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Taking A Break

Ah Wednesday, here you are again my good friend! It feels like ages since I sat to just write, you know that? So today we’re not only taking a break from the ads and sponsored posts that seemed to take over for the last few weeks. We’re also talking about why I’m taking a break from social media and blogging for a few days.

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If I Won the Lottery | AD

It’s been one heck of a weekend – 4 posts on 4 consecutive days? Truth is it probably wouldn’t be as many if they weren’t sponsored, but, as with the rest of the country, my bank account is really beginning to notice that furlough pinch. Sitting on Friday afternoon, I began to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery, and immediately bought a ticket!

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Karndean – The Only Eco-Friendly Vinyl | AD

As awareness grows around environmental issues, flooring stockists across the UK have heard the eco-friendly flooring their customers now want and need, which has resulted in satisfaction levels have increasing tenfold. There are many eco-friendly ways we can improve our homes which will be of huge benefit to the planet. The best approach to achieving an eco-friendlier space in your home is by starting from the bottom and going to the top. By installing Karndean you also commit to a longer lasting flooring in your home.

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Christmas with the Teashop Girls: Feel-Good Festive Read

Happy happy Friday you lovely people! October is flying by, and we’re now half way through the month. Not only are we getting closer and closer to my favourite blogging time of the year, but we’re also getting two Christmas themed posts in one week! In case you hadn’t guessed, today we’re looking at Christmas with the Teashop Girls by Elaine Everest, sent to me for free by her publishers but without obligation to review or promote. Please note this post contains affiliate links.

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Christmas With Ktkinnes Photo A Day Challenge

Good morning you beautiful people! It’s such an exciting day today, not least because I’m here to talk about Christmas. Well, actually it is. It’s purely because I’m talking Christmas. In fact, this year’s Blogmas is called Christmas With Ktkinnes, and there are several elements to it – some of which we’ve already talked about! Are you ready to find out more?

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5 Home Improvement Tips Before Christmas | AD

AD | Well I hate to say it, but today I’m mentioning the two big C words that people are probably fed up with or not wanting to see – Covid and Christmas. But how many of us spent the first couple of months of lockdowns and restrictions going hell for leather to get the house redecorated? And how many of us lost the motivation around June time (see my post about my redecorated bedroom for an example!) and now need to finish it all off before Christmas? Well don’t worry, because today I’m here with 5 home improvement tips you can do before Christmas! This post contains affiliate links which will be clearly marked as such.

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Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble Book Review [AD]

Happy Wednesday everyone! How’s Blogtober going for those of you taking part? Well, I can honestly say last week (4 posts in 4 days) was enough for me when I was also trying to prepare some Blogmas content. But today we’re back with a new book review – a great one for those of you with kids! Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble was sent to me in exchange for a book review, as part of the Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble Book Tour. Shall we dive in?

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The Hallotober Tag

Goooood morning! Did you sleep well? I’d love to say I did, but to be honest I never seem to sleep well on a Sunday. I think it has something to do with Monday mornings and work… but I’m getting side-tracked already. Happy October! It seems I have decided to post at least twice a week this month – according to my schedule anyway – and so today I bring you the spooktacular Hallotober Tag!

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