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Our Decorations 2019

Good morning on this gorgeous Wednesday morn! Well, I say gorgeous… It’s a tad dark, but I’m getting more and more excited to open my advent calendars each day – they’re making it easier to get up in the mornings for work!

As always, I wanted to take you on a Christmas tour of our house now that it’s decorated for Christmas.  Last year was a little all over the place as we got used to the new house and where we could put things, and this year I’m enjoying finding new places for the things that weren’t quite right last year.  And of course there are a few new decorations looking for somewhere they’ll be on show!


So without any further delay, let me take you on an adventure of our decorations…



And there we have it! If any of you have written a post about your decorations, or want to share them with us, drop a link below in the comments box and I’ll head over and have a look! But now I’d better get a move on – the car won’t start itself, and I think I may need to wash my hair today…


Speak to you all again soon!


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3 thoughts on “Our Decorations 2019

  1. Haha thank you! I just realised I’ve missed out half of the house, but ah well. The Disney decorations are definitely our favourites. Just a shame I don’t have any for my tree upstairs!

  2. Aww, I keep finding decorations that I forgot I had. I don’t think I can physically fit anymore on my tree. You will just have to collect some more for the tree upstairs 😀 what better excuse 😀

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