Returning to Glasgow

Returning to Glasgow Life With Ktkinnes
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Morning everyone! Please forgive me if I’m not around much for the day’s Follow Fridays or to interact with everyone, for today I am back in Glasgow! But only for the weekend.Last night Dad and I got the 11:30pm sailing from Belfast to Cairnryan (we almost didn’t get going but that’s another story…) in our empty van, and so began our long long journey back to Glasgow and Cumbernauld to empty my little flat.

The boat was more or less empty, so we headed straight to Level 8 and the Pod Lounge. Immediately Dad made himself comfortable and dozed off, while I sat down to do a few blog related things. Between writing posts, scheduling tweets, replying to emails, and just other general bits and pieces, I managed to squeeze in a little time for playing the PlayStation 4 set up at the cinema area – it was Crash Bandicoot and I just couldn’t help myself!

Almost 3 hours later, we docked in Cairnryan and began the long journey I had completed in the ice just 2 months ago. It honestly feels like ages since I was over here, but as I start to pack up this morning I can’t say I’m truly sorry to be leaving.

Firstly, the Christmas decorations are still up. Actually, this leads me to another semi-funny story in which a neighbour reported me as missing to the police and I got several missed phone calls while in work checking that I was okay. But yes, before we can do any real packing I have the sad affair of taking down the Christmas decorations… but it’s not long until they’re up again! Actually, it’s really not long… only 10 months or so… is it too early to start working on my blogmas posts again already?

Rachel’s coming across from Edinburgh later this afternoon, after she finishes classes for the day, so we’ll be taking our big white van into the city centre to pick her up from the bus station – not at all suspicious…

But three sets of hands are better than two, and then on Sunday we have some family coming to visit and collect some things from the flat. In fact, while the actual packing and loading probably won’t take the full weekend, it’s going to be a very busy and full on weekend. Not in the same ways as last weekend, but still. And I want-slash-need to go see Jordanne and the little guy! It really has been too long since I last saw them, so this is a must.

Okay, I’ll admit, this is a rather short post. But I’ve a load of things I need to get on with, and before I can start any of them I should probably clear up the breakfast dishes.

What’re you up to this weekend? Anything exciting? Let me know below!

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