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Ah September 2020. September brings about feelings of optimism and that “new year new me” feeling that we all crave. I think it goes back to the school days.  Will that feeling ever go away do you reckon? Well regardless, September 2020 is here, and after 5 months of either being fully furloughed or part time furloughed, I am back in the office all week!

By the way – Happy Tuesday! I have to admit, I didn’t want my alarm to go off this morning. Mum and Dad are over in Edinburgh with Rachel this week. And it’s my first full week in the office since the week beginning the 16th March. So needless to say I’m slightly apprehensive about how I’m going to survive the week! It really doesn’t help that I stayed up most of last night to write Blogmas posts and get ahead on some posts for September 2020. 

August 2020

August was a good month all in all. The month started with NINE of my Blogmas Ebooks being sold! Nine!! Thank you to everyone who has bought one so far – I hope your planning is going well! I’ve got a little surprise coming later in this post, so keep your eyes peeled. We took a walk through Stranmillis that first weekend, and I attended the Pick Me Up Picnic being hosted by Cathy to raise money for Marie Curie and Cancer Fund For Children. Once work was finished for yet another week, Dad and I took Wednesday to go food shopping and get some things done around the house. Thursday saw us go for another walk, this time along a different part of the Lagan, and then Friday was spent with Granny in the house. Saturday we finally had glorious weather again, so I was able to follow the rules of my Home Holiday post – so much so I read 200 pages of a book in one sitting! I probably would’ve finished it if I had stayed off my phone… And then Sunday we went to Belfast Harlequins Rugby Club for Sunday lunch! The following week was more work (well, for two days), and then preparing for the barbecue I have been waiting for since lockdown was finally lifted enough to allow it to happen! So on Saturday evening we headed out to the hall for a night of food, drink, and music. What made it even better was the discussion that my guitar lessons might start up again soon! I’ve just to wait for them to say yes to me being in the house… But that’s unlikely now that the number of cases is increasing again. The following week, Rachel came home for a family wedding, so we went for a spray tan, and had a good evening at our cousin’s wedding. It was great to see some of the family we haven’t seen for months! The rest of the weekend was spent then catching up on sleep and practising guitar. The last week of August saw me in work for just 2 days for what is hopefully the last time this year, but I’ll go into that in a little more detail in the next section. On Wednesday, I decided I would start fixing my broken links again and oh my god are there a lot of them… so please be patient with me while I sort them! And then Thursday I finally went and got the tattoo I had talked about here all the way back in July 2015! And that more or less covers all the exciting stuff that happened this month.

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September 2020 Plans

Ah September, my second favourite month of the year! To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of plans for September 2020. Mum and Dad are away this week visiting Rachel as I said, and I am actually in the office full time this week! Which is somewhat scary… I just know I’m going to be shattered come 4 o’clock on Friday! But with them away, I’ll probably spend a lot of my time at home getting prepared for Blogmas which took a bit of a back seat over the last few weeks. I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be with my planning! I’ll be going to my granny’s house for a meal after work one of the days this week, but apart from that I haven’t much planned. I’m also now back into work for 3 days a week – Mondays to Wednesdays, so that’s exciting! Maybe next month I’ll be fully full time again, but who knows. For now, I’ll take anything they’ll give me! Next week is my birthday, and then the week after is Rachel’s! I should’ve been having my choir concert in September, but of course Covid put a stop to that for this year. So yes, not much planned, but still busy enough!

August 2020 Goals

  1. Finish 1 book.
    Yes! I read The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson which you can get your hands on here. [AFF] I also finished my audiobook of A Dance With Dragons (Game of Thrones book 5)!
  2. Schedule 3 Blogmas posts.
    Yes! Only just, but yes! I now have 8 posts scheduled for December, and hope to build that up to 15 scheduled by the end of September
  3. Stick to my nighttime skin care routine.
    I managed this! All except a couple of nights when really I should’ve taken the makeup off but chose not to because alcohol was influencing my decisions and bed seemed like a better option.
  4. Get back to exercising.
    Yes! I did this!

Oh wow, did I actually manage to achieve all my goals for this month?? That must be the first time in a long time!

September 2020 Goals

Now for some goals for September! I want to keep it simple. Mainly because I’m beginning to stress a little about December, but also because I’m reaching the end of the year and my end of year goals are going downhill a bit… so let’s look at goals for September!

  1. Read 1 book
  2. Sell 6 ebooks
  3. Start planning Christmas presents.

So there you have it! Do you have any goals for September?

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6 thoughts on “September 2020

  1. Sophie Harriet

    Congratulations for completing all your August goals! It sounds like you had a busy month. Good luck with your September goals! I haven’t set myself any specific goals for September because I am aiming to have a more relaxed and spontaneous month. xx

  2. Julie Buda

    Congratulations on achieving all of your August goals – I don’t think i have ever done that! Sounds like you have Blogmas sorted too – well done!!

  3. Not-So-Modern-Girl

    Lovely post, I love reading different people’s opinions of Autumn and the coming months. I also think reflective posts are brilliant, so thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I’d also like to finish a book this September.

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