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September 2021

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Well, that was a whirlwind of a month! Here we are, September 2021, and I genuinely don’t know where this year is going to. So much so, I managed to have a bit of a melt-down last week. September 2021 is officially here. Meaning it’s time for birthdays, schools to start, autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place… whoops, I sort of ended up using lyrics there of a favourite song! But you catch my drift.

It sounds daft, but Ms Swift was right when she wrote August sipped away like a bottle of wine. And August certainly involved a good amount of the alcoholic grape juice! It also saw me put so much more effort into my Christmas With Katie blog. However that unfortunately left this blog more than a little neglected. I also feel like I should celebrate – the way August worked with annual leave and covering shifts, I had my first pay-check of no furlough pay since this pandemic began! But again I digress.

person standing on grass, autumn leaves falling down in September 2021

August 2021: What Katie Did

I sat to write what all we got up to, and my brain went blank to be honest! I know I started the first of August blogging and reading. In fact, I’ve been devouring the Bridgerton books when given half a chance. Is there anything more frustrating than reading a book, loving it, and then seeing all the negative reviews of it on GoodReads? Just me? Okay, we’ll move along quickly.

Well, I had 2 full weeks in work. It was quiet enough that first week, meaning we got samples sorted, filing finished, and generally felt like we had caught up on all those little tasks. I practiced guitar, went to my lesson, and generally didn’t sleep due to reading. We watched Lupin on Netflix, and I started to think properly about Blogmas. The following week was another full one in the office, however it was also the week Mum and Dad headed to Scotland. I was home alone at last!

edinburgh castle against the autumn leaves in September 2021

I had my guitar lesson on the Wednesday night and was invited to their house for Sunday dinner. Friday night saw me out for dinner with Granny, before I had a stressful letter in the post. So Saturday morning saw me at the shops bright and early, unable to sleep with nerves. However by 10am everything was sorted, and I went into town for a brief nosey around the shops. But I won’t bore you with the ins and outs.

Suffice to say I spent hours working on the blog, ended up having a couple of meals out, and enjoyed being home alone. When Mum and Dad came back, I took a few days off and we actually went on a tour of Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. Then the next day we had a Christening to go to, and finally Sunday was spent reading and blogging again. Finally, last week was another full week of work, and the Bank Holiday weekend was spent around the house and getting sorted for the birthdays.

August’s Goals

  1. Read 3 books
    Having been addicted to my Bridgerton books, you would be forgiven for assuming I would achieve this goal! In fact, I honestly didn’t expect to reach this goal. However, I finished Romancing Mr Bridgerton, Unfuck Your Brain, and To Sir Phillip With Love, and I also reread my own book, Calm By The Christmas Tree. The last was purely because I wanted to feel that festive spirit before starting my Blogmas posts. Which leads me to…
  2. Schedule 4 Blogmas Posts
    Okay so the Blogmas posts didn’t get written… However! I have decided to take part in Blogtober over on Christmas With Katie, so I managed to get 8 posts written and scheduled in advance. Might have to work on Blogmas in November at this rate…
  3. Get back into blogging.
    Slowly we’re getting there! I know it might not seem like it, but I am. And I miss writing when I’m not here. Even if you guys don’t miss we.
woman drinking coffee and looking at a laptop blogging in September 2021

September 2021: What’s Coming Up

I still can’t quite believe we’re at this point of the year. However, September is gearing up to be extremely busy. Today I’m in work, and I’ll be heading for a guitar lesson tonight. We’ve been working on The Sound of Silence, and I’m doing pretty well if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow is a furlough day, so I think Dad and I are going to work on the garden, and I want to make sure I’ve got everything sorted for Rachel’s birthday. Friday I’ll be back in work, and then Saturday we’re hoping to go down to a rugby match before I come home for an online pub quiz!

quiz night neon sign and arrow september 2021

The following week is my birthday, and to be honest I’m still not okay with how close we are to it. I haven’t had a quarter-life crisis like last year, but not far off it. Plus the fact I don’t have a nice birthday surprise from Moonpig coming to cheer me up… Really I’m just feeling glum that I’ve done nothing with my life in the last year. I know I published a book, but apart from that what have I done? Either way, I don’t really know the plans for my birthday. Still undecided.

The following weekend is Rachel’s birthday, and she’s staying in Edinburgh for it. So I need need need to send her present sooner rather than later! As for the rest of the month, I have my Open University course starting up again, and guitar will continue, but no real plans. I might see if I can get a weekend down in Fermanagh…

Enniskillen in the September 2021 sun

September Goals for 2021:

  1. Post Weekly on each blog
    Yup, we’re trying this again! I have a plan, and we will stick to it! So keep those eyes peeled for a new post in your inbox each week. As long as you’ve clicked that follow button that is!
  2. Schedule Blogtober Posts
    I feel like if I can write a couple of posts a week, I can get on top of Blogtober for Christmas With Katie, and still achieve Blogmas on both blogs… wish me luck!
  3. Read 2 books
    I want to read my next Bridgerton book, and I have an exciting new book to read and review for you all – Cross Stitching by Holly Pritchard! I’ll not go into detail now, but I am very excited to tell you about it.
Book cover of When He Was Wicked Bridgerton Book 5 which is in the TBR pile for September 2021

Saying farewell for now

So as I say, September 2021 is looking to be yet another busy month. I would love to set some more goals, but genuinely I doubt I’m even going to get through the ones I’ve set above. But what have you got planned for September? Any plans or goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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