t just wait until you reach your goal wait before you change your wardrobe. No, instead you have to gradually go from one size to the next, never quite knowing whether or not the size you wear most frequently from one shop will fit you in another. It’s tiring. And did you know your feet will lose weight? I didn’t and now half my shoes don’t stay on my feet anymore. And I’m not even half way near my goal! It’s enough to make anyone regret losing weight.


So I suppose what we must ask ourselves is:

Do the costs outweigh the benefits? Would I rather spend a fortune on new clothes every few months, just so I can continue to lose weight and both feel and look healthier? The truth of it is, yes I would rather have a blow out every few months on a new wardrobe. The excitement when that dress that used to not even zip, finally zipping, sitting properly, and actually still having enough room to breathe? Well, you can’t put a price on that.



Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me through this series. I appreciate a week between each post can seem like a long break, especially when there are other posts going live in between them. But your thoughts and comments have interested me so much. Thank you.


Have you any pros and cons of losing weight that I haven’t mentioned in this series? Let us know them down below!


  • Kayleigh Zara

    I lost around 2 1/2 stone this year and I agree the cost of losing weight is pretty hefty, especially as I had a gym membership and I had to buy a lot of new clothes and bras x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  • ktkinnes

    Oh wow congratulations! And I definitely agree. Gym memberships are ridiculous, and when you somehow manage to lose weight from your feet so even your shoes are too big then shopping just gets more and more expensice

  • Josh at

    I noticed from trying a vegan diet in January that it can still be fairly expensive! Check my post out on #Veganuary. They say wealth can’t buy health though so it’s best to invest in your wellbeing I guess.


  • Elisa

    I agree with you. Also the fact that (at least in Buenos Aires) buying salad is even more expensive than any other meal at lunch break…or al least if you buy it near office areas. Healthy requires planning and organization to actually eat everything fresh. I like your series! 💗💗💗

  • Tiffany Rawling (@TiffanyRawling)

    I’ve loved this little serious on your blog! I completely agree with everything you said. Buying fresh food all the time can be really expensive, and as much as I love cooking and creating new meals the meat and fish can be so costly. In the end though I’d much rather have to spend a bit more and lose weight meaning in the long run I’m healthier and happier! You are doing amazing and are definitely inspiring me to get back on it! x

    Tiffany x

  • withanoceanviewblog

    Great mini series Katie I hope and look forward to you doing more of these. As I agree with all of these one cost I’ve found from my own experience on my own weightloss journey is my mental health. Some of us use eating badly as a comfort and enjoy it but when we replace it with healthy foods and diets we miss those addictions and although we’re losing weight, we’re not happy because we are not eating what we want. Does that make sense, for me it’s become a vicious circle one I can’t seem to break. Sorry about the long comment! x

  • ktkinnes

    No need to apologise! I know what you mean though – my weight watchers leader tried to teach us comfort eating was bad, but once it’s gone we tend to lose that momentary relief. I know for my sitting in front of the TV when I’m alone without eating is just wrong, and I’ve certainly had more “low” days since I started losing weight. Our bodies get used to the emotional support, and now we have to try and find a healthy replacement

  • thatmummarocks

    Omg yes about the shoe size! My feet shrank and I dropped one shoe size! I keep saying it but I really want to get fit for Lanza! Xx

  • anoceanglimmer

    I am really enjoying this mini series! There’s definitely some things you don’t think about, yes it’s expensive eating fast foods and such but so is loosing weight! Buying enough fruit for your five a day is pretty expensive, I didn’t realise how much apples and oranges were until I started buying them! For those both it is already £5… Fresh meat is amazing, the taste is soo much better! But that isn’t half expensive as well.

    Gemma |

  • Lola Bellouere

    I think it massively depends! Buying foods for me works out the same – I only eat berries fruit wise and most vegetables I buy frozen – these are generally still contain the nutrients as they are frozen from fresh whereas other fresh fruits and vegetables have had to travel! I don’t do classes but run and have a membership and I love shopping a charity shops – I get Zara still with the labels so new clothes dont have to be so costly! x
    Lola Mia

  • bobbiejrae

    Love this blog!…Here are some ways you can lose weight that cost no money at all, and they have worked for me and my friends…

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