Penultimate Month of the Year

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Already we seem to have reached the penultimate month of the year. As the above picture says – this is the last month of autumn and the days are getting shorter and shorter. My flat mates would kill me if they knew but I am currently writing this instead of doing Maths Homework whilst listening to Christmas music. I promised I would wait until after Halloween!

October was insanely busy. It started with a trip to see Miss You Already in the cinema and I loved it. Honestly, if it’s still out then you have to go see it. Mary and I went to the cinema together to watch it and we doubt there were many dry eyes in the room by the end of it. Definitely on my must see again list. The next day I had an interview at Build A Bear. Whilst this wasn’t successful, I still got an interesting experience and hopefully I will do better at the next interview! If and when there ever is one…  Mary managed to break her wrist before we were even a full week into the month and this resulted in a flat trip to A&E, great fun! There was then the pub quiz which our team managed to come second last in… We will be better! Then there was the unfortunate night of Risk… 5 and a half hours of the game before we surrendered. Technically Jason didn’t win if we gave in before the end, right? Speaking of Jason, Nuala was bored and decided to put chilli powder in all his food for dinner one night – it was hilarious! He didn’t think so at the time but has since been able to laugh about it with us. The following week was a busy one, with a night out at the Wine Society (2 and a half bottles of wine for £10!!) which officially killed my Sober October…. I started Irish Dancing and found I really enjoy it! Then there was the night out with GULGBTQ+ in Glasgow which was brilliant – I ended up going to Dundee that weekend to recover with family. The following weekend had my cousin come to stay for a night to experience university life before he sits his Advanced Highers in May. This last week was busy with Rachel arriving on Thursday and staying here for a while and to round off the month we hosted a Halloween Party last night – not sure I’ve sobered up yet! October went extremely quickly and I’m sure November will too.

From these stories I’m sure you are well aware that my Sober October goal for the month was slaughtered at an early stage. Similarly, I wasn’t the best at writing up notes for lectures… Or for going to lectures…. I need to fix this. There’s only 4 more weeks of lectures!!! Not sure how I feel about that… Going to the gym once a week also died… however I substituted the gym with Irish dancing. Reading a book and 3 newspapers was half fulfilled. I have 2 chapters left of my book and so I plan on finishing that tomorrow. Another destroyed goal was sleeping and as a result I got sick. Is there any surprise though? I’m sure you all knew this months’ goals would not be met and so for November I am going to set slightly more reasonable goals. Not sure if the idea is to make them easy to achieve but here goes:

  • Read one book. Any book. I have so many on my kindle that really I have no excuse.
  • Start revision. And not the ‘oh yes, I made a revision plan and sorted my folders’ type of revision but properly focusing on the things I need to learn and understand for exams and class tests. I need to do well this year and this means accepting that something will have to suffer. This year I will reduce my Netflix viewings and actually work.
  • To continue the theme, I will attempt to make it to either the gym or Irish Dancing once a week for the next month. It’s only an hour of my life, it’s not exactly a big ask. Plus it is enjoyable!
  • SLEEP MORE! This one is the most important (she says as the clock nears midnight). Tonight excluded, I will try to sleep earlier and for longer this month. I can’t look exhausted when I finally see Mum and Dad again. Anyone know any tricks to force yourself to go to bed earlier?
  • Spend as much time studying as browsing the internet or watching tv online. This kind of goes along side revising but I waste so much time on the internet on either my phone, laptop or kindle. It’s not good for my posture, my eyes or my work ethic. In fact, once this post is finished, I will return to my maths homework.

The upcoming week looks busy with tomorrow bringing a flat dinner and box fit, Tuesday bringing Irish Dancing, Wednesday is a flat night out to see fireworks, Thursday brings another flat dinner and then Friday is a friend’s birthday! It’ll be busy but in there I also have 4 sets of tutorial questions to do, 2 webassign assignments, a seminar paper and presentation to write, seminar reading to do, and revision for a class test. This is all before starting essays due for Physics too. Not sure how well this will go with the sleep goal but we shall see!


Ktkinnes xxx

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