Quick and Easy DIY Presents for 2021

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Running short on ideas of what to buy for people for Christmas? Finding zero inspiration in the shops? Here are some of my favourite quick and easy DIY presents for Christmas 2021.

Christmas presents can be hard to think of. Especially when you’ve spent the best part of the last few months trying to think of what to buy everyone. Wandering around the shops, wondering what to buy but finding zero inspiration on the shelves. If you’ve had no inspiration from my gift guides so far for him, her, them and kids, then maybe we’re in for more luck today with my DIY presents gift guide!

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Giving friends and family DIY presents is a great way of showing how much they mean to you. I mean, as Dr Seuss told us in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas doesn’t come from the store. It means a little bit more. Okay so I’m paraphrasing, but you know what I mean. The sentiment is that big gifts aren’t the importance of Christmas. Which is why DIY presents are a great choice if you have the time and patience for them!

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Most of us begin this panic of what to buy everyone around this time. Especially with only one weekend left before Christmas now! Secret Santa presents need bought, there’s family to think of, and then there are those of you who are lucky enough to have significant others to buy for as well. So how exactly do you go about buying presents on a budget? The secret is, you go for some DIY presents where possible!

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DIY Present Ideas 1-5

While we’re beginning to run out of time, especially for making some DIY presents, there are still some great ideas you can make for friends or family this year.

1. Homemade Potpourri

A homemade gift is always a great thing to give. It shows you’ve put time and effort into the gift, and often these are the gifts that people keep! I loved making this Christmas potpourri, and hopefully you will too! You can make this gift look even more beautiful and well-thought by gifting it in a Christmas bag and an ornate bowl.

2. Shortbread

To be honest, any baked goods make for great DIY presents regardless of the time of year! I love giving out bags of my homemade shortbread, but the biggest prize-winning baked gift I love to give at this time of year is next on the list. Who can say no to some deliciously butter shortbread over the festive season?

3.Christmas Pudding!

Not everyone is a fan of this festive dessert. But any time I’ve gifted a homemade Christmas pudding, it’s been a major success. Which is why I couldn’t have a DIY presents gift guide without including this brilliant baked good.

4. DIY Presents of Beauty Products

Okay so we all know how important sleep and water are to keep ourselves and our skin looking great. And this goes for guys too! We all need to show our bodies a little TLC, especially especially in the winter months. So while we put the effort into sleeping more, drinking more water and less caffeine, and maybe a little exercise, here are 5 DIY body treats you can make and give as gifts to spread the message that we need to remember to look after our skin.

5. Knitted hats and/or scarves

I love knitting, and it’s quite therapeutic to sit and knit in the evenings. So why not do something productive and knit some DIY presents of hats and/or scarves? If you’re new to the idea of knitting a present, check out my review of LoveCrafts where you can find some great patterns.

Other Present Ideas

Still not sold on Christmas present ideas from this list? Why not outsource your DIY presents? Etsy have a great selection of small businesses that sell beautiful handmade items. Or, check out the below list of incredible small businesses you can support this festive season!

I had so many people reply to the above tweet, promoting either their own small businesses or ones belonging to friends. Plus, if you missed the original tweet, it’s not too late to add your own small business to the list! Simply reply to my tweet to appear in the above thread, and take the pressure of yourself thinking of DIY presents to give this year. Try to remember final posting dates, so make sure you get orders in on time for delivery to either yourself or the recipient!

Are you giving any DIY presents this year? Or is there something on this list that’s made you decide to start making your own presents to give? Let us know in the comments below, and give each other some ideas on what else you can gift this year!

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