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So I don’t know if any of you have been watching Russian Doll on Netflix, but I recently binge-watched it and decided to write about it today. If you haven’t seen it yet and plan on it, maybe don’t read on – I can’t guarantee no spoilers! However, if you haven’t seen Russian Doll yet, and you can’t decide whether or not to watch it, maybe I can help.

Russian Doll is currently on UK Netflix, and flashed up in my “Recommended for you” section just around a week ago. Actually, on a side note, I kinda want to start watching more of these Netflix Originals this year… sorry, side tracked. Where were we?

 Russian Doll Life With Ktkinnes

Right, Russian Doll. On the night of Nadia’s birthday, she goes to a party thrown by ger friends.  A series of events happen, leading to her being hit by a car. Only, instead of dying, Nadia wakes up again back in the bathroom, back where we first saw her.  A serious case of deja vu happens, until she realises that actually no – she is dying and coming back to life. After a series of trying to fight her way out of the loop – and multiple stairs deaths – Nadia gets into a lift beside Alan.  The power cuts out, and as the rest of the people in the elevator panic about their impending death, Alan seems ridiculously calm. Looking up at him, Nadia asks did he not get the memo? They’re all about to die. His reply? “That’s okay, it keeps happening”.  All of a sudden, Nadia isn’t the only person in a continuous loop of living and dying. Together, Nadia and Alan try to figure out why they keep looping, and realise that somehow or another they are connected. As we learn more and more about their own backgrounds, Nadia and Alan are forced to accept that they need each other if they are ever going to stop dying.


It sounds a little bizarre, and for that one reason I chose to press play. While it didn’t grip me straight away, I became addicted – I just wanted to find out what was happening and why Nadia and Alan had to keep going through the layers of the Russian Doll.


With a diverse, yet riveting cast, and an ever changing plot and storyline, Russian Doll is one of those shows that’s hard to explain in a good way, and yet it’s also one of those shows that I would recommend anyone watching.


Things to note before watching Russian Doll:

  • There are 8 episodes, and each episode is approx 40 minutes long
  • The language – while it doesn’t bother me personally, there is a considerable about of strong language that may offend some people.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol – again doesn’t bother me, but smoking, drugs, and drinking are an important piece of the storyline.
  • Talk of self-harm – not frequent, but a significant feature of the last 3 episodes.


Have you watched Russian Doll yet? Or do you plan on watching it? Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


What do you think I should watch next?

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  1. Tara

    I started watching it the other day, and I admit it didn’t grab me at first, either, but sounds like it might be worth sticking with, so will give it another go! I just don’t want the entire series to be the same time loop!!

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