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When I first started blogging, I did so because I wanted to have somewhere I could talk serious stuff and share my experiences of life. I hoped that somewhere through my student ramblings, I would create a safe space for others to come and learn. For them to realise they aren’t alone, and to share their own experiences in the hope that we could all one day create the change we want to see in the world.


Through my student years, I shared my experiences of how and why my course wasn’t right. I talked about friendships and hardships, focusing on blogging and tv and books, with the occasional post shared on how my mental health was deteriorating. At least, it’s with hindsight that I read those posts and see that.


I then left university and entered the world of work. I changed my tagline to “ramblings of a so-called adult” and began to talk more about my life experiences and other serious stuff. I’ve talked about how difficult it can be to find a job. Or once you get a job, some of the things you might experience while working there. I’ve talked about the difficulty when you’re in one country and every single one of your friends is in another one. And again we’ve talked mental health.


Over the last lot of weeks, I realised how these posts can get lost amongst the other things I share online. Which is why, from today, we have a new page, and a new category of blog posts on Life With Ktkinnes. Now, if you come to this page, you’ll hopefully have stuck through those first few short paragraphs, and are looking for the serious discussions.  Here I’m talking racism, politics, mental health, sexuality, relationships with friends and family, and hopefully a lot more.

We’re All In This Together - Serious Stuff on Life With Ktkinnes

As a cis white woman, I have been privileged to not experience a wide range of discrimination. By keeping my sexuality quiet, I’ve avoided even more. But that brings me full circle back to why I started blogging in the first place. I wanted somewhere to be open. To help both myself and others learn. So please, check out the categories below, and let’s join together in standing up for those that can’t. For the people who have been fighting all their life. We cannot help fight without learning why and how. So hopefully I can help with that as I myself learn.


Please, if I say or do anything at all to discriminate or add to the injustices of the world around us – call me out on it. Mistakes will be made I’m sure, but I want to learn and help.


I understand that I will never fully understand what so many of you experience in your everyday lives. But I will continue to stand with you, and I will use my platform to help in any way I can.


RACISM                                LGBTQ+                                      POLITICS

ECO-FRIENDLY                 RELATIONSHIPS                         LIFE LESSONS   



Thank you.

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Serious Stuff Life With Ktkinnes

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