Reviving the Christmas Feeling

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Eugh it’s Tuesday again.  I would be annoyed, but here we are another day closer to Christmas, and with Christmas comes some much needed time off!  Over the last few years, I’ve become aware of the “Christmas Feeling” waxing and waning, and so I decided that 2019 would be the year I revived the Christmas feeling.

As I lie here trying to coax myself to move from my nice warm bed, I have to think about the advent calendars and all the other reasons to get up.  In fact, advent calendars are one of the ways I’ve tried to improve and revive the Christmas Feeling this year!


Does that sound silly?  I don’t know, some people would say it’s simply part of growing up that you begin to see Christmas as a stressful, tiring, annoying thing, when all you want to do is curse the ads on TV, the traffic in the dark evenings, the busy shops, and the music that seems to follow you everywhere.  But I don’t want to become The Grinch, and so this is the year I revive the Christmas spirit in my house!


In an effort to do this, you’ll find that the family decorations were put up on Sunday, with the Christmas playlist blasting throughout the house across the Google Home Minis and my Amazon Echo Dot.  Oh, and I had a Christmas themed “pot pourri” pot going on the hob – actually I’ll share that with you all at another stage.

Now with I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here being on TV every night for the next few weeks, we don’t have time to watch all the Christmas films I would love for us to watch – I had hoped that as a family we could work through the below Christmas Movie Countdown, but instead I’m going through it on my own and just not sleeping anymore it would seem. But once it ends I’m hoping to get Mum and Dad watching the Christmas Netflix account I set up back in October!

Alongside all that, I’ve booked to go and see several Christmas shows over the next few weeks, all of which I plan on sharing with you afterwards so keep an eye out for the reviews on here in the coming weeks!

There are Christmas markets to visit, a Christmas bucket list to work through, Blogmas to focus on, and so much more.  Including my work Christmas night out this weekend when I plan on dressing in the sparkliest clothes I have and dancing the night away without caring that my colleagues and bosses can see how ridiculous I look!

 Reviving the Christmas Feeling Life With Ktkinnes

While I’m still trying to learn guitar, I’m really hoping to try and teach myself a few Christmas songs so that while I practise every night I continue to have that little festive feeling. The church we’re a part of used to do carol singing but I’m not sure if that’s still a thing… either way, I plan on going to the midnight service this year – it doesn’t feel like Christmas without it!


I’ve gone through and made sure I have at least one advent calendar to keep me counting down the days, and I’m trying to think of any more ways I can spread Christmas cheer in the house.  If I lived in a house with children, you can bet I would be doing Elf on the Shelf and the Santa letters, along with trying to find ways to make them believe in Santa even more, but unfortunately that’s not the case.  And I don’t think the cat would be the most enthusiastic about Christmas…


So how do you keep the festive spirit going? Anything I’ve missed that you think I simply have to do? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Reviving the Christmas Feeling

  1. Kelly Diane

    Lovely post! I’ve been listening to Christmas music every day and have been wearing my Christmas jumpers (I have quite a few)

  2. ktkinnes

    Aw I’m so jealous of you and your Christmas jumpers! I had so many, but then I got rid of quite a few last year and now I need to replace them all. What’s your favourite Christmas song? xx

  3. Kelly Diane

    My favourite has always been Stop the calvary by Jona Lewie. I think it’s because I can bop up and down to the beat 😂

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