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So continuing along the theme of the holiday, I realised when I woke up today that this is my only full day off work before go on holiday. I have mornings off over the next few days but really I would prefer to be mostly packed today. Let the packing planning commence!

Everyone has different ways of preparing for packing. My sister prefers to just open her wardrobe and throw in anything and everything. My dad likes to know in advance but pack it all at the last minute. Mum starts weeks in advance but regularly empties the case and changes everything in it.

My method is to write lists. A list for the case, the hand luggage, makeup bags, wash bag and what can’t be packed until the day of departure. Normally this works out for me and somehow I never go over the weight limit, regardless of how many shoes I pack!  This year, I started by using the app I talked about last year – TripList 4. Here’s the link if you’re interested. 

The app is great in my opinion! It has suggestions on it in each section and also allows you to add your own to personalise it. It also will sync with your other devices so you don’t have to run down your battery on your phone all the time. Last year it was brilliant for me for when I panicked about not being ready on time. This year, however, I resorted to my usual habit of a list on the computer. Nothing against the app though, I just decided if I could print off a copy of the list, it would remind me when shopping that I still had things to buy. I’m not the type to look at my phone when shopping.

Who knows, maybe by the end of today I’ll have the majority of the packing done! But for now I’d better get up and get started.

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