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Preparing For the New Year

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The big day is getting closer and closer, and so for today’s new post, I wanted to look towards the New Year! Today’s my last Monday in the office for 2020, so with that in mind let’s look at preparing for the New Year.

A new year always symbolises a new start for a lot of people, and 2021 has a lot riding on it given the year we’re leaving behind. While we start to think about New Year’s Resolutions and the likes, I want you to think about how you can also start preparing for the New Year.

Preparing for the New Year…

is a lot like preparing for a new month in a lot of ways. On the one hand, you find yourself setting your goals for the month and having your clear out. On the other, you’re setting yourself goals and targets that you want to achieve within the upcoming 12 months. For ease, let’s look at the things you can do at the beginning of any new month, not just when you’re preparing for the New Year.

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Preparing for the New Year

Preparing for a new month

A lot of us find it hard to keep on top of our busy lives – whether it’s work, family, or personal, there’s a lot to organise and prepare for each month.

1. Set Short Term Goals

We’ll touch on goals again later, but it’s always a good idea to look at the goals you set at the start of a new year before setting any monthly goals. Mine tend to include one blogging goal, one health goal, and one personal/lifestyle goal. To keep myself accountable, I share this in a blog post on the first of each month. Just remember, while you want to set specific goals, try to make them ones that won’t destroy your motivation if you don’t achieve them! For example – if you tend to make 3/4 sales of your product a month, don’t suddenly expect to make over 200 sales in the month without allowing yourself the time and energy to push for those sales! I know if I have a busy month coming up, it’s a good idea to aim for just one post a week instead of the 3 or 4 I used to achieve when at university.

2. Plan Your Month

Whether you use a bullet journal [aff], a calendar or a diary, jot down all important dates and events for the month ahead. And use this chance to book your appointments! Say it’s February and you know your car insurance is up in the middle of March. Make a note for the weekend in and around Valentine’s Day to start looking at comparison sites so you can get the best deal possible without the pressure of only having a few days. Or if there’s a birthday coming up the following month, add a reminder to pick up a card. These sorts of things are easy to forget, so having them recorded can help you feel like you’ve got your life together! Also, if you don’t pay your bills on the first of each month then you’ll want to add your payment date to your calendar to make sure you don’t miss it!

3. Sort Your Finances

As I said earlier – bills, birthdays and other expenses can throw a spanner in the works if you’re not prepared for them. And part of preparing for the new month is figuring out your budget for the month ahead! So now that your bills are paid, and hopefully you remembered to buy those cards and presents on time, it’s time to budget for everything else. If you get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, factor this into your budget. Don’t forget petrol or public transport costs, as well as any other obligations. Now, whatever’s left is yours to play with!

4. Have A Clear Out

Again, we’ll come back to this in more detail later, but a clear out each month is great for helping you feel like you’re in control. So get your room, your car, your fridge, and that junk drawer in the kitchen cleared out as soon as possible! If you empty coat pockets, maybe throw the coat in the wash for a fresh new look. And don’t forget any bags you’ve used in the past month – I’m sure you don’t need all those receipts or flyers you’ve gathered! This clearout can extend over to your digital life if you remove unwanted photos, emails, and any other digital clutter.

Each of the above can be done on a much bigger scale when it comes to preparing for the new year. But bigger doesn’t have to mean grander or scarier!

Preparing For The New Year

I know a lot of us wait until Christmas is over before we start preparing for the new year, but just bookmark this post as reference to come back to in a week’s time when you’re ready to say goodbye to 2020!

1. Set Your Goals!

Okay whether you set resolutions or not, it’s always a good idea to set some sort of goal for the year ahead. A lot of mine went by the wayside this year, but I also know I’ve achieved quite a few of the others. So set yourself a goal or two of any kind. From seeing more of a family member, to reducing your screen time, it doesn’t matter what. Again, I break mine down into categories, so if that makes it easier for you then go for it!

2. Plan Ahead for the New Year!

Anyone else love getting a new calendar or bullet journal as one of their Christmas presents? Or maybe you wait and buy yours in the sale? Whatever you do, just don’t forget not to open your calendar before the New Year – it’s bad luck! In all seriousness though, when preparing for the New Year, set aside time to mark down every birthday or event that you know of in advance. If you’ve got the school calendars, grab them and get those non-uniform days noted! I know a woman who goes into her hairdressers the first day they open after the New Year and sets every appointment for the rest of the year – talk about being prepared!

3. Have A Clearout

I will be talking about this in a later post, but if you’re anything like me then the week between Christmas and New Year your room looks like a tornado swept through it. HAVE A PROPER CLEAR OUT! Whether it’s packaging from presents, items that have been replaced, or just stuff that no longer has a home in your home. Clothes you haven’t worn all year can be passed on to charity. Toys that your kids no longer play with would be greatly appreciated there too. Again, the digital clear out, the car, the coats, shoes, handbags, purses, briefcases, anything at all. You’ll feel so much better prepared for the New Year!


Yeah okay 2020 might not have been the year you wanted it to be. Or maybe it has! As I said earlier, I set quite a few goals back in January of this year without a thought in the world as to what was to come just 3 months later. Some were about travel, others about money. And while I haven’t achieved them. I have achieved so many other things! So take time to reflect properly on the year 2020. Whether it’s to say “thank goodness that year’s over, I now know what to focus on!” or “Wow okay it wasn’t as bad as I thought!”, it doesn’t matter.

So there you have it! This is how I’ll be preparing for the New Year. Do you have any New Year prepping traditions that I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments below!


  • clairelomax2018

    I can’t help but be afraid to make any plans for 2021, but I certainly intend to make some monthly goals to smash.

    Great post. It’s made me excited for my bullet planner that I know is coming x

  • Monique

    Great post! I’m also looking forward to preparing for 2021 like almost every blogger out there too! i agree on setting short-term goals and making it follow the S.M.A.R.T criteria. This is so helpful especially to those goal-diggers! PLAN, PLAN, AND PLAN ALWAYS!

  • envirolineblog

    I don’t really like setting goals as I know I’ll feel really guilty when I fail. That being said, I like to have something kinda simple that I know I will likely do, such as reading more x This year I really want to plan more content ahead of time but I doubt this will actually happen! x

  • gemmaajaynee

    These are some great ways to prepare for the new year! I have just recently began sorting my finances out and so now I set myself goals at the beginning of the month, budget out what I will be spending and I keep a note of anything I spend money on (birthdays, clothes etc) which I have been really enjoying! Also I am a huge goal setter and I love setting myself goals, but I do agree with you to set small goals so that they are more achievable! great post lovely xxx

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