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I can’t believe we are actually so close to the weekend once again! It’s Thursday once more, and now that choir is over, I’m kind of beginning to lose track of the days.  Is that ridiculous? I mean it’s not even been a week since our concert!

For a change of topic, I actually thought today I would tell you a little about the choir, and share some short videos of our concert from last week.


So some of you may remember that last summer (June 2018) I drunkenly decided to sing karaoke with another woman at a charity barbeque when we were all having a good night.  Turns out she runs a choir, and after a few duets together trying (and failing) to harmonise with each other, she coerced asked me to join the choir, telling me where to be the following Wednesday and at what time.

Now to be honest, that first say I was absolutely terrified.  I don’t do so well walking into somewhere I don’t know, and I wasn’t even sure she would remember inviting me! But I shouldn’t have worried.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming – making space for me to join the altos and advising me where to sit so I could pick up the words and tune quickly, and offering me spare copies of the sheet music if they had it.


It turns out, the girl running the choir first set it up 15 years ago this year.  It’s an all ladies choir, and while it’s run out of a church hall there is no real affiliation with the church.  We have 3 sections – first sopranos, second sopranos, and then the altos – and there are roughly 40 of us in total ranging in age from 15 to (guessing here) around 70.  The choir runs from around the end of April to the end of September, and finishes with a concert.  Tickets are sold, and all money raised goes to support whichever charity the choir have picked for the year.  Last year, we were asked to also put on a Christmas concert in a different church, so it meant driving out the dark twisty roads during the dark nights.  But you know me, all you have to do is suggest the C word and I’m there – and you know I mean Christmas! Speaking of, have you signed up to my Christmas Card Swap yet?  Check out the details and find the sign up form here! Sorry, I digress.


Basically, it meant from December through until May I really missed choir on a Wednesday night.  From 7:30pm until around 9:30pm, with a tea break for about half an hour in the middle.  Everyone chats and mingles, we all have a good laugh, and we don’t take it ridiculously seriously – much to our organiser/conductor’s dismay I think sometimes! But it always seems to work out fine in the end, no matter how much we stress about it in advance.  I mean, last year (my first year) was the first time ever the choir were expected to sing without their sheet music in front of them, which seemed stressful for everyone! With never having had to sing with the music in front of me in the first place, it didn’t bother me too much, but it didn’t help that I probably only recognised 3 songs out of the 15.


That brings us to this year.  With it being the 15th year of Rhythm and Rhyme, we were singing the Choir’s Top 20 Songs – voted for by the choir members. So with that being the case, they voted in 15 songs that they had sung previously.  Now you’d think then that the ladies would have picked ones they knew, or would’ve been quick to pick up the songs with no sheet music – I thought I would be playing a major amount of catch up! But that wasn’t the case.  We laughed at how we messed up.  We sang when we shouldn’t have, stayed quiet when we should have been singing, and just genuinely had a blast each week in the lead up to the concert.


It reached Wednesday night last week and we were having our last rehearsal – also known as the first full run through of all the songs in order. It was already making me nervous, and then my dear friend, who asked me to join in the first place, sprung it on me that I was going to introduce songs 5, 6 and 7.  That would’ve been fine, except she wanted me to talk about myself, why I joined the choir, and a little about each of the songs. In front of more than 200 people. Wednesday’s rehearsal went okay, we sang most of the songs properly, only messing up 4 out of the 15 songs – that was promising!


Friday night came around, and I made it to the hall for the pre-concert rehearsal at 6pm with the concert starting around 7:30pm.  Everyone was dolled up, hyped up, and ready.  Until at 7:10pm one of the other altos realised she didn’t actually know the words to the second song – one which the altos were singing the main part! We all just burst out laughing at that point.  The concert went really well in my mind, and nearly everyone had positive reviews to pass on afterwards.  We may have almost missed a song, we might have made up our own notes at times when we couldn’t remember what we were meant to be singing, but the harmonies still sounded fine, the words were all there and in the right order, and I didn’t fall off the stage or majorly embarrass myself when I did my introduction!


So all that’s left to say is – I’m actually really sad it’s over for almost another year.  We have no Christmas concert this year, and I really will miss my weekly chats with everyone.  There’s currently a little talk about maybe a night out or a meal out or something so that we can all meet up and have a catch up, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve attached a couple of short videos below of the concert. From ticket sales alone, we managed to raise over £1800 towards 2 local Stroke charities so we were over the moon when that total was announced last weekend!




Have you ever been part of a choir? Or is there something you go to during the year and miss when it ends? I think I may have to find someone to teach me guitar on a Wednesday night or something, just so I have something to do!

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