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Our New Kitchen Life With Ktkinnes
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Happy Tuesday everyone! Me? Personally I’m not a fan of Tuesdays but I suppose they mean we’re a step closer to the weekend again.  Following on from Sunday’s post – September 2019 – today I wanted to show you around our new kitchen!

You may or may not remember, or if you’ve just joined us, Mum, Dad and I moved into a new house almost a year ago.  For them, it was a sensible move.  For me, well I’m currently saving for a deposit for my own place but we’ll get there eventually.


When we moved in, we all loved the place.  It’s like an old cottage type house, and the elderly couple who lived here before us definitely drew on that theme for decorating.  While there was nothing overly wrong with the kitchen, it just wasn’t what Mum and Dad would necessarily want, and so they began to look into renovating.


Below are photos of the old kitchen.  Bright enough, but busy.  We had had the window raised and the dishwasher plumbed in back in March, but it looked a bit like it had just been abandoned and forgotten about.  My fridge freezer from when I lived on my own in Glasgow sat beside their fridge, and the oven on the ground just didn’t suit Mum and Dad.  Before we moved in, someone had added the conservatory to the back of the house, and had put up a “beauty board” as my parents called it, and had left the bathroom window in place.  All of that was going.

 Our New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With Ktkinnes

Now initially, we were told the work would be starting on the 19th August, and that it would take around a week to do everything we were looking to do.  Then it was brought forward by a week, and then by a week again.  As such, our oven moved out on the 31st July, and the kitchen started the following Wednesday.  The builders? Couldn’t fault them.  Tidy, considerate, quick, and good at their job.  The plasterer was in when he said he would be, and worked solidly to make sure we stayed on track.  I mean, the men were even vacuuming and sweeping and washing down the driveway after them to make sure there wasn’t dirt being trekked into the house on their boots.  The first hiccup came when the electrician didn’t bother coming when he said he would the first time.  Then the same guy kept either showing up an hour late, or not showing up at all.  He was slowing everyone else down, and no one was impressed.  He left dirt and dust everywhere, was quite rude and ignorant at times, and while his work was good, he left a lot to be desired.  Because everything had been brought forward by the sudden delivery of everything, we were told the painter couldn’t rearrange his other work which was fine.  Then the bad news came that the worktops Mum and Dad had picked were out of stock (a month down the line after they’d been ordered… I would be mad, but it happens all the time in our stock too so…), but we could get a temporary worktop put in so we could get back into the kitchen.  Then it turned out we had been sent the wrong oven – cheaper than the one they had picked. This was fine, we were happy to keep the oven, but the mistake was we were still being charged for the more expensive one – that needed sorted! But because the proper worktops hadn’t been put on, the tiler had been pushed back. There was no point in him coming and putting in all the work of tiling things perfectly, only for the temporary worktops to be lifted and end up chipping the tiles or something ridiculous like that.


All in all, that didn’t matter.  18 days later we had a kitchen we could work in again, and we were delighted.


And now for the big reveal!  It was finally all finished just last night, so the lighting isn’t fab for getting great quality pictures, but I was just too excited to finally get to share it! Ps – Rachel if you’re reading this and want it to be a surprise, look away now!

 Our New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With KtkinnesOur New Kitchen Life With Ktkinnes



So as you can see, it’s quite different from the original kitchen.  We also had a bit of work done to the bathroom, but that was just changing a few lights and sticking a cupboard up where the window used to be. It’s huge and mirrored and I was not standing in front of it last night to get a photo! On the other hand, the beauty board from the conservatory is gone, and the wall is the same colour as the walls in the kitchen.


We’re still trying to remember where things are being stored, and remembering not to get fingerprints on the cupboard doors, and don’t even get me started on working out the combi-oven microwave thing, but I love it.


Have you had renovation disasters, or done any work to your house recently? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


As always I will love you and leave you.  It’s another busy day in Toy Town, and I already can’t wait to crawl back into bed tonight.

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  1. Javier S.

    My mom hasn’t revonated the house because of how busy she is, but she put accesories to complement the house. Good post!

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