Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5*

Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes
Please be aware, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through these links, I may be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you.

This time of year is so so hard on our bank accounts. We want to get our friends and families the perfect gifts, but how can we do that while staying within our budgets? Secret Santa is sometimes a way around this, but it’s often more stressful than regular presents – especially if you’re given a price range or a low maximum spend! Keep reading to find some of those gifts that are perfect and less than £5!Before I go any further though, who’s excited to see what film we’re watching tonight? Well those of you who love the older, more traditional Christmas films should be excited! Why? It’s A Christmas Carol, the 1951 version! So okay its actual name is Scrooge, but it’s Alistair Sim and it’s actually my favourite of all the remakes.

Are you going to watch with me? Please do!

But back to Secret Santa. As you know, I’ve taken part in a secret santa each year for the last few years, and it’s hard to thing sometimes even if you know the person well!

To start you off, I took the liberty of linking a few etsy shops belonging to small independent businesses.  Christmas really is the time to help these people out, and what better way than to buy a Secret Santa present from them? These are my favourites below:

Sweet Allure  | Dorkface Shop | Doris and Co | Rubino Roo | Squiffy Print | Adventures of Hope | Pearl of Sphere |

So below are just some of my suggestions that would be a good present for almost anyone – so even if you get the newbie in the office or your worst enemy, you’ll still be able to rest easy knowing you got a decent present! Please note, all these products were £5 or less at the time of writing this post, and you should also be aware that this post contains some (but not all) affiliate links.

Pop Goes ClassicalBlogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | The MiniaturistBlogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Good Food: Slow cooker favouritesBlogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Self-Stirring Mug | stranger things minimal minimalist movie film print poster A5,A4,A3,A2,A1Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Mermaid Scales Heart Necklace. Choice of Colours. Dragon Heart Pendant.Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Scented paint tin candles – choose your own fragrance!Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Women Branch Leaves With Owl Pendant Necklace | Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes (Cookery)Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Zeuxs Lollipop Ballpoint Pen Novelty Kids Toys Cute School Stationery Gife(Pack of 5: random color)Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5* Life With Ktkinnes | Personalised Mini Terrarium Cactus Keychain | Boozy Toiletries | Initial Paperclips | Movie Trivia Game | Mug Warmer Christmas Jumper | Never Have I Ever Prompts | Cat In Box Sticky Notes | The World’s Smallest Jigsaw | Festive Trivia Game | Bored At Work Book

Of course, there are many other bits and bobs out there that would make great presents for Secret Santa, and if you’re stuck then that toiletries set from the pound shop sounds like the perfect idea! But now I want to know, what are you getting your secret santa this year? Let me know below!

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Secret Santa For £5*

  1. thatmummarocks

    I’ve got 2 secret Santa’s to do this year, one for £10 and the other for £15…although I’m looking at all these and wishing it was £5, you’ve got some great finds here Hun xx

  2. Charlene McElhinney

    This is a fab and super helpful post. I love that you’ve included small business’ too – and some of my favs! You are smashing this blogmas business hunni!

  3. ktkinnes

    Thank you so much! I’ve got a post coming soon dedicated to smaller bloggers, but I wanted to remind everyone that small businesses need our support now more than ever! xxx

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