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The Grey’s Anatomy Tag

Ah-ha! Okay so I saw this tag ages ago now, and I just knew I needed to do it. I adore Grey’s Anatomy, and Tag posts are some of my favourite ones to write, so to take part in a Grey’s Anatomy Tag is perfect! So without further delay, shall we get started? Here we go with my Grey’s Anatomy Tag post! Continue reading “The Grey’s Anatomy Tag”

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Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

It’s Monday again! I know, the weeks are flying by aren’t they? Although last week did seem to go on forever! At one stage when we were stuck in the house, cold, bored, and trying to meal plan for the week ahead, I took such a craving for sticky toffee pudding – not exactly something that you would consider on a “normal” diet! To be honest, that’s what I love about Flex, but we’ll cover that at a later stage. But yes, I was craving Sticky Toffee Pudding, and remembered a gorgeous recipe one of my friends from first year uni had. So of course we just had to have it last night! Continue reading “Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe”

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March Advertisers

Hi again everyone! Back to a normal posting day! Here we are in March already, and so I wanted to introduce you to the lovely bloggers who are choosing to advertise with me this month. Shall we take a look at them? Continue reading “March Advertisers”

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March 2018

I feel like everyone’s saying this, but damn February passed quickly! However, I started to write this blog post last night at my desk in my newly rearranged bedroom. So you can imagine me sitting in my slightly cramped but newly created blogging corner – a corner I hope to organise a little better over the next few weeks! Continue reading “March 2018”

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That’s the only word to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted. Shattered. Knackered. Pooped. Just down right tired. But I am continuing my routine of blogging while on the ferry between Belfast and Cairnryan, so hello once again to all my old readers, and hello to anyone new to join us today!  Continue reading “Exhausted”

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Returning to Glasgow

Morning everyone! Please forgive me if I’m not around much for the day’s Follow Fridays or to interact with everyone, for today I am back in Glasgow! But only for the weekend. Continue reading “Returning to Glasgow”

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Let’s Strip It Back

How often do we see people on Twitter and other social media platforms tell us “if you don’t know what to blog about, don’t bother blogging”? Well, last night I had a bit of that dilemma before deciding to say stuff it and write this post you are now reading. Continue reading “Let’s Strip It Back”

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My Weekend – A Catch Up

Hiya everyone! It’s Monday again, and I wanted to share my weekend with you all. I actually can’t remember when I last did a sort of summary/chatty post about my week or weekend, and with this weekend being my first time attending a bloggers’ event in Northern Ireland I thought there wouldn’t be a better time. Continue reading “My Weekend – A Catch Up”

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You Do You Book Review

Today marks the book review of the first book I read in 2018 all about You Do You by Sarah Knight! Having been bought You Do You by Rachel for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get started reading it. Continue reading “You Do You Book Review”

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Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Okay so the title of this post actually sounds a lot more sad than I thought it would when I first titled it… except I never went back and changed the title. I came in and added a little forethought about how sad the title is when really this isn’t a sad post!  Continue reading “Alone on Valentine’s Day?”