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Well it’s Monday again, what can we say? And welcome back! It’s the start of another week, and I can’t wait for it to begin properly.  That being said, my alarm doesn’t go off for another 28 minutes, and until then I refuse to move from my bed.

As we all start our Monday, I do have to admit some slight feelings of being jealous of the cat.  She can sleep all day, we provide her shelter and food and warmth, and all we ask are a few cuddles in return every now and again. Oh, and we also ask that she doesn’t pounce on us at 2 o’clock in the morning just to enforce these cuddles, but she’s cute and fluffy so who can say no? Anyway, I’m rambing a little.


Actually, you know what? It’s been that long since I had a good ramble on here.  It dawned on me last week as I was beginning to be interested in blogging again, that I used to ramble a lot when I first started this little corner of the internet.  Thanking every individual person who clicked that follow button, and excitedly telling my parents I had a whole 10 followers! It’s scary to think that’s almost 5 years ago now, and that I’m over the 600 followers mark on my blog alone.  Blogging back then to document just my thoughts, and as I continued reading forward through my posts I saw the change slowly come through as I realised that blogging could be a way to meet local people and get involved in sponsored or gifted posts.


Sorry. I lost my train of thought there. I have Our Planet on in the background, and the birds were swooping, dancing, and making Maisey quite agitated. It must be distracting for her when birds appear on my TV – they end up looking twice the size of her. Doesn’t help that I end up distracted by her, and then we’re both watching birds trying to mate on the TV – whoops.


Actually, while we’re on the topic of TV, is it just me or is there so much on to watch at the minute? Well, I mean Line of Duty ended last night and all I will say is oh my word… and then Dad and I will be catching up on Game of Thrones later today, but there’s also Trust Me, The Blame Game, Victoria, Not Going Out, The Widow, Ambulance, and so much more! It doesn’t help that my Netflix addiction is as strong as ever.


One thing the TV and other news/media outlets have been making me think about though is the effect we are having on the world.  Whether you mean the physical effect (affect? I still can never think which one is which) in the sense of Global Warming and Climate Change, or the effect we have on each other (think Sandra Oh and the role model she is), we all can cause so much good or harm to everything around up.  As I said earlier, I popped Our Planet on while I wrote this this morning, and it’s hard not to think about the things we all do every day that could be damaging not just the future of the human race, but the innocent animals that have to share our planet with us.  And as for the non-physical effect, I was reading through Twitter the other day, as I always do, and yet again saw the mob mentality take off. Someone says something remotely controversial, and they suddenly have a target on their backs.  To be honest, I had enough of it back at the start of April, and I ended up deleting all my social media off my phone.  I never went near it on a laptop, and to be honest I didn’t miss it all that much.  Am I growing as a person? Needless to say that when work started enforcing our lunch breaks (don’t get me started on this, I’m happy to work through my lunch break if I’m choosing to) I downloaded the apps again and haven’t removed them since.  But it is worrying the amount of time spent scrolling through it all. It may be part and parcel of blogging, but when I was taking a long break from posting on here I was actually wasting more time than ever on social media in case I missed out on anything.


So on that note, I’m going to get off my soap box, and go back to sleep.  It dawned on me only a minute ago that I’m off work today for the Bank Holiday, so I can doze a little longer before getting up.  Not sure what the plans are for today, but it just means I’m now not working a full 5 day week again until the first full week in June, but even then I have a half day on the Friday so can’t complain!


Until Wednesday my friends <3

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