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Secret Santa For Her

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Happy Monday everyone! Is it really a happy Monday though? I don’t know, I just know I’m shattered and have a load of things happening over the next few days.  But after sharing my Secret Santa presents for men, I think it’s about time I share my top 10 Secret Santa for Her ideas!

So as I said last week, I really don’t believe in “that’s for him, that’s for her” but at this time of year you really do find things are slightly more orientated this way.


Why do I always nearly forget to include the song of the day? Today’s doesn’t really tie in with the theme of the post, but it really is one of my favourite Christmas songs.  Driving to work seems a lot easier when this is one of the songs I get to hear on my way in. Plus, it’s a chance to appreciate this talented guy.


So where was I? Oh yes, Secret Santa for Her! Will we have a look at my top ten finds this year?


1. J.Fée Adjustable Silver Plated Bangle Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet would be great for anyone, even if they don’t wear a lot of jewellery. Sometimes all you need is that one piece that you can wear out on special occasions, and this ticks all the boxes for me personally.  Only £9.99 from Amazon!


2. Ice Cream Socks

Can a girl ever have too many pairs of socks? Not when they come looking like ice creams! These beauties are only £6.99 from Firebox, and are sure to make the recipient smile.



3. Real Wine Gummies

I don’t know about you, but there are times I wish wine counted as a food group. So instead of wine gums for nibbling while watching the latest Christmas film on your list, why not cut out the middle man and have some real wine gummies? At only £8.99 from Firebox, I would love to find these in my stocking on the big day.



4. Bracelet Snake Watch

With animal print being such a huge fashion trend this year, I know a few ladies who would find this the perfect accessory to wear on Christmas Day! An absolute steal at just £5 on

Snake Bracelet Watch


5. Black or White Musk Treats

I love The Body Shop, and it’s always nice to get something special that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.  Now I also know a lot of people who don’t appreciate these gift sets, so try and gauge the feelings about them before purchasing. Personally, I would adore one of these two sets – only £6 for the set by the way! That’s money left over for some chocolate coins!



6. Shower Gel Discovery

Like the above, so many people would appreciate this lovely set from The Body Shop (only £9!). With 4 of the top selling shower gels in the set, they’re travel size and great if you’re escaping over the festive season.



7. Sweet Christmas

Wow I really am sticking to the “typical” Secret Santa for Her gifts… But this Lush gift set is a steal at just £9.95 for a bubble bar and bath bomb! Plus, it’s already wrapped to save you from that hassle at the last minute. PS – it’s limited edition, so definitely worth it!




Now not only are these perfect headphones from IWOOT, but there’s currently a £30 discount on them – making them only £9.99 and still within that awful £10 budget that sends fear into you! Wireless and noise cancelling, they’re perfect for anyone really, and I’m actually surprised that I haven’t seen these being requested all over the place!



9. Happy Memories Diary Box

You’ve heard of the 365 days of Positivity, or 365 days of memories challenges? These boxes are perfect for recording each and every one of those memories. And at a lovely price of just £9.95 on Not On The High Street, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! I did struggle to save the photo for you all, but the link should work!


10. Erasable Memo Pad with 4 Port USB

If you’re anything like me in work, the phone rings and you’re scrambling for a pen or a piece of paper. With the erasable memo pad from Find Me A Gift, you’ll never have that problem again! Also great for doodling during those phone calls you just want to end. Or for those blog post ideas you have mid writing another one! Only £5.99!  Again the website won’t let me save the photo, but you can always click the link above to see it for yourself.




As with my previous post, all prices correct at time of writing.


Would you like to receive any of the presents listed on my Secret Santa suggestions? Let me know below!


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