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Hiya everyone! How’ve things been with you all? Today I’m here to talk to you about my recent collaboration with Photowall as I review a canvas from them, and if you stay with me to the end then there’s even a discount code for you to enjoy yourselves!


I was delighted when Jennifer from got in touch with me regarding a collaboration, as I had been considering ordering from them recently anyway! You see, March has Mum and Dad’s 25th Wedding Anniversary, and while Rachel and I had a good present sorted, I thought a new family portrait type photo or canvas would be a lovely little extra. How lucky was I that Jennifer had read my blog and was offering the opportunity to review Photowall in exchange for one of their canvases or wall murals?!


Before I talk to you about Photowall, and get into my review, I should probably give you a little information about them as a company! Photowall is a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards, and Photowall say their products do not fade in sunlight. All their motifs are selected with care, or there is the option to upload your own image.


So with all this in mind, I sat down on a Tuesday night a few weeks ago and started looking at their products to see what would suit me and my idea.  Photowall’s website was really clear and straightforward to use, and within a matter of about 30 seconds I had navigated to exactly where I wanted to be – “Canvas Print Using Own Image”. It was so easy to find it! Although if you wanted to use one of their images, you could go to the categories for either the wall murals or canvas prints, and there’s even a Designer section to find unique products listed according to the designer.


Ordering My Canvas

Jennifer had already been kind enough to send me information on file sizes and formats for uploading my own image, however if she hadn’t then it was clearly marked on the website where to go to find out this information. I uploaded my selected image and moved on to step 2.

Photowall Review and Discount Code* Life With Ktkinnes
This is the family photo I chose – the 4 of us with Baron going to a family wedding.


The first question of Step 2 asks you how you want to order – directly or with personal assistance. I decided to go with ordering directly, however the personal assistance comes at no extra cost, but takes 1-3 business days to complete. As for framing, I chose the do-it-yourself frame rather than just the roll. We’d have to see later just how easy it was to do myself! Next was deciding the edging – should I go with the image being spread out to the sides? Or should I go with a simple black or white frame? Well I decided to go with the black frame as this can often look nicer.


The dimensions stage was the first I had a tiny issue with. It allows you to set what size you would like your canvas to be, but it tells you in a little box below the maximum size you can have for the image selected. I was slightly disappointed when I saw that my canvas could only be 45cm by 38cm. It wasn’t exactly going to be the big canvas I was hoping for, but I stuck with it and kept going. It was actually only when I went back afterwards (while writing this post) that I found that if I had input the size in inches I could have had a much larger canvas (43.3 inches by 35.4 inches). Talk about being disappointed by the metric system! So yes, if uploading your own image, do try it in inches to see if you can get your canvas bigger.


Finally, you can crop your image to fit the sizing requested, before adding to the cart. Once your product is added to the cart, there’s the opportunity to enter a discount code before proceeding to the checkout.  The brilliant thing about Photowall is that they offer free delivery to the U.K.! When checking out, you can pay by card, PayPal, or Sofort Banking. It’s all really easy, and very secure! Now all I had to do was sit and wait for it to be delivered.


Delivery and Packaging

One thing that was playing on my mind while waiting for my Photowall product to arrive was the packaging. If Photowall is environmentally friendly, how would their packaging fit into this? Thankfully I didn’t have too long to wait to find out! Ordering at about 9:30pm on a Tuesday night, my canvas arrived on the Friday I was in Scotland, just over the 2 weeks. It was all boxed up in a narrow cardboard box (yay recyclable!) but with a lot of polystyrene and non-recyclable elements. I was delighted though that the packaging meant that Mum and Dad couldn’t tell what I had ordered.


Building Up

I couldn’t wait to see inside the box, and was delighted to see that inside was just about everything I could possibly need was inside the box. As I mentioned earlier, I had opted for the canvas instead of the mural, and so I had to build the canvas frame on my bedroom floor. Pulling the instructions out of the delivery box, I encountered a tiny problem – the instructions were in another language. However, thankfully Jennifer had thought ahead enough to forward me a link to Photowall’s own YouTube video on how to build the canvas frame. I’ve included the link here for you to follow, but to be honest after I saw the first couple of steps then I didn’t really need to watch any further. It was quite easy to put together!



So overall, I was very impressed with Photowall and the service and product provided by them. While I have mentioned a few downsides, I can honestly say I love the canvas, as do Mum and Dad! The print looks slightly pixelated when up close, the instructions were in another language, and there seemed to be a difference if I used inches instead of centimetres when deciding on a size of canvas. On the other hand, the ordering process is so easy, and the variety of options is brilliant! The delivery times, considering the distance travelled, are practically nothing, the actual product is of a very high standard, and I genuinely can’t think of anything I would fault them for.


Now for the exciting bit! Photowall are offering all of you a special discount code that works from today (12th March 2018) until 15th April 2018. This code offers you a brilliant 20% off absolutely any of the Photowall products, and to be honest I would be jumping at the chance! They definitely make super presents, or if you’re just looking to do up a room in your house or flat then it is definitely worth having a look. But look at me rambling on when I haven’t even given you the code yet! Here you go – LWKCampaign2018. Remember, to apply your discount, click on the “Total” section.


Have you used Photowall before? Or will you be looking into it in the next few days? Let me know below!

8 thoughts on “Photowall Review and Discount Code*

  1. Soffy S

    I haven’t used photo wall before but have been considering something similar as would love a nice canvas photo of our little family on the wall. Thanks for such an honest review and for the discount code!

    Soffy //

  2. tvaddict4life

    I’ve seen a few posts about this company they seem very reasonable with great delivery especially as not in UK. That’s a great photo will have to look and see if there’s something for me with your discount code 😊

  3. Lisa's Notebook

    That is such a beautiful family picture, what a fab choice for a canvas, your parents are very lucky! I worked with Photowall recently and they are a great company, so professional. I went for one of their horse prints and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. Lovely review, Katie, very fair and honest. X

    Lisa |

  4. katelovesblog

    That’s such a lovely family picture! I loved reading your review, sounds like a great business 🙂


  5. Mellissa

    You look gorgeous in that pic. Have not heard of photo wall before.

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