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All I Want For Christmas: My Santa Letter 2020

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Ah Saturday, you bright and beautiful morning! We’re all off work again for a few days, and what better way to spend it than by sharing what’s on my Santa Letter this year? Please note, this post contains affiliate links.

Some of you may remember that over the last few years I have shared with you all my letter to Santa. The basics of it have rarely changed, and yet it still to this day remains one of the top viewed Blogmas posts I write each year! So if you’re stuck for ideas on what to add to your Santa letter, then keep reading and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Gift Guide post for more ideas!

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But isn’t getting the kids to write their Santa letters one of the highlights of Christmas? If it isn’t just adorable, then at least it means all you parents get a rough idea of what they should be encouraging Santa’s elves to pick up from the stores! We always wrote our Santa letters after bonfire night, but made sure to have them done before the first of December.

Rachel and I would sit watching hours of tv, claiming it was research on the top toys of the year, and any time an ad came on we would argue over which of us saw it first and who was going to get it as a present from Santa. Then we turned to the Argos catalogue, each with a piece of blank paper and a pen. We were told to write down the name, page number, article number and price – just in case Santa’s elves couldn’t make it and he had to ask Mum and Dad to pick it up from the shops for him! Our letters then had to be typed up and saved on the computer, before we sent them up the chimney to Santa. I mean, my handwriting is awful, so we typed them in case Santa couldn’t read what we’d written. Yes folks, Santa is a magical being who travels the whole world in one night, enters houses without being seen or heard, isn’t going to be a super spreader of Covid, receives letters in all different languages from all over the world, but the big man in the red suit wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting. It’s amazing the things you believe when you’re young!

But I’m getting sidetracked (as per usual…) so shall we dive on in?

My Letter To Santa

Hi Santa!

It’s me, your little bit of Christmas Cheer Throughout The Year! Now that it’s coming up to that special day (and your busiest night of the year), I thought I should write to you with a few suggestions for my stocking this year. Mum’s been asking me to do this for a while now – in fact she asked me just a week after my birthday! It’s getting harder and harder to think as the years go on. And where I would normally ask you for a nice new outfit for New Year’s Eve, we won’t be going anywhere! So instead, here are a few suggestions of things you might like to consider for my stocking.

This year, what I would love most of all is the Stretton Payne Dreadnought Full Sized Steel String Acoustic Guitar in Surf Green [AFF]. I’m sure you saw me going to guitar lessons back at the beginning of the year, and I like to think I’m doing really well with continuing to teach myself at the minute since I can’t go back to lessons yet! I know that the guitar might be asking a bit much, but there are two Taylor Swift song books I would really like – the 2018 Easy Guitar Anthology, and the second edition released later the same year [aff].

As usual, I would really like a new bullet journal. The one you got me last year was perfect! This year could I maybe ask for the pink one [aff]? I love being able to tell which year was which quickly with the different colours from the last few years. As well as this, I would love a new book to read! Which reminds me, did you see I published a book [ad] this year? You even get a special story for yourself in it! Have you read it yet? Oh! I’d also love a new calendar – you never know, I might actually have some stuff to put on it for next year! Another standard on my stocking fillers list is my Vitamin E skincare from The Body Shop please if you can – my skin just loves it at this time of year. On that theme, any bath bombs or bubble baths, new pyjamas, and I hate to say it but I could kinda do with a new big fluffy dressing gown. Mine’s a little grey around the edges, no longer fluffy, and just needs a new home maybe at the animal shelter. Or if not a dressing gown, then maybe a nice warm winter coat with a hood? The only one I have is Granny’s old mushroom coloured one and it’s getting a bit tired looking too now.

Lastly, and it’s a big ask, but I would like a new laptop I think. My one is old and slow, and no amount of updates or scans or disc cleans it does, it still takes about half an hour to turn on. Then again, I’m kinda fussy about the size and look of the laptop, so it might be an idea to just leave this one off the list! I mean, it’s not exactly a stocking filler, is it?

I hope you’re keeping well, and are looking forward to the New Year! Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to travel and get away for a few days?

Looking forward to hearing you on the roof soon!

Love Katie.


  • Jaclynistic Vibes

    What a lovely post. I remember spending hours going through the Argos and Toys R Us catalogues and writing down everything that caught my eye! Now that I’m a mother, I love helping my son write his letter to Santa. It’s just so magical. Even though you do need to manage expectations when kids have circled thousands of pounds worth of stuff in the Smyths Toys catalogue, lol.

    You have a great variety on your list and I hope Santa brings you all the things you’d like x

  • Natalie Barletta

    I got a new laptop last year for Christmas (to me from me) and it’s definitely come in handy!

  • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Nice list Katie. I hope Santa is good to you this year.

  • thedoubtingthomas

    What a lovely idea! I can imagine you writing this dreaming of a new laptop but at the same time still feeling a bit like a little kid hoping she gets the things she puts on her list!

  • Linz

    I love this! I used to write to Santa and wish I still did now! Me and my sister used to spend ages going through Argos catalogue! Thanks for sharing, it brought back memories x

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