September 2018

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Wow when did September sneak up on us? Well, whatever happened, we are here in the 9th month of 2018, and I am so ready for everything September is going to bring us!

Now, I know I promised great things for August, however I needed to take some time off. I won’t bore you with that now. I’m excited for September to be honest. And what with today being the first of the month, it’s time to look back at August, dive into what September has in store, and maybe even set and achieve some goals! Before I go any further, how are you all? With not being around most of last month, I do feel I’ve neglected you.

A Look Back At August

August started off on a high note. Well, busy to say the least. Between choir, Weight Watchers, a night at a Scentsy party, and the Saturday in Fermanagh, I was shattered. The next weekend saw mum and me at George Ezra in Custom House Square in Belfast – great night! Even if the red wine did hit me a little harder than expected… Another week of work lead up to a weekend of dinner out, some shopping, and the latest NI Blogger Brunch! This time we were heading on a road trip to Kildare Village, and while there I may have helped my Michael Kors collection grow a little… whoops! Oh! I almost forgot to mention that Rachel arrived home that weekend for the second half of her summer holiday. So when the following weekend finally hit, we made the most of the Bank Holiday! Then on the Tuesday we went to Christopher Robin, and the month finished with a night on the Belfast Steam Jazz Train! A great night out.

Coming Up in September

Now that we’re into September, there’s lots happening! In fact, this weekend, we will be busy getting Rachel packed up, sorting birthdays, and then an evening meal with my granny. Into work on Monday, Tuesday Dad will be helping move Rachel into her new flat. Wednesday will be made up with lots of final things because… Thursday is Ibiza day! Yes, that’s right, I’m going to Ibiza this week, and I’ll be there over my birthday! So yes, a September holiday, and the temperatures are still in the 30s there so I certainly will not be complaining! Who needs birthday cake when you can have birthday olive bread, right? Rachel’s birthday is then later in the month. I’ve got a full post planned to tell you about her birthday present, so I won’t talk about it here in case she sees it. There’s so much happening this month!

August Goals

It might come as little surprise to you that we enter September and I’m not expecting to have achieved last months’ goals. But will we look at them nonetheless?

  1. Read 1 book (again) – I have to get back on track eventually!
  2. Stick to my new-found blogging schedule.
  3. Lose a little more weight before my holiday. I won’t set an amount, but just lose some.
  4. Catch up with Game of Thrones. You’ll see in my next post just how far on I am in it…

Well… I think we can safely say I didn’t get a book read. Nor did I manage to stick to a blogging schedule of any sort. I did manage to lose 6lbs though! I’m going to another weigh in hopefully on Tuesday just to set me up for the holiday, so I’ll try to update you all. Finally, we didn’t fully catch up with Game of Thrones. I am onto season 7, but Rachel is now home and she’s only on season 5 so I haven’t been watching much at the minute. Ah well!

September Goals

Setting goals for September will be easy enough.

  1. Exercise every day in September. Actually, you can read more about this tomorrow! So remember to call back for the whys and wherefores.
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Watch 4 films
  4. Clear out my bedroom.

What are your goals for September? Anything similar to mine? Let me know below!

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