A Powerful Book Launch – Your Ultimate Guide on How To Have One

A Powerful Book Launch - Your Ultimate Guide on How To Have One Life With Ktkinnes
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And it’s Saturday again! A different one to last week – the furthest we’re going this Saturday is to our rugby club for an afternoon of “Quins on the Green”. But as life has begun to resemble more of normality, one thing has stuck – I’m still slowly and (now not-so) silently working on a first draft of a book I would love to self-publish when it’s finished! But before I could even consider that, I would have to finish writing it. And maybe read Your Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch[AFF] by The Ray Journey. Please note – this post contains affiliate links; meaning if you make a purchase through one of these links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. To read more, please see my disclaimer.

Last month, I entered a giveaway to win a copy of Your Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch and was amazed to find out I had won! The timing couldn’t have been better – I was halfway through writing chapter 5 of a book idea I had (I know I know, I always seem to start and never finish…) and I was also toying with the idea of releasing a blogging ebook with regards to Blogmas and Christmas in general.

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Your Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch

All About Ray

Ray, the writer behind The Ray Journey, is a telecom engineer-turned-blogger who has an undying passion for research and writing. With a dream to reach financial freedom and pursue writing full time, she created her blog, dedicating her time to studying and writing about the different methods people can use to put their skills and knowledge to use. In her quest to turn the life of her dreams a reality, Ray hopes to inspire others along the way to do the same and pursue their life goals and dreams, no matter how hard they may appear to be. On those rare hours of day when she is not working on this goal, she’s writing fiction, watching a film, or feeding birds. If you would like to get to know Ray a little more, you can find her blog here.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch

If you’re looking to self-publish a book and want to reach a wide audience while on a tight budget, then this guide is for you.

How you prepare for your book promotion will shape the entire performance of your book afterward and whether it makes sales or rank on charts or not.

And the preparation starts way before your actual launch date; especially if this is your first book and you don’t have a huge fanbase/following to instantly support you and your book on launch day.

As I said previously, I won a free copy of Your Ultimate Guide To A Powerful Book Launch in a giveaway Ray was running on Twitter. I’ve been slowly reading my way through Ray’s guide to a powerful book launch, as well as trying to teach myself about how to use Pinterest as a blogger. So it’s been a bit busy what with being back to work as well!

What you can learn:

In Ray’s guide on how to have a powerful book launch, you learn how to reach a wide range of readers for free, to understand the different and most effective strategies for book promotion, the exact steps needed to build an interested audience from scratch & get reviews, and how, where, and when you should market your book for maximum results.  The guide , which contains more than 70 pages, will walk you through every step, covering all you need to learn to successfully promote your self-published book, with actionable steps that you can start applying right away.

As I said before…

I’ve only started reading through Ray’s guide to a powerful book launch, but already there is so much that I can put into practice! But since I’m still reading, I will promise to come back and give you a full update/review when I do finish and use all the hints, tips and advice. But for now, I wanted to share some thoughts from those who have finished reading Your Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch.

It’s a must-have for anyone looking to self-publish their own book, and takes so much fear and confusion out of the process – once you’ve read this you’ll know exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it by, and what it should all look like. Whether you’re looking at Amazon self-publishing, KDP publishing, or another indie self-publishing method, there is so much to learn from this book.

Hannah Read

Hannah Read

There have been so many things I didn’t know I didn’t know. Though I am in the process of writing, it came to my attention from this guide there are many things I can be doing even now to prepare and build up to a successful launch. For example, I am using her tips and steps in building an audience at this point even while I am writing.

Erin Yung

One of my favorite things about this guide is that it includes a thorough checklist at the end, so you won’t miss any steps. I know when I go to publish I will be referring to [it].

Alison Kelly

Erin Yung

To Finish

Oh! Did I not mention the checklist?  Along with this guide, you will get a FREE 4-page printable timeline checklist to help you stay organised through this process and to avoid missing any important steps. It will act as a summary, so you can have a look at the list and know what your next step is, instead of having to go through the guide every time!

Within the checklist, you will also find 4 lined pages for your notes, to document your plan’s schedule and add any important details regarding your promotion plan. This way you can have everything in one place. Ray thought, if it were her, she would have wanted a space, after reading this guide, to document her plan and organise her thoughts, so she went ahead and added these notes pages, for convenience sake.

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Woman in a white shirt and back jeans holding an e-reader, as the text underneath (in black writing) states “Your Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch”

Ray’s Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Book Launch is aimed at those not wanting (or able) to spend a fortune on promoting their book, and so only costs $8.50 (approx £6.70) to buy! In fact, if you follow the timeline and apply all the steps in this guide, those could be the only money you will pay on your book promotion!

Where To Buy your Powerful Book Launch

So if you’re finding yourself curious and wanting to get your hands on a copy of Ray’s ebook, you can purchase it from either Gumroad [AFF] or Amazon [AFF] by clicking on either of those links! Also, if you buy through Gumroad using my affiliate link, the next 4 people to use the code “50for5” get 50% off the price of Rays guide!

Don’t miss out – get your hands on your copy now!

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