Amazing Opportunities for Oklahoma Land Offers

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AD | Oklahoma land is a bit historical, and one of the main reasons why is due to a lot of being Native American territory. Even with this fact, you can still purchase sizable property for yourself and your family. Here are some tips to get take advantage of what’s offered.

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My Skincare Saviours 2021

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Ah Wednesday, the middle of the week at last! I swear, the week flies in after Wednesday, and soon Monday comes around again. Normally by now we’re basking in the sunlight and trying not to burn. However this year the weather seems to be conspiring against those of us looking to get a bit of natural colour. That being said, I’ve been changing my skincare setup over to my summer skin routine, and decided to share my skincare saviours of 2021 with you!

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May 2021

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Don’t you just love getting a lie in on a Saturday? Well, if you’re reading this at 7am I can promise you that I am still asleep on this first day of May 2021! Isn’t it strange how fast time flies when very little changes? Well, things have finally started to open up here in Northern Ireland. And the most exciting part of it being 1st May 2021 is that today I am getting my hair cut for the first time since 17th December 2020!

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