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Some of you may remember back when I returned from Ibiza I arrived home to a huge box of coffee and a few other treats, all from Rombouts. I did a little sneak peek on my snapchat to show everything, but I’ve also added it below for those of you who didn’t see it!

Rombouts Coffee* Life With Ktkinnes

Before trying their coffee, I had actually never heard of Rombouts before – much to my dad’s surprise. So I was very grateful when Lindsey, my point of contact with regards to the coffee, was able to send me a little background information before the coffee even arrived.

Founded in Belgium back in 1896, Rombouts is and has always been a family owned coffee roaster. Having been sourcing, roasting and supplying great coffee to UK coffee drinkers for over 50 years, they invented the One Cup Filter back in 1958. Since then, the One Cup Filter has become one of its best known product lines and is available at supermarkets nationwide. Rombouts has built strong relationships with coffee farmers around the globe, working in partnership with them develop better quality coffee and a more sustainable future.

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This sounded perfect to be honest, especially the working in partnership with coffee farmers! I couldn’t wait to get trying my first sip and so I found myself reaching instantly for the Columbia One Cup Filter. Little did I know my first would soon become my favourite. It was so good! The perfect strength, really smooth and not at all bitter! I like a good strong coffee, and this one ticked all the boxes. Of course, I just had to have one of the accompanying biscuits and I immediately wanted another. It was crunchy enough, had so much flavour, and was the perfect size of biscuit for the size of cup of coffee!

Rombouts Coffee* Life With Ktkinnes

It wasn’t long until I decided to try the decaf coffee. Now I’ll be honest and say I don’t really see the point in a decaf coffee for me, however I have family who need decaf drinks as they can’t have caffeine, so I was curious to see what this would be like. To my surprise, there was very little difference between the decaf and the caffeinated coffees! Not too strong, not too bland, still perfectly smooth, all that was missing was the caffeine kick I was craving! Rombouts may have just won me over to the dark side with this one.

Next, I tried the Italian One Cup Filter. It was the strongest out of the coffee I was sent, however o found it somewhat lacking unfortunately. As I said earlier, I love a good strong coffee. I may have made it slightly differently to the previous two, using boiling water instead of the recommended hot water, but I did find the Italian coffee a little weak or watery. I still haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as the Colombian, so maybe it’s just my tastebuds as my friend who tried it seemed to really like it!

The final One Cup Filter I had to try was the original blend. According to the packaging, this was to be the weakest of the One Cup Filters, however I actually really liked the strength and depth of this blend. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s just getting into coffee and doesn’t want something too strong!
In the big box of goodies, Rombouts had sent me a cafetiere and 2 bags – not 1 but 2! – of ground filter coffee. Now these I really couldn’t wait to try, especially since my ground coffee was running low! Can’t say that for quite a while now.

I firstly tried the Cuban, which was described as a medium bodied coffee. Now if I say I loved this one, that would be an understatement. It was exactly what I was looking for from the Cuba Single Origin! When I then went on to trying the Laos Single Origin – described as full bodied and nutty – I found I loved it even more! It was even more intense than the Cuban!
I really was delighted overall with everything Rombouts sent me, and i’ll certainly be ordering from their site when I run out of coffee! If you’d like to browse their selection, you can do so here –
And if you’d like to follow them on social media, you can find them below!
Twitter – @RomboutsCoffee

Facebook – @romboutscoffeeuk

Instagram – romboutscoffee
This post has been a collaboration with Rombouts. While I was sent the product to review, all views and opinions expressed above are entirely my own. Information about Rombouts was provided to me by Lindsey Hill on behalf of Rombouts. All pictures are my own.

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