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    January 2021 and Happy New Year

    And so a new year begins! I’d normally be spouting something cheerful or positive about the fact that we’re saying goodbye to another year. But I think we’re all in agreement that between yesterday and today there’s very little difference. However, as we welcome in January 2021, I can’t help but be a little hopeful.

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    2020 In Review

    Well the year is coming to a close, and to be honest I’m looking forward to a new year. Aren’t we all? Comparing the first half of the year to the second, I think today is the perfect day to look at 2020 in review.

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    2020: My Insanely Impressive Reading Year

    With just today and tomorrow left in 2020, I am really looking forward to the beginning of the end for covid-19. Yes, it may be a long way off, but the light is beginning to come through. And while 2020 was a horrible year for so many reasons, one silver lining of the year was having getting back to reading and reigniting my passion for the written word. This post contains affiliate links and links to my own products. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

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    Budget Setting for 2021

    Here we are, just a few days left in 2020, and damn will we be glad to say goodbye to this year. Although, the way 2021 is starting doesn’t seem much better. However, here we are. January is the month in which we set goals. And it’s for that reason that I have decided to discuss budget setting with you all today. Please note, this post contains affiliate links.

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    Up Your Blogging Game for 2021

    Ah Boxing Day, the day all of us die on the sofa eating as much as we possibly can. Some people decide to spend the day out walking or exercising, while the rest of us binge-watch whatever we missed on TV over the last few days. I, for one, have decided to work on upping my blogging game for 2021! This post contains affiliate links.

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    What I’m Gifting This Year

    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…. and it’s a Wednesday morning! But not just any Wednesday, it’s Christmas Eve Eve! And also I don’t want to fat shame any geese, so instead, I’ll just share my favourite gif for today down below. But with Christmas getting close, and some people able to go last minute shopping today and tomorrow in actual stores, I wanted to share what I’m gifting this year in case you still need some inspiration!